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Title: A Merchant's Diary
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The identity of the diary's author, his current whereabouts, and how this tome found its way to the Core are a complete mystery. The cover of the book seems to have been slashed by claws.

Entry 1 - 1st of Flamerule, 1374 DR

Today, I received an unexpected visitor at my home. Lord Darius, a nobleman of questionable repute, arrived unannounced. I have never liked the man; he is arrogant and secretive. He claims to have business propositions that could benefit both of us. Despite my reservations, I agreed to entertain him for the evening. He brought a fine bottle of wine as a gesture of goodwill.

Entry 2 - 2nd of Flamerule, 1374 DR

The wine Darius brought is exquisite. We shared a bottle over dinner last night, and I must admit, it is the finest I have ever tasted. Darius spoke of opportunities in trade routes and exclusive goods. His words were convincing, but I remain wary. There is something in his eyes that unsettles me. Still, the wine eased my suspicions, and I found myself agreeing to consider his proposals.

Entry 3 - 3rd of Flamerule, 1374 DR

Darius visited again today, this time with another bottle of that remarkable wine. As we drank, he spoke of power and influence, of how our partnership could elevate us above our peers. I felt a warmth spreading through me, not just from the wine but from his words. They seemed to make perfect sense. The more I drank, the more I saw the wisdom in his plans.

Entry 4 - 5th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

I am beginning to look forward to Darius' visits. He brings a new bottle of wine each time, and with it, new ideas. Today, he proposed that we expand our operations to the coastal cities. His knowledge of the market is impressive. I find myself trusting him more each day. Perhaps I was wrong about the man. The wine, too, has a delightful effect, making our conversations seem profound and enlightening.

Entry 5 - 8th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

The wine has become a nightly ritual. I cannot remember the last time I felt so invigorated. Darius's plans are now my plans. Together, we will dominate the trade routes and crush our competition. He suggested a formal partnership, and I agreed without hesitation. It feels as though a fog has lifted, and I can see the future clearly.

Entry 6 - 12th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

Darius has moved into my estate. It seemed the natural thing to do, given our partnership. We spend our days planning and our nights drinking that divine wine. My dreams have become vivid and strange, filled with serpentine imagery and whispered promises. Darius says it is a sign of our impending success. I believe him.

Entry 7 - 15th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

Something odd is happening. My thoughts feel less like my own. Darius's voice echoes in my mind, guiding my decisions. I have started to defer to him in all matters. The wine, which once brought such clarity, now seems to cloud my judgment. Yet, I cannot stop drinking it. Darius assures me it is all part of the process, and that we are on the cusp of greatness.

Entry 8 - 18th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

My servants have noticed the changes. They whisper among themselves, casting worried glances my way. Darius has dismissed several of them, claiming they were disloyal. I did not argue. I find myself agreeing with him more and more. The wine flows freely, and with each glass, my old self fades further away.

Entry 9 - 20th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

I confronted Darius today, demanding to know what was happening to me. He smiled and poured me another glass of wine. As I drank, he revealed his true nature. He is yuan-ti, a serpent in human guise. The wine is infused with a subtle venom, a concoction designed to erode my will and bind me to his own. I should have been horrified, but instead, I felt a perverse sense of relief. Finally, everything made sense.

Entry 10 - 25th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

Darius told me of a secret ritual that would make me more like him, that would give me power and the wisdom of Mersshaulk, the god of the yuan-ti. Though it may be deadly, I cannot imagine returning to my old ways now that I finally see the truth of what should be.

Entry 11 - 30th of Flamerule, 1374 DR

I survived. I was ill and in pain for a few days but I shed my old skin like a molting snake. I am now a faithful servant of Lord Darius. My thoughts, and my actions, are aligned with his desires. The transformation is complete. The wine, once a tool of manipulation, is now my sustenance. I see the world through Darius' eyes, and it is beautiful. Together, we will reshape the trade routes and bring others under our control.

Entry 12 - 3rd of Eleasis, 1374 DR

I had my remaining servants poisoned. Their purpose was spent and I certainly could not have them gossip. There was nothing evil in that act, just simple pragmatism. Our plans are in motion. The cities of the Sword Coast are within our grasp. Darius has begun to introduce me to his other followers. We are a brotherhood, a serpent cult disguised as a trading company. The power we wield is intoxicating. I no longer resist. I embrace my new identity, my new purpose.

Entry 13 - 10th of Eleasis, 1374 DR

A strange fog engulfed my ship today. We should have reached port hours ago but the incompetent navigator got lost at sea. Lord Darius will be angry with this delay. The sky is constantly overcast wherever we look, with lightning scouring the clouds. I've never seen the Sea of Swords like this. It's not raining but a storm will likely hit soon. A lighthouse has been spotted in the distance. It looks like my luck is finally about to turn for the best.


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