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Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
« on: February 24, 2023, 05:14:57 AM »
On a modern PC, these loading screen messages can flash by rather fast, so here they all are in one place ...

In PotM, having points in the Parry skill provides AC. If your character is agile, taking ranks in Parry is quite beneficial.

In order to apply for a subrace or a prestige class, you must send in an application to the Community Council. Applications can be found in a child forum where the rules are.

The Community Council, an elected body composed of members of the community, mediates concerns & reviews applications for prestige classes and subraces. Consult the forums for details and the list of members.

A number of crafts are supported within Prisoners of the Mists, including smithing, herbalism, alchemy, and enchanting. Each craft produces items useful to adventurers and sell-swords wandering the Land of Mists.

New spells have been added to PotM, and some spells included in NWN have been tweaked or adjusted for balance reasons.

Wish to contribute to the horrific atmosphere of PotM? Fill out an application for a MPC and send it to the DM Team! MPCs can be entirely new characters or pre-existing characters. See the forums for details.

Following a bloody revolution and an equally bloody conflict with the neighboring realm of Falkovnia, Dementlieu's government has been forever changed. Lady-Governor Helene DuSuis, aided by a Council of Brilliance composed of new members, now rules over the aristocratic republic.

Dementlieu is one of the four members of the Treaty of Four Towers, a defensive pact aimed at deterring Falkovnian aggression. Mordent, Borca, and Richemulot have also signed the treaty.

Dementlieu's chief export is its culture. Dementlieuse fashion is emulated throughout the western Core, and its contributions to the fine arts make it the forerunner when it comes to music, drama, and artistic expression.

Dementlieu is one of the most advanced countries in the Core. Platemail is seen as antiquated by its inhabitants, and weapons like muskets are commonly used by the Gendarmerie and security personnel employed by more prominent noble houses.

One must be careful at night; crime runs rampant in Port-a-Lucine's more impoverished districts. Only those wishing to collect on bounties posted by the Gendarmerie should brave the dangerous streets and alleyways.

Be sure to stock up on water before going out adventuring in Har'Akir! The desert can be ruthless to the ill-prepared.

Hazlan, like Nova Vaasa, is dominated by the Church of the Lawgiver. Near the Barovian border rests Nordenvall Fane, one of many cathedrals devoted to the Lawgiver resting within Hazlik's domain.

Ramulai was built following the Great Upheaval to support the Red Academy. The ban on the practice of magic was lifted only recently, as per Hazlik's wishes, and many Mulan are not quite sure what to think about the Red Academy... though none dare question his will in public.

The Church of the Lawgiver holds an iron grip over the lands of Hazlan, being the state religion. Priests of other deities beware when traversing this region!

Magic is legal in Hazlan, as long as it is performed by students of the Red Academy or the Hazlani. If you are neither, you may be subjected to the judgment of the Church of the Lawgiver.

If your character is bleeding to death, don't log out. Type @letgo in the chat box first.

Although the "join party" function is unavailable on this server, to survive and progress, you will need to adventure with like-level characters.

In-world ways of earning money include guardhouse bounties, fur trading with the Vistani, and taking jobs offered by several non player characters.

If your character is stuck on an object, try typing the @seatme command in the chat box to get unstuck.

Be cautious about using non-healing magic in civilized areas. Locals are often suspicious and even hostile to the arcane arts.

You can access introductory crafting info in-game via the rest menu.

Only the mighty and fearless venture out at night with hopes of survival. Otherwise, good folk seek shelter and give darkness over to the evil that prefers it.

Other Vistani camps exist throughout the realm besides the one near Vallaki. For a price, caravans facilitate travel between some of them.

Wounds heal better with adequate food and a comfortable bed, such as provided by a proper bedroll or inn.

Diamonds are valued more than most other gems because of their power in helping raise the dead.

Prudent adventurers will take along a crowbar for locked chests and doors. But sometimes using these tools can damage fragile treasure.

