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Officially Supported Factions
The intention of this thread is to inform players of the purposes, benefits, and challenges of the faction system currently in place at PotM. Most of us when we joined the server began in the outlander faction by default. One of the obvious benefits of PotM Ravenloft is that characters can be plucked by the mists from many different worlds. While the outlander faction is a safe and sensible starting point, some players soon become tantalized and fascinated with other character concepts that are already a part of the setting: natives information thread For those of you interested in learning more about the factions and the setting, this thread is for you. We hope to answer frequently asked questions. If we have missed something, or you would like to contribute on some level, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Community Council, Development or the DM teams. Contact information for each faction is also provided, should you have questions about a specific faction.

Why join a faction?
One of the goals at PotM is to create and foster a dynamic role playing experience. Tension is the key component to any dynamic setting. Tension drives plot. Each faction has its own history, secrets, and goals. When one faction’s goals conflict with another faction’s, tension results, generating a plot structure for player characters to thrive within and from. When these factions are an embedded part of the setting, not only do player characters benefit from the resulting plots, they also contribute towards bringing the setting to life, hence enhancing the role play experience for everyone. 

How do the factions typically work?
Each faction has a DM responsible for it. Some factions may have more than one DM. Some of the DMs were once players, who were involved in more than one faction, making them more than qualified to handle the faction while remaining true to the setting. Each faction also has a secure forum. Once a character is initiated into the faction, the DM will grant that player access to the forum. Once your character's faction is set, you will have the option of spawning at the faction base, so long as your faction has one. 

How do I join a faction?
Sometimes the role play will lead a character into a faction, with little to no level of OOC. However, how a character joins a faction depends a great deal on which faction. If you have an existing character that you would like to get onboard with a faction, or if you would like to begin a new character within a faction, we recommend that you send a private message to the Faction DM. Be aware that there are times when a Faction DM may not be active due to life’s other obligations. If you do not receive a message back from that DM, we recommend sending your message to the DM team in general, or the Community Council, and someone will be sure to take care of you. 

How much time is devoted to faction play?
How much time you want to invest your character into a faction is up to you. Which faction is best for you may depend on how many hours a week you play, as well as your style or preference of role play. Some factions are more dependent on DM involvement than others. Some players have multiple characters, involved in different factions. When an event is scheduled to take place in one faction, they simply log in that character and participate. If one faction is laying low, either due to IC events or OOC reasons, they then have other characters to role play in the meantime. If you are interested in joining a particular faction, we suggest that you contact that faction's DM. You may also benefit from talking with players who have experience within that faction. 

Are the factions true to canon?
Some of the factions have been revised to accommodate for the persistent world experience. While some factions have been altered more or less, the integrity of the setting has remained intact, and the role play from each faction adheres to the conventions of the gothic genre. 

What factions are available to players?
While players always have the freedom to begin their own faction, the following factions are currently supported by the setting, Development team, and the DM team:

Worldly Factions:

* Vallaki Guard
* Red Vardo Traders
* Wayfarer Kinship
* Gundarakite Rebels
* Society of the Erudite
* La Troupe du Théâtre de la Cathédrale
* Gendarmerie Nationale de la République de Dementlieu
Religious Factions:

* Church of Ezra
* Cult of the Morninglord
Secret Societies:

* Ba’al Verzi
* Fraternity of Shadows
* Van Richten Society

The Nature of Faction-Play

What is required of role-players in order for factions to succeed?

Tension drives story. Tension drives character development.  The real adventure in life or in stories begins when everything goes wrong and characters are forced to adapt and make critical choices.

Potm's history is rich with players that have achieved their power primarily by charisma--a sort of power that grinding for xp/levels can't achieve.  When you have players who can play charismatic characters, while also maintaining a healthy separation between their character’s ambitions and their ambitions for their characters, while also not needing to constantly be in a position of power and control of every situation, you have players who can make factions work for themselves and the community.

If a player’s character is a personification/manifestation of that player's desired ego (or wish fulfillment) and that player lacks a healthy degree of self-awareness, then they will experience difficulty and frustration at every turn of faction role play. Anything or anyone who seems to get in the way of their vision and ambition, whether they are aware of it or not, will be viewed with hostility.  As tension/conflict is necessary for dynamic-role play and character development, anyone who doesn't maintain a healthy separation from their character may view the players or dms whom their characters or factions are in conflict with (which may overlap too much with their personal interest) with an out-of-character suspicion.

