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Elven Grace Fashions Material and Cost Guide
« on: November 15, 2023, 12:07:14 PM »
This guide is posted in the Midnight Rose's window.

Elven Grace Materials and Pricing Guide:

When ordering outfits, there are three main things to consider:

1. Material - Outfits are all made from one of four base materials: Wool, Cotton, Linen (woven flax fibers) and Silk.

Wool is the warmest of the materials, and will help keep a person from getting frostbite in the colder months.

Cotton is breathable and soft, so less noticeable on the skin that it helps maintain focus.

Linen is durable and ideal for rooting around the wilderness or in dusty ruins.

Silk is very lightweight and regal, which is perfect for both travelling with extra clothing or for rubbing elbows in high society.

2. Functionality - Different weave patterns and stitching can be employed to all of the base materials to make them more suited to a task or purpose.  A wide variety of possibilities exist, so there is certainly something for any occasion.  The possibilities are endless, but specialized clothing can only be tailored to a single specific purpose.
     Combat attire - clothing that is made with certain levels of tightness around specific muscles can help maintain one's posture, put a spring in one's step, or be flashy and distracting to the foe at hand are the most popular in this category. 

     Camouflaged and costumes - Streamlined clothing with padding in the shoes for maintaining silence, specially patterned and shadowed clothing for remaining hidden, and costume and disguise pieces, and pieces with hidden pockets for those who practice legerdemain.

     Adventuring utility - clothing that is specially fitted with pockets for specific instruments required for one's trade is the widest set. Whether you need to carry lock picks, trap tools, medical instruments, bardic accoutrement, or even just extra snacks for animal training, there is an option for you here.   

3. Exceptional threading - A wide variety of materials can be turned into threading and embroidered into the seams.  Soft metals that are used for gilding such as gold and silver, naturally occurring fibers like asbestos, and the strange and bizarre threading of exotic beasts can be woven into thread that has unique effects.  Outfits that lack specialized threading may be purchased from other tailors. The following list is what Elven Grace keeps in stock normally and considers "ideal".  Other materials maybe be used if provided by the customer.

     Asbestos Threads  - 2000 fangs - This threading is slightly heat and fire proof. 

     Gold Threads - 2000 fangs - This threading is regal and fashionable.

     Akiri Linen - 2000 fangs - This threading is made using ancient Akiri techniques that are said to enhance a person's resolve and determination.

     Liana Fiber Threads - 2000 fangs - Made from Sithican plants that have medicinal properties, these fibers are said to help a person's health and ward off illness.
     Sith Arak Fiber - 8000 fangs - A hard to find fiber that comes from the Mists, it is highly flexible allowing for quicker movements.

     Void Spider Silk Threads -  20,000 fangs - Silk woven from monstrous spiders in Sithicus, it is said to have properties that ward off dark magics.

     Shadowsilk - 25,000 fangs - An Elven Grace specialty, this alchemically treated silk helps prevent dark energies from harming the wearer.

     Misty Threads - 50,000 fangs - Made from a material that is as hard as adamantine but flexible enough to weave into threads, Mist Threads are strong enough to turn away a blade.

Elven Grace offers discount pricing for the least expensive materials when purchased in sets.  A cloak, hood and outfit set is 5500, two full sets 10,000, and 4500 for each additional set.

Elven Grace Fashions offers bulk order pricing for resale as well.  Those interested in being an Elven Grace Fashions retailer are encouraged to schedule a meeting to discuss options.
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Re: Elven Grace Fashions Material and Cost Guide
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((An OOC guide for clarification exists on our wiki.
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