Those who lack enchanted weapons can, by applying the proper varnish, temporarily transform a commonplace weapon into a powerful slayer of enemies.

Although non-player characters are more often available, prudent traders seek out player character merchants for the best prices and better items.

Because fleeing is often the only option when confronted with a powerful foe, wise adventurers make sure to avoid encumbrance at all times.

To minimize loss of progress should the server crash, quickslot the "save character" function and use it whenever your character accomplishes a significant goal.

If your traveling companion falls in combat and you have no potions, bandages can be used to get them back on their feet.

Herbalism bags can be used on a box full of loose herbs to auto-sort herbs quickly.

Although there are numerous game days per 24 hours, in terms of story progression, a day in-game is considered equal to a real world day.

Lake Zarovich is rumored to hold unspeakable horror in its darkest depths...

Purchase a tent, bedroll and flint - and make sure you always have rations on hand. Sometimes, a good night's sleep with the right supplies is all it takes to heal your wounds.

Borca is a venomous land just west of Barovia. The two share a cold, uneasy peace.

Dementlieu is one of the most advanced domains of the Core, spreading its culture and technology to many of the domains around it.

Richemulot is a land far to the northwest of Barovia, full of towering cities with mysterious origins. It is a land ruled by secrets.

Mordent is a foggy, pastoral land far to the northwest of Barovia. It is particularly famous for its many elaborate, haunted graveyards.

Lamordia is a cold domain far to the north of Barovia. Its people are irreligious and dismissive of magic - finding refuge, instead, in science.

The Core is not the only continent afloat in the Mists. Multiple Clusters exist that host strange, exotic lands - some of them can be reached through the Mists.

Arranging transport at the Tser Pool, east of Vallaki, will take one to the Mist Camp - and from there, countless other possible domains. The exploration opportunities are endless!

Ezra, the Goddess Within the Mists, is a popular deity of guardianship and salvation that is worshiped across the Western Core.

Hala is a goddess of magic with a dedicated following. Her priestesses are renowned for their charity and healing ability, and can be found in small, grass-roots hospices all across the Core.

Bane the Lawgiver is a strict god of tyranny and rulership worshiped primarily in the Eastern Core. His Hazlani followers are also isolationists and all his followers believe demi-humans to be inferior to humans.

Fear the dark - always carry a torch, lantern or glowing accouterments!

Preparation is the key to success. Before going on an adventure, make sure you have all the healing items, people and weapons you need to survive.

The island of Blaustein is notorious for being a safe haven for pirates, buccaneers, and outlaws of all kinds. So long as they appease and do not anger Lord Bluebeard, they are welcome on his island.

The master of Blaustein, Lord Bluebeard, is said to have married numerous women over the years, yet all of them seem fated to meet an ignoble and untimely end.

Although not as driven by intrigue as neighboring Richemulot, Dementlieu is a land full of secrets. Those who plan to spend time there should carefully guard theirs.

Originally, the universities of Dementlieu and Il-Aluk in Darkon competed for the title of most prestigious learning institution in the Core. Since the Requiem, however, the University of Dementlieu guards this title jealously.

Ghastria is a bland and joyless domain resting in the Sea of Sorrows. It is ruled over by the Marquis Stezen D'Polarno.

Ghastria is home to many different kinds of scavengers, alive and undead, who prey on both the dead and the living.

The Marquis of Ghastria is said to possess the greatest art gallery in all of the Core.

The elves living in the settlements of Sithicus regard themselves as superior to other races, mirroring in many ways the treatment shown by humans in other domains. They even regard themselves as superior to other kinds of elves.

The Wanderers, a small group of Vistani joined by a giant, roam Sithicus, though the reasons they do so are unknown by most, even the Vistani who visit that perilous realm.

The Sorrow of Sithicus, Azrael Dak, calls himself the king of Sithicus, and yet his power and influence wane by the day. He is forced to travel on his chariot made of bone from one settlement to the next, putting down revolts.

