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Author Topic: Mysterious Carvings in Western Barovia.  (Read 532 times)


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Mysterious Carvings in Western Barovia.
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Those exploring the wilderness may have at one point stumbled upon strange symbolism with no clear meaning; whether carved into the face of trees, or written in the entrails of a man or animal.  Druids or Rangers from other realms may note heavy Elven or Druidic influences, and daresay some messages contain outright fragments of such language.  Continuity? Adaptation? Evolution?  It's hard to say, but what does become clear--they're persistent, and opportunistic.  Certain markers may denote either a territory, a range, or boast of a successful hunt.

Trackers may also note tracks belonging to a large feline, or huntsmen spying murky amber eyes reflecting the light in the dense undergrowth.  Word may also have begun to spread amongst peasantry of the odd missing persons in the furthest reaches of civilization, usually farmers, but incidences relatively few and far between.
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