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Author Topic: Dementlieu - Boite de Bijou - Lac Fleau  (Read 393 times)

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Dementlieu - Boite de Bijou - Lac Fleau
« on: June 23, 2022, 08:40:33 AM »
Sometime before the changing of the guard at midnight, cries of "Murder!" ring out from the halls of a quaint lakeside home belonging to the Dowager Comtesse de Placide. While the guardsman who raised the hue and cry is reported to be too scarred to give proper testimony to the butchery, rumors swirl that kin to the Dowager Comtesse herself were cut down in the flower of their youth, while a guardsman and servant were later fished out from the lake. The identities and and even number of the dead Richelieu's are confused, with gossip claiming Constance Richelieu lost two bastard daughters secreted away for nigh on two decades after some assignation in her youth, while others scoff and say a cousin from the family's distant relatives in Richemulot was staying in the home and all else is foolish tittle-tattle. A drunken Gendarme from the Chateaufaux Gendarmerie is later heard deep in his cups, remarking upon the grizzly nature of the deeds most foul. He slurs that although not a single valuable was taken from the home, a playing card sketched with a grinning wolf's head was left behind.
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