The Veidrava salt mines of Sithicus are infested by a powerful kind of shadow, known as a 'salt shadow'. So perilous are these mines that only the most legendary of heroes are advised to brave their depths.

".. For betwixt the thrice-cursed heavens and misery of the land shall awaken one without name and within darker depths yet still, will he learn the truth of ancient blade now reclaimed..."

"And so I've dreamt of darker places where others dare not go. Where nameless, faceless things of old now dwell. Unto I, the dreamer, one did speak the riddle of this hell. Quietly ever pray I to be left of this gift like better times ago."

Ghastria is home to living and unliving scavengers who are eager to find new victims.

Food in Ghastria is entirely devoid of flavor; the island's crops and hunted game are unpleasantly bland. The majority of imported food is taxed and claimed by the Marquis.

The Hour of Screaming Shadows in the year 752 BC saw the original Nedragaard Keep destroyed, along with Lord Soth... allegedly.

Azrael Dak, the Sorrow of Sithicus, saw to it that Nedragaard Keep was rebuilt in the middle of the Great Chasm.

It is said that the former king of Sithicus has returned to haunt Nedragaard Keep once more.

The Akiri people are especially devout, hoping to one day atone for the crimes of those who came before them.

Osiris is respected among the Akiri as the god of the dead, the afterlife and rebirth.

The Akiri acknowledge and give respect to many gods including Thoth, Shu, Geb, Nephythys and Ra.

The aristocracy in Dementlieu separate themselves from the commoners, who often suffer and languish in poverty and tenements on the verge of collapse.

Guildhouses managed by the elite of Dementlieu require their employees to do back-breaking work for meager pay.

Guildhouses in Dementlieu are very rarely frequented by their owners, who instead busy themselves with attending galas, operas, and various other society functions.

Dementlieu's aristocracy will wear silver jewelry as ostentatiously as possible; but never gold jewelry, which they consider gaudy and vulgar.

Har'Akir's Abal River Valley was once lush and beautiful, prior to becoming a part of the Land of Mists. The once ancient empire nestled in the fertile banks of that river lies buried beneath the sands. Only the tiny village of Muhar remains.

Har'Akir is part of the Amber Wastes cluster, outside of the Core. This cluster also includes Sebua, a desolate wasteland, and Pharazia, a land ruled by Diamabel.

Although the last Akiri Pharaoh spends much of his time asleep, he has been awoken on numerous occasions. Woe betide those who dare stir great and powerful Anhktepot, however.

Although the fair-skinned and bald Mulan are the dominant ethnic group within Hazlan, they are considerably outnumbered by their Rashemi serfs and servants.

The Rashemi are an oppressed and marginalized people residing in Hazlan.

The Mulan fear the possibility of open rebellion by the Rashemi, so they show no signs of ceasing their cruelty.

Isis is the honored Akiri goddess of health, marriage and magic.

Feared and rightly so are the servants of Set, a wicked Akiri deity whose servants work through treachery and deceit.

The tragic story of Pharaoh Anhktepot's fall is well known to everyone in Har'Akir.

The mummy Senmet has schemed on numerous occasions to destroy Anhktepot and claim Har'Akir for himself. His attempts at a coup have always ended in failure.

You can setup a quickbar slot for two-weapon fighting. Simply drag the right hand weapon onto an empty quickbar slot then the left hand weapon (or shield) overtop of it. Pressing this button will swap both items into your hands.

You can switch between camera modes in game with the '*' key.

Press the 'v' key to access your character's voice chat and quickly give commands to your companions.

If you use missile weapons, don't forget to stock up on ammunition before you go adventuring.

You have an additional 24 quickslots that can be accessed by holding the CTRL or SHIFT keys.

Remember that you can keep your own notes in the journal.

Choose the Point Blank Shot feat if you want to use a ranged weapon in close combat; or, switch to a melee weapon.

Area maps have notes to draw your attention to points of interest. You can add your own map notes as well.

Poison and disease don't do hit point damage, but lower ability scores instead.

