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In-Game Book Submissions Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting)

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--- Quote ---Hello prisoners,

It is with pleasure that we inform you that we are expanding the possibility of submitting in-game books. You may post your own written works here to be considered for adding as an in-game item.

This thread will work similarly to the Item Request Thread, with the difference that these will not be open to public discussions. Just submit your texts here and the staff will do the rest.

Be aware that not all books will be added in-game.

Only those we deem well written and enriching to the game world will be considered, though all your submissions will remain available to be read in this thread unless it is deemed necessary for removal by the PotM Staff. We will provide no feedback on your stories, but will indicate it if a given submission is to be added to the module. We will also decide where the book is to be made available in-game and which cover icon will be used, though you may include suggestions in your post if there is a particular location or icon you feel works best for the item.

The rules

* The texts must be written in English and require minimal or no editing from our part.
* We reserve the right to edit for length, content, spelling, grammar, and readability.
* No secret, forbidden, or OOC knowledge.
* The content should be lore and setting appropriate.
* A single book can also be about a group of characters, a faction, or past events of significant importance. Examples include:

* Character-written books (covering your own character, another character, general events)
* Setting books (eg. if someone wants to write The Dogma of The Eternal Order, or some 3rd person narrative, etc.)
* Treatises, essays, collections of poems, biographies, prayer books, legends, stories, factual information, etc.There is no actual limit to the size of your texts, but it is better if they are kept relatively short.

Please be patient; Books may only be added with a hak update, so there may be a delay between the acceptance of the story and the moment it is put online.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Please use the following template for your submissions:

--- Quote ---Title:
Icon (book's appearance, if known): (Such as: "it_book_001")
Suggested locations (eg. Houlgraves', Castle Ravenloft, Port--Lucine library, etc.):

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Be warned that the system has difficulties with special characters, avoid them as best as possible.
Do not use accentuated or ligatured letters such as: , , , , or .
Do not use the following characters: , , ,
If using apostrophes, only use the straight kind ' or ". 
SPELLCHECK before submitting.

--- End quote ---

Lion El'Jonson:

--- Quote ---Title: The Twenty Steps Of Enlightenment

Icon: iit_book_009

Suggested locations: Houlgraves, Port-a-Lucine Library, That exotic shop in Vallaki that sells Rokuman stuff.

Strengthen Your Mind

To begin aspiring for the First Stage, you must meditate. Find a place of peace- many Monks are capable of meditating anywhere, but when first beginning you will need silence and solitude. Focus on emptying your mind of all thoughts- enter as quiet a state mentally and physically as you can, then begin to think of your code. Each line, each word, let them resonate through you as you meditate on them. You should do this for as many hours as you can, without breaks for food or water until you are finished. Do this every day until your code is second nature to you- until the words are as easy to recall as your own name.

Strength of Body

But there is no special secret to physical training- like everything along the Stages of Enlightenment, it relies on dedication and hard work. To properly train your body for the physical requirements of being a Monk, you will have to undergo both a training regimen and a diet. To begin, first you must limit your meals to three times a day, they must also be of reasonable size. Too much and your body will gain too much fat, too little and you will be unable to build the muscle required. Your meals should consist of meat and vegetables, fruit as well if you can reasonably acquire them. Avoid heavy desserts, food made with excess oil, excessive alcohol, and anything using too much sugar.

Practice Makes Perfect

Continue channeling the Ki as often as possible, as Stage Five comes passively once your body has adapted to the ki's use and is doing it subconsciously. As your monk training continues, you will notice that you no longer have to consciously channel your ki for certain thing and likewise, the Ki will start to mesh and adapt to your body. This will become a recurrent theme in future chapters and you will ironically find your life becomes easier the further along the path you travel. Counterintuitive as that may sound, the simple reason is as you progress, your mind is becoming more disciplined and your body more accustomed to physical strain.

(The full work is available on the forums.)

--- End quote ---
Not 100% sure if the ooc note about the forums is fine or not, but that's easy to remove if not. : )

Referenced from this thread.

//Will not be considered for inclusion at this time as it is incomplete. Consider submitting the whole thing. Length is not an obstacle, though it can be divided in several books if you wish. MAB.

Hallvor Hadiya:
From the series I did on Halvor, these works exist already in some limited form ig whether on PCs or in faction libraries

Title: The Book of Controlling Evil

//Added to HAK update 2.29. MAB

A few works authored in character by the elf Andrinar:

Title: Andrinar's Enchanting: Rituals
Title: Andrinar's Enchanting: Advanced Theory
Title: Orcs: The Pariah Folk

//Added to HAK update 2.29. MAB

Some famous (and canonical) works of Barovian literature, lifted from Gazetteer I, p16-17.
These would perhaps be decent additions to all the old library treasuries.

Title: Blood of Mazonn
Title: The Exile and the Return

//Added to HAK update 2.29. MAB


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