Faction role play also works best when you have participants who don’t engage in slander and gossip. When a player becomes angry and upset, too often they seek out others who will share their narrative. For this reason, it is within the rights of the DM team to remove from faction-play those players who have been judged as having a negative impact on the game-play. If a player has genuine concerns about DMs or players, they are encouraged to approach the Community Council with their grevience so an unbiased assessment may be taken.

Server Role-play at its most basic is a free-flowing form of storytelling set against a historical backdrop. Faction-play is considered to be an elevated level of storytelling within the server. It is complex and often complicated, showcasing the canon elements of Ravenloft even as it gives players the chance to aspire to grand heights and even steeper falls. The DM team, through the use of NPC's, can be expected to promote the canon narratives of Ravenloft and ensure that the overall narrative within a faction is a compelling narrative for the players involved. Players who engage in faction-play cannot expect their characters to always be treated fairly. In aspiring to a more complex form of play, it is inevitable that both betrayals and injustices will happen. Although it may not always be apparent to a player why something happened, the most important question remains the kind of legacy a PC and a player leave behind after they are gone.

As a narrative tool, PVP will often be used as a means to promote and resolve tension. Players who engage in faction role play are presumed to have accepted the risk of physical confrontation. While no player has the right to grief another, it is important to remember how limited a single players' point-of-view is, and how important it is to trust your fellow players. Trust, in the end, is the most vital element of storytelling and it is the responsibility of both parties involved to work together for the benefit of the overall narrative. Sometimes this means loss, tragedy, and injustice for one of the parties involved. Players engaged in faction role-play cannot expect to exist within any sort of bubble, remaining free of the actions of other players or even the ripples of the actions of other players. Every player within a faction is responsible for maintaining the trust of their fellow players, as well as respecting the skill and devotion with which they attempt to carry out their narrative.

Vallaki Guard

The Man with the Golden Helmet by Rembrandt van Rijn

Marching out the gates of the Citadel, the ancient fortress that was once owned by the mighty Tergs in Barovia's distant past, Private Sergei Olyaevo makes his way unto the cobbled portions of Old Svalich Road. It is a mild day and he has been ordered to make his way west, outside the walls to ensure that the various squatters that come pouring from the infamous 'Outlander's Gate', as well as his fellow Barovians, keep passive and respectful of the Count Strahd von Zarovich XI and his Burgomaster Svari Ionelus' laws and edicts. When he arrives beyond the Grey City's walls, he can only hope that this shall be another day empty of work so that he can enjoy his evening without having to scribe some foolish offense down in a log...

The Vallaki Guard serve as the Grey City's defense as well as peace keeping forces. They are a basic feudal military drawn up by the Burgomaster of Vallaki as their contribution to Barovia's war machine should the Count require them. They are volunteers - free Barovian men and women who have decided that with steel and blood they will find purpose or safety in their life, rather than simple crafts work or farming. When upholding the law, and carrying out orders, guard characters may find themselves in positions where they perform morally questionable acts. Guard players have the power to enforce the law upon and even arrest or kill other players in the line of work. This power in players hands is tempered only by in character checks and balances as well as OOC courtesy. Along with this a member of the Vallaki Guard must always remember their character is surrounded by other Barovian NPCs who will not kindly take to strange things like witchery and other foreign concepts - your individual unique aspects, eccentricities, and dark secrets will likely play against you should they be discovered by your fellow guards both players and npcs alike.

Eligible Members:
Races: Humans (Barovian)

Classes: Fighters, Rangers, Rogues
[Any one with Simple Weapons and Light Armor Proficiency could join but obviously spell-casters are going to have to keep their other talents secret at -great risk- to themselves...]

Alignments: Lawful, Neutral (LN, LG, LE, TN, NG, NE)
[Chaotic alignments would likely change under the pressure or wouldn't even consider joining an option...]

Themes: Intrigue, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Morality, "Native Culture".

Special: Can't have an alt in the Red Vardo, Gundarakite Rebels, and other guard antagonistic factions.


It is the responsibility of the officer to regulate and oversee recruitment. It shall be done
by need as well as by order. Recruits of particular tradeskills, such as metalworking, fletching,
and leatherworking may qualify for higher wages as well as exemption to some standards.

