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Author Topic: La Troupe de la Fleur d'Ambre Presents: La Boîte à Musique  (Read 283 times)


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Colorful announcements begin to circulate around the Core.

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La Troupe de la Fleur d'Ambre Presents...

La Boîte à Musique (( The Music Box ))
A Ballet-Inspired Musical

Starring: Abigail Shuttleworth, Madeleine de Sauvre, Joséphine Périgord, Jacques Boucher, & Chiara Grassini

7 p.m. Eastern
Juillet (( July )) 2nd

Written By: Violeta Dragunescu-Istrate & Jacques Boucher
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Re: La Troupe de la Fleur d'Ambre Presents: La Boîte à Musique
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*As the premier date is upon the city, playbills and more advertisements begin to circulate to celebrate the debut of the upcoming musical*

//OCC Information

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This production uses special portraits for the actors as they take on new roles. if you want to see these portraits, click the link and paste them into your downloads folder for a truly interactive experience.

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We also created a playlist for this musical. This is just to add a little atmosphere. :)

This is today! 7pm EST