You can use the radial menu off the chat window to set the different levels of feedback available in the game.

Seek the Vistani if you wish to identify magical items. Several items in game also give a bonus to your Lore skill to identify items for free.

Clerics don't have to memorize basic healing spells in advance. If dragged directly from spellbook to quickbar, such spells can be cast spontaneously by sacrificing a memorized spell of equal level.

Sorcerers, bards and hexblades may unlearn spells when gaining a level to get rid of a disliked spell in favor of a better one.

Remember, rogues, bards and beguilers get the Use Magic Device skill which allows them to use powerful magic items, such as wands and spell scrolls.

Some weapons and creatures have the wounding item property on them. Once a character is wounded they will keep taking damage until healed by a potion, spell or healing kit.

Spell mantle and similar spells are useful in that they make you virtually untouchable by enemy spellcasters.

Remember that you can use alchemist's fire on your melee weapons to add fire damage to your attacks for a short duration.

Different types of stores sell different items. If you don't find what you want at one, check others as well.

In some areas you may only rest when inside a secure room, with the door closed.

Caltrops are useful when fighting groups of weaker enemies.

The prestige class, Arcane Archer, requires at least one level in an arcane spellcasting class. Combined with a ranger's skills, this makes a potent ranged adversary.

Evil and cunning rogues often find great benefit in becoming assassins.

The temptation of power has corrupted many a warrior, transforming them into the brutal blackguard.

With a variety of talents, the shadowdancer is one of the more versatile prestige classes.

Characters with high appraise scores can often get better prices from merchants.

Many feats are only available at first level, so choose carefully.

The Tumble skill allows your character to avoid attacks of opportunity when running around during combat.

Hang on to any magical weapons you find -- you never know when you will confront a creature that is immune to normal weapons.

If you're having trouble damaging your opponents, try using power attack. This mode increases the damage you do with each hit.

Pale Masters continue to gain spell uses per day. A wizard who becomes a pale master should purchase or find scrolls to memorize spells for these new spell slots.

When you shapeshift, review your cast spell menu. Forms such as elementals and mind-flayers have access to some special powers.

The enemy will use invisibility to hide themselves and buff up. Be prepared to counter them with dispel magic, see invisibility or true seeing.

Wearing a helmet when fighting illithids will make it harder for them to use their deadly Extract Brain attack.

Rogues, or other characters with high dexterity, should take the weapon finesse feat and use light weapons, such as shortswords and daggers. They are not well suited to strength based attacks.

For the first time in many decades, the Black Robes of the Tower of Har-Thelen have emerged from its decaying walls, spreading word of their Archwizardress' invitation for the worthy to join.

The brave and the foolish speak of a figure standing atop Nedragaard; a thing of nightmare in the image of man. Those bold claim it "The Child of Nothing" from legend, a portent of age's end

Burdened with the spoils of adventure or possessing an artifact of dark malevolence? Seek out Handsome Jack at the Mourning Gate of Har-Thelen. His curiosity for the strange is your gain!

Be sure to have Water Breathing spells prepared before you venture underwater!

The Shillelagh spell temporarily enhances a club or quarterstaff in your inventory.

Claws of the Savage can enhance any gauntlet or glove to do extra damage. It even works on a monk's fists!

Evil casters can cast Augment Undead and Iron Bones to strengthen their undead servants.

Weapon of Impact adds the keen property to any bludgeoning weapon.

Baleful Polymorph turns your foes into small, weak animals.

Shocking Grasp is a melee touch attack that deals electrical damage.

Rangers can use the Bane Bow spell to turn their missile weapons into instruments of divine retribution!

Deep Slumber and Coma are more powerful versions of the Sleep spell that can affect stronger enemies.

The Freeze spell can stop a foe in its tracks. Literally.

The Shockwave spell allows a bard to do a massive amount of sonic damage.

The Shackle can immobilize a target in magical bonds.

Cast Sticks to Snakes on the ground to summon an emergency serpentine ally.

Cast Amanuensis to make copies of any hand-written texts you've made with the @write command.

