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[A Sermon - Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn]



--- Quote ---
In the Morn, the way is clearer.

All faithful and those of good heart, all those whose hearts are meddled with grief and sorrow,
All those who are burdened under the hardships of life,

Join us in the House of the Morninglord, so his mercy can cleanse your burdens and worries, so his Light can bring you clarity and serenity of mind.
So we may bask in his glorious dawn, together.

A sermon will be held this 29th of Juli, in the Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn.

Clergy will be there to serve for baptisms and confessions afterwards.

--- End quote ---

||To not have clashing events in Vallaki, this one's been pulled 2 hours earlier, so please refer to the countdown!||

//This is next IG dawn, in approximately 1 hour.


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