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[Sermon - Message of Salvation - Eternal Dawn]


DM Despot:
"Dawn rises to burn away the Darkness."

Oh Morninglord, your warm embrace reminds us that all darkness, all evil and all conflict can be overcome if we but listen to our own hearts.

There is darkness that shadows us all, tempts us from our path in his light, pulling us away from the solace that is our Lord of the Morn. Though these feelings are overwhelming and suffocating at times they are not fully set in stone. There is but a chance of salvation always.

Let us remember this means of escape and know that the bringer of dawn, the father of the morning and protector of hope is but that reminder of this.

I invite all faithful, friends and good-hearted guests to come join us on the 30th of this month, let us pray, let us sing praises and be together as one while we show our love and appreciation to the eternal dawn in the home of our saviour.

Warm food and drink will be provided after the sermon for all those in need of a warm meal on the following evening.

This will take place within the Eternal Dawn Sanctuary in Vallaki.

Thy goodness always sends, thy lips be cleansed!


DM Despot:
/// This is still happening tomorrow! Check the counter to see what time it is for you IRL.

DM Despot:
/// This is happening in 2 hours!!!

DM Despot:
/// This time will be happening at the next IG Dawn - 40 - 60ish mins from now. Apologies for the mix of time.

DM Despot:
The doors to Eternal Dawn open wide and layfolk begin to pour in as the bells rings out. Dawn is here.
/// We begin soon :)


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