The Detect Poison spell can determine if a monster is venomous, but it can also determine if your food or drink has been poisoned.

Cast Faerie Fire on foes that can make themselves invisible. It will counter the effect and mark them in bright colors for all to see!

As Barovia was the first land revealed by the Mists, all domains in the Land of Mists use the Barovian Calendar (BC) to mark the passage of time.

Ivana Boritsi, commonly known as the Black Widow, owns all of the land in Borca. The notoriously corrupt forces of Ivana's cousin, Ivan Dilisnya, maintain order.

The grim wizard-king Azalin Rex, newly restored to his throne in Castle Avernus, rules Darkon with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Azalin's presence among his subjects in Darkon is strongly felt due in no small part to his secret police, the Kargat.

Vlad Drakov, the mercenary king of Falkovnia, is infamous not only for perennial aggression against his neighbors, but his unwavering cruelty toward his own people.

Forlorn is a forsaken and unsettled land, populated mostly by goblyns, horrid humanoid creatures that value little but strength and slaughter.

Rumors persist of a tiny contingent of humans remaining in Forlorn, descendents of an ancient order of druids. If they exist, they have concealed their presence quite well, perhaps out of fear of the goblyn clans.

The vicious tyrant Malocchio Aderre has ruthlessly been increasing his hold on Invidia for nearly a decade. He obtained his position by overthrowing his own mother.

The Vistani refer to Invidia's ruler Malocchio Aderre as "the Dukkar." A Dukkar is a male Vistana born with the Sight who has grown to adulthood. Such a being will inevitably bring great suffering to the Vistani.

The current Meistersinger of Kartakass is the dashing bard Harkon Lukas.

Keening is a bleak domain inhabited only by the dead. Allegedly a banshee holds sway over all of the undead in the realm, but no one who has entered Keening has come back alive to verify that rumor.

Lamordia's reclusive Dr. Mordenheim is a scientific genius who possesses technology far in advance of anything else in the Land of Mists.

Markovia is a tropical island paradoxically located in the frigid Sea of Sorrows. Sailors have regularly spotted "beast-men," creatures that appear to be animals yet walk on two legs and wield primitive tools and weapons.

The Weathermay family has ruled Mordent for over two centuries. They have always governed with a light hand, from their grand estate, Heather House.

Prince Othmar Bolshnik's only rival as the master of Nova Vaasa is the mysterious criminal overlord known as Malken, a shadowy figure who is practically a bogeyman to the poor of Nova Vaasa.

Richemulot's enormous cities are bustling with people but still feel empty. Vacant houses, shops and other structures hint that these cities could support up to three times as many inhabitants.

The Shadow Rift is a vast chasm that festers like a wound in the center of the Core. Its sheer cliffs drop away abruptly from the neighboring domains, as if the land simply crumbled into nothingness.

The people of Tepest believe the Shadow Rift is home to wicked and malicious fey, who crawl up from its black depths to wreak havoc on the innocent Tepestani.

Wyan of Viktal heads Tepest's inquisition. These clerics root out suspected evildoers then quickly convene tribunals to interrogate and sentence them. Sentencing almost always ends with the suspect burned at the stake.

Valachan's ruler, Baron Urik von Kharkov, demands petty servitude from random commoners on occasion, summoning them to Castle Pantera for a night. They often return with the White Fever, a mild but debilitating flu that strikes many Valachani throughout their lives.

Valachan is a rugged domain blanketed by lush evergreen forests and prowled by fearsome black panthers.

Vechor is a domain of chaos and turmoil where the land is unstable. Rapid, seemingly impossible shifts in the weather are common. Forests rearrange themselves randomly, buildings vanish or appear from nowhere, and the sky often changes colors.

Vechor is ruled by Easan the Mad, a reclusive wizard-tyrant. It is said he spends most of his time in a mystical dwelling beyond the Cliffs of Vesanis, cackling madly and listening to the whispers of ancient evils.

