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[Sermon - Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn]


DM Despot:
"Embrace his light, embrace the warming touch of the morn"

Brothers, sisters, friends and all we rejoice in the blessings of the Morninglord, we sing our praises and thank thy for these beautiful days!

I invite those of the faith, friends and strangers of good-heart, to come join us at the Eternal Dawn Sanctuary on the 9th of this month. On this day we shall be together as the sun shines through the clouds, the darkness of night is washed away and the woes of yesterday are forgotten.

Along with prayers to greet the dawn we shall be holding a sermon that will bring some warmth and clarity to your mind.

It has not been an easy time for many in these dire times. We've come to face a lot of challenges, carried entire worlds on our backs and seen the truest form of darkness and evil that these lands can boil up. At these most daring times we may feel our hope fading, our light flickering and the world crumbling down upon us. Yet, we need to remain hopeful, grasp onto what we can and keep moving forward. It is the way of the Morn, it is the teachings of our beloved Dawnfather.   

So, with that said welcome all to join us on this date, let us pray together, let us be thankful for these days and listen to what has to be said. We hope to see all those there.

In the evening following the sermon we will be offering warm food to all those who wish to stay after during the hours of night.

Thy goodness sends, thy lips be cleansed


DM Despot:
/// This will take place within the next 40 - 50 mins or the next Dawn IG!!

DM Despot:
Groups of layfolk dressed in white robes begin to enter the Eternal Dawn Sanctuary as the talks of the morning gathering begins shortly
[/i]/// Sermon happening now!!


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