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Author Topic: A Responce in writing to Uncommon Sence.  (Read 361 times)

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A Responce in writing to Uncommon Sence.
« on: July 17, 2022, 05:17:29 PM »
Monsieur Gendarme D'Aubry

In regards to your rather interesting new venture in to that soiled pool of muck and grime known as gossip rags.

You have stated that my rates of 10,000 & 50,000 solars are expensive. The 50,000 solar rate charged in 2 week slots is for those charged with high crimes and nothing less.

I would asked you to conduct research into the legal fees of many of the other learned gentleman and ladies that grace the courts as attorneys here in the repuilque. Many of their rates start at 100,000 solars for small crime representing for one off cases.

The rather lengthy example you gave is in regards to a certain elven woman who may have liked to wear red then blue at one point.

If any member of the public feels that my actions were criminal in nature underhanded or felt that this particular individual didn't deserve to have their contract terminated and should be allowed to return to the city and grace us with their presence. Please feel free to send an appeal to the honerable Pronounceur Cyrille Camus. Bear in mind that you will need to hire one of the other lawyers in the city who's rates differ from my own.

Gendarme D'Aubry, I would be very careful about your future issues that are published, as you have taken to "trying" to make me out as some bent lawyer all that has been accomplished is that I'll be reading more on Slander and Libel laws within our lovely city. Gendermes with criminal records do not remain gendarmes for long.

P.S, as for your comment on if I was intoxicated during my time as a lawyer..... if I was and managed to successfully represent clients and stop them from getting charged with crimes. That either speaks volumes for how amazing of a lawyer I would be sober or the prosecution was so inept that they couldn't defend against an inebriated man. Which is it?

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