Verbrek is a thickly forested land with a large population of wolves and, even worse, werewolves.

The terrible Maharaja Arijani, high priest of Kali, rules Sri Raji from his palace Mahakal in the Accursed City of Bahru. Each day a single Rajian is chosen as a sacrifice to Kali; that person then journeys to Bahru on an albino elephant, never to be seen again.

Paridon is a bleak city steeped in fog and bloodshed. Its narrow streets of smooth cobblestones wind between tight clusters of buildings. Dense fog, white as a shroud, perpetually blankets the city, severely limiting visibility.

The people of Paridon rarely venture out at night, fearful of violent madmen and stranger things. The city's most infamous predator is Bloody Jack, a nearly mythic killer who goes on gruesome rampages every thirteen years.

The alien, lightning-blasted hellscape of Bluetspur has no life on the surface, but there are rumored to be horrific, tentacled monstrosities deep underground.

G'Henna is a bleak, wind-beaten wasteland, a domain where hunger and hardship are ways of life. Legend states that the rampages of the beast-god Zhakata the Devourer wreaked havoc on the once fertile land.

Yagno Petrovna, Prophet of Zhakata, rules G'Henna, his divine word regarded as the supreme law of the land. Once a week, he performs a horrifying miracle, transforming a criminal into a deformed abomination as a sacrifice to Zhakata.

Rokushima Taiyoo is a lush archipelago ruled by four feudal warlords. These shujin are all brothers, endlessly bickering over the birthright each feels was denied him by a deceased father.

The conflict of Rokushima Taiyoo's shujin wreaks havoc on the lives of their subjects. Their samurai clash openly on the streets, ninja clans slink through the shadows, and sometimes it explodes into outright warfare.

Souragne is a domain that swarms and slithers with life, a lush river delta choked with dark bayous. Called Maison d'Sablet by the Souragniens, the wooded swamp that covers most of the domain stretches out like a languid snake.

Although he may only be a mythical being, the Lord of the Dead is so deeply feared in Souragne that the folk follow customs intended to please him. The dead are not interred for four days following death, as he may claim the corpse as his servant.

In the Nightmare Lands, the lines between reality and dreams are blurred. Everything in the domain -- the land, sky, sun, and temperature -- changes constantly and seamlessly, as if out of the corner of one's eye.

The harsh desert domain of Kalidnay is a land of extremes. During the day, an immense red sun blasts the land, raising temperatures over 350 degrees F. Three greenish moons rise in the night sky, while temperatures quickly plunge to just shy of freezing.

Kalidnay suffers from a severe lack of metal, forcing the people to make armor and weapons out of whatever else is available, typically bone, stone, or obsidian.

In Kalidnay, water is more precious than gold. Spitting is considered a grave insult, and crying is an expression of ultimate sorrow.

Arcane magic destroys the already fragile ecosystem of Kalidnay, so its people use psionics instead. Magic-users are called defilers and are regularly hunted down and killed.

Kalid-Ma is the undisputed master of Kalidnay. He has, however, been in seclusion for over twenty years. His loyal head templar, the half-elf Thakok-An, is the only being allowed to see him, and she carries out his decrees with unswerving devotion.

Struggling to find roleplay companions? Try our Looking For Roleplay Feature! Type "@LFRP" in the Talk Channel to view more information!

Ravenloft summons tailor to the domain they are called from. Depending on your location, summons will yield different results.

Warning: All elemental summons can go awry! There is a 20% chance you will find yourself face-to-face with a dread elemental instead!

Crypt Raiders are experts at breaking into ancient tombs to discover long-lost treasures.

People's Champions are clergy or former clergy who fight for the common people.

Like the famous Rudolph Van Richten, Monster Hunters dedicate their lives to hunting creatures lurking in the shadows.

Grimetrekkers are most at ease in the labyrinthine sewer systems of the Core.

Dozens of new feats, skills and spells have been added! Visit the forums or the Wiki for more information.

