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The Sun Under Castle Ravenloft

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Newbie here, first time posting. Hello to all. There is something that I swear I remembered reading in the 2nd edition Ravenloft book, but I bought the book again recently and discovered it was NOT in there.

I could have sworn I remembered reading something in this edition where there was a discussion about how to escape Ravenloft. The text was mentioning how no one really knew a way. However, in passing, it mentioned something about how there was "a piece of the sun" buried beneath Castle Ravenloft, and if adventures unearthed it, the curse would be lifted, and all of Ravenloft would go back to the prime material plane.

Also, I am positive it said "the Sun," NOT the "Sunsword," which of course is something completely different.

I cannot find any reference to this on discussion boards, Reddit, etc.

Can someone else confirm if they ever read such a thing? If not...well, this was my last ditch effort to see if anyone else had ever heard of it. If it's a bust, then I will just find some other method for my PCs to get out. However, I thought it would be pretty cool if I was right, and this myth really had been mentioned somewhere.


Maybe it was in the gazetter about Barovia?

Alan Hunter:
I believe what ye seeking isn't in a game book but more one of the novels written about Ravenloft. And I think what you refering to is a rendition to a version 2 of the old table top optional lines of Ravenloft 2. I don't think its an actual sun just piece of an artifact. Might be mistaken.

I also do not recall about this specific piece of lore (read all of the manuals at the time, AD&D and onward). The only way that I am aware of for escaping ravenloft is, ultimately, in the hands of the dark powers (i.e. the DMs). If you manage a non-evil actt of defiance so incredible to cater the attention of the DPs, you might be granted a way out. Mark the non-evil, as if you were to seek escape through evil means you'd most likely end up becoming a dark lord.

In one of my oldest pnp campaigns, a barbarian made it out after being beaten, tortured and almost killed after trying to shelter his wife from Strahd's wrath, for example. He was misted away while burning on the pyre.

This at least is my understanding of how escaping from ravenloft has ever worked!

Unsure about the source material but in the server's history there have been a few escapes.  It's definitely not something your character would enter the world knowing about, though.


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