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PC Spirit roleplay
« on: December 06, 2016, 10:31:35 AM »
This topic is to elaborate and give inspiration for how to roleplay being a PC spirit.

First of all, this is what our rules state:

- Once dead, a character can choose to return to the world as a PC spirit. These are static impressions of PCs and their attire/possessions at the moment of their deaths. They cannot attain any new knowledge or information in this form and everything experienced as a spirit is forgotten upon returning to life. They cannot speak nor can they understand speech, and are completely inaudible.

- PC spirits can wander the world, but they cannot interact with it in any physical way. Focused entirely on their death, they are driven only to mourn their demise and/or attempt to return to life. They can relive their death using emotes and try to lead others to the site of their death and/or mortal remains, but should only move from this location if it's to seek help or to follow someone possessing those remains. For more information on spirit RP, see here.


Static impressions of the PCs at the moment of their deaths does not include any surroundings or magical projectiles or effects, etc. It also means that a ghost can't change outfits, roam around naked, etc. They are just what it says: a ghostly image of what they were at the time of their death. On the other hand, any wounds, burns, mangling and similar will be apparent, meaning that PC spirits will often be a gruesome sight.

In general, when roleplaying PC spirits, you should always consider exactly how what you are attempting is contributing to the story. Spirits should never be used as an OOC mechanic to take or enable vengeance on whoever killed you. Instead they can be plaintive, longing, furious, but always atmospheric. In playing a spirit, realize your limitations -- you cannot communicate in any form of language (including sign language), nor can you understand the speech of others. You can roleplay your character as attempting to speak and/or listen, but the barrier to the world of the living will make it impossible to comprehend.

Instead, spirits are driven by two main instincts: to mourn their demise and to return to life. To do this, they haunt the place where they fell or wander to places that had significance in their life, desperate to find some adventurer to drag their corpses to a healer or witch doctor, begging silently, pointing, gesticulating, or acting out their death vividly in an attempt to convince others to help them.
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