The Hallowed Witch springs from the bloodlines of the Thirteen Men and Thirteen Women gathered by the Goddess Hala and taught the innermost secrets of the Weave that binds the world together. Drawing on the Weave directly, they can cast both arcane and divine magic.

Your journal contains rules, guides, special commands and emotes used in Ravenloft and is updated regularly. Take some time to read it. You may find something you didn't know before!

Want to change your voiceset, phenotype, portrait or headset? Simply hop in an OOC area and use the @customize functions or use a Wondrous Mirror.

Dirgists are haunted bards obsessed with death, and can often be found in crumbling graveyards and dusty vaults.

To see a complete list of commands you can use in-game, type @help in the chat bar.

Setting up a disguise is a great way to pass unnoticed or carry out nefarious deeds! Use @disguise help to learn how.

If you've died and returned as a ghost, use @return to return to the Near Ethereal from anywhere in the game world.

Persistent rentals that store placeables over resets are available throughout the module, letting you set up shop, start your own guild, or cabal. Ask around to find out more.

Head over to the OOC Lounge from any inn room to change your character's appearance or learn more about the world.

Visit our Wiki ( for more information on system and class changes.

Voodan are a unique caster class that worships neither gods nor nature itself, but rather spiritual entities who fall somewhere in between.

Voodan possess a wide selection of spells but a limited daily amount. They can give their spells to others via gris-gris.

Make sure to read in-game class, spell, feat and skill descriptions since many have been altered on our server.

The Carpenter's Portable Kit lets you build structures anywhere in-game, as long as you have materials. You can purchase one from any woodworker NPC.

Hexblades are arcane spellcasters who combine magical power with martial skill to devastate foes with powerful curses. Their power manifests spontaneously, similar to a sorcerer's magic.

Warmages care for only one thing: war. They specialize in inflicting maximum damage to foes.

Beguiler are arcane casters specialized at manipulating their foes while engaging in a wide array of skills benefiting their sly nature.Favored souls cast divine spells by means of an innate connection rather than through laborious training and prayer.

Black Powder Avengers are known for two things: One, their peerless mastery over their signature firearm and two, their improvised explosives capable of levelling a city block!

Warlocks command raw eldritch power, bestowed by otherworldly patrons like evil outsiders or powerful fey. Unlike other arcane classes, their invocations can be called upon without limit.

Warlocks can only be of chaotic or evil alignments. Those who stray away from either chaos or evil ultimately become ex-warlocks, unable to call upon their patron's strength.

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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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This is really cool. Thanks for putting them all together!


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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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This is really cool. Thanks for putting them all together!



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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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Ink you are a pillar to this community. Thank you
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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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LOL, this is so funny. My load times are so fast I rarely ever get the chance to read them. I have to admit though I do find the OOC messages quite jarring and immersion breaking.


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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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LOL, this is so funny. My load times are so fast I rarely ever get the chance to read them. I have to admit though I do find the OOC messages quite jarring and immersion breaking.

How does it… break immersion… it’s a loading screen?
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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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I'm glad this was posted, because my silly m2 SSD doesn't even allow me to read more then a few words.


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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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LOL, this is so funny. My load times are so fast I rarely ever get the chance to read them. I have to admit though I do find the OOC messages quite jarring and immersion breaking.

How does it… break immersion… it’s a loading screen?

It's just reminding me of OOC mechanics, it's a bit odd though that they won't allow us to post details about items in the forum but put OOC information on the loading screens.


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Re: Compendium of Helpful Loading Screen Messages
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LOL, this is so funny. My load times are so fast I rarely ever get the chance to read them. I have to admit though I do find the OOC messages quite jarring and immersion breaking.

How does it… break immersion… it’s a loading screen?

It's just reminding me of OOC mechanics, it's a bit odd though that they won't allow us to post details about items in the forum but put OOC information on the loading screens.

We have been permitting to divulge the properties of items on the forum and wiki both for quite some time now.

Though not in In-character forums. For those you are required to explain properties in in-game terms.
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