I. Only men of at least 16 and women of at least 18 shall be considered. None older than
50 shall be considered.

II. Only those who know their letters shall be considered.

III. Only those who have some knowledge of arms and armour shall be considered.

IV. Only those who have their own arms shall be considered.

V. Only those of good health and wholeness of body shall be considered. No cripples, amputees,
or chronically ill shall be considered.

VI. Only those of good standing and record shall be considered. None who have committed crimes
against Vallaki or elsewhere in Barovia shall be considered.

Related Links:
Native Barovian and Gundarakite Role Play Guide.

Interested? Contact:

A member of the DM Team.

Current DM(s) associated with this faction:

Current player leadership: Fenixphire (Lance Corporal Sorona Nimirovic).

Red Vardo Traders

Image Source

"Why can't people just make their payments on time?" Nicolai asked in his head. "I hate these kinds of jobs - they're not fun.. too legitimate for my tastes. I'd much rather be slurping some tsuika back at the Prancing Nymph, my face buried in Ylenia's legendary endowments. See, now that? That's something worth my time." He smirked at that. A loud pop issued from the chest before him and he retrieved the bejeweled chalice he was tasked to get by the Captain in Vallaki. Hopefully, he'd have time for his true heart's desire...

The renowned Red Vardo Traders, headed by Jacqueline Montarri, have made a reputation as ruthless "finders" who can recover lost and stolen cargo, objects, or even people. Their methods are closely guarded, and although most suspect them of underworld dealings, their services to the merchant community in Krezk and Vallaki are so valued that objections are never raised. In fact their reputation has allowed them to expand west beyond their grim Barovian home - with their most significant operation out there being in the Core's cultural capital, Port-au-Lucine in Dementlieu. While publicly the Traders deny any kind of criminal involvement or activity, it's no secret that some of their members come and go from seedy hangouts such as the Tigan's Rest in the slums of Vallaki or the Mutinied Sailor in the Merchant's Quarter in Port-au-Lucine. The sorts of people employed by the Red Vardo come in many skill sets from brawny bodyguards, smooth talking merchants, entirely legitimate locksmiths, and the chances are if you're good at what you do they might want you too.

Eligible Members:
Races: Any Non-Outcasts
[Outcast races vary in size, shape, and horror. Some might be able to gain entry at the discretion of Vardo leadership...]

Classes: Any
[Nearly any class could gain entry into this organization, baring Paladins and Druids, though it is mostly aimed towards thug fighters and crafty rogues...]

Alignments: Neutral, Evil
[Do-gooders might be able to make their way into this organization but chances are their soft hearts might keep them from advancement or even get them removed...]

Themes: Thievery, Intrigue, Underworld, Smuggling, Shady Stuff.

Special: Considering that this organization could be using its services for or against any one faction, it's best not to be involved in any other faction on alts.

Related Links:
Red Vardo Traders.

Interested? Contact:

A member of the DM Team.

Current DM(s) associated with this faction: Arawn, Brimstone

Current player leadership:
Vallaki:  Pav (Fiora Vernesci)

Wayfarer Kinship

“Dragon Slayers, And Proud of It!” By Larry Elmore

"I didn't expect him to go down so quick!" spoke Ulrik. "Nor did I think your prayers would work, priest!" bellowed Hrothgar Red-Beard with a chuckle. The band turned their attentions to the setting sun, suddenly concerned and their moment of celebration ended. It was not a wise thing to linger about in a Barovian night. So the strange band made their way back to Vallaki, proof of their victory in tow for the Burgomaster, proof to the people there that the "Green Demon" had finally been checked in its reign of terror over the lands outside the city's walls. But not before a few mugs of mead and a few good hours of sleep back in Loric's lodge...

Less organized than other factions and more of a guild, the Wayfarer Kinship is lead by the retired adventurer Loric Ashall. Combined of the adventurous and good hearted who wish to stand together against the dangers of Ravenloft. Although shunned by the local populace, they are still frequently contacted when people need more help than the local guards are willing to offer. Those who harbor black hearts or seek to spread wickedness about the Core are likely an ill fit for this group.

Eligible Members:
Races: Any Non-Outcasts

Classes: Any

Alignments: Good, Neutral
[Only the most deceitful villains will be able to strive among these do-gooders. Best to avoid them..]

Themes: Do-goodery, Adventure, Heroics, Kinship

Interested? Contact:

A member of the DM Team.

Current DM(s) associated with this faction: DM Deceit, DM Brimstone.

Current player leadership: X


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