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About other settings & the forum section
« on: December 20, 2011, 11:46:26 PM »

This is your designated forum section for all the other Dungeons & Dragons settings.

Currently we're putting together overall descriptions of other settings than Ravenloft. The purpose of offering these resources is to encourage interested players to deepen the backgrounds and personalities of their characters, whether the player in question is well versed or only has superficial knowledge of the setting in question. There are also many common misconceptions of various settings that can thus be cleared once and for all. ;)

If you have any inquiries about specifics of a setting, whether that's about their in-character history, culture, deities or anything else, feel free to ask in this forum section.

The general layout of the introduction to a setting is as follows. Of course, for many settings not all points are applicable and some may need more subtopics.




People & Culture:

The Common Folk:

The Higher Class:



The Major Powers:



On-line Resources:

As it is, introduction posts to most settings are already being written. If you wish to participate, you may send the author of the topic a PM if you wish to add something or to me if you wish to write for something new, and I'll check if the setting you wish to write for is already being written or even done, but not posted. And topics for all sort of interesting quirks and such can be readily thrown in. :)
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