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Calling for volunteers - IC Books on gods of Death

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Hi all,

As part of an ongoing project, I need a series of in-game books describing the various gods and fiends of Death of the D&D multiverse. I'm calling for volunteers to write them. One book per entity, or group of entities in the same pantheon.

The books should be written from the point of view of Eternal Order members researching on the various beliefs on Death powers in multicultural Darkon and beyond. And of how it ties in their belief to postpone the Hour of Ascension.

If you'd like to try you hands at it, just reply here indicating which power you wish to work on. Sent me your essays in .txt files through Discord. I'll handle the editing. Here is a list of possible options. It's a given that list is not exhaustive, so if you know of another canon D&D Death deity or Demon, feel free to write a book about it too.

Awaiting volunteers
Mictlantecuhtli (Greyhawk's Olman Deity / Aztec god)
Doresain (Demon-Prince, multiple settings)
Hel (Planescape)
Hades/Pluto (Planescape)
Sehanine Moonbow

Kiaransalee (Multiple settings)
Anubis (Planescape / Ravenloft / Forgotten Realms)
Osiris  (Planescape / Ravenloft / Forgotten Realms)
Vecna (Greyhawk)
Wee Jas (Greyhawk)
Kyuss (Greyhawk)
The Keeper (Eberron)

Orcus (Demon-Prince, multiple settings)
Arawn (Planescape / Ravenloft)
Nerull (Greyhawk / Ravenloft)
Chemosh (Dragonlance)
Thanathos (Mystara)
Jergal (Forgotten Realms)
Kelemvor (Forgotten Realms)
Velsharoon (Forgotten Realms)
Myrkul (Forgotten Realms)

I'll take a stab at Anubis and Osiris

I can take a crack at Arawn.

Please please please give me Orcus!!!

Throw in Kiaransalee and I'll right it up around the events of Dead Gods, but keep it to scholarly vagueness...


--- Quote from: strangerinthealps on September 09, 2022, 11:23:39 AM ---Please please please give me Orcus!!!

--- End quote ---

You better not disappoint he is the most important of all!


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