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Re: Tigan's Rest - Slums - Gossip
« Reply #25 on: May 04, 2014, 09:30:59 PM »
In light of the recent killings, the regulars at Tigan's Rest are warier, and rarely leave the comparative safety of the tavern without company. Business is discussed in softer tones, and furtive glances are met with kind, as the regulars no longer feel safe. Perhaps with good reason, as another two pimps and an opium dealer were found sharing the same alleyway, all bludgeoned to death. Whispered tones share larger than life stories of vengeful angels, demons who relish in the deaths of honest men, a former streetwalker turned witch, a monstrous man in full iron armor, wererats who want to take over the corners themselves, a new criminal enterprise moving in, the likes of which nobody has ever seen before, a special group of assassins sanctioned by the burgermeister, a team of crusaders from the Morninglords, the Ezrites, or maybe some ladul outlander religion, and even Strahd himself cleaning up the streets, all of whom commit vengeful violence against the criminals of the slums. Some of the more active regulars of Tigan's Rest speak of striking back, in hushed tones, far from the other patrons.
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Re: Tigan's Rest - Slums - Gossip
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Some eyebrows were raised when the Lily Knight Sir Tarlin was seen at Tagan's rest looking for a man with a bad cough apparently about a cloak.


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Re: Tigan's Rest - Slums - Gossip
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Oddly enough an elegant lady from some foreign land has appeared as a regular customer of this inn. She seems to be unsteady on her feet and helping herself with a walking cane, and quite stubborn at not using a cloak despite the Barovian weather. Her wide hat doesn't anyway spoil her perfectly combed hairstyle. She glances here and there, speaks to the ones who speak to her, occasionally she seems to consume some local food, such as goat cheese and mamliga. For the rest she simply appears to be waiting for something to happen...

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Re: Tigan's Rest - Slums - Gossip
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A man in a red and black suit rented a room for the night at the shady slum inn, his expression friendly and warm, even exchanging greetings with several of the patrons as if they were old friends as he headed up to his quarters for the evening. Some time passed, before the sound of shattered glass was heard from above -- several intense shouts of anger and rage followed, along with several thuds and splintering wood, and silence.

In the next morning, the same man left a hefty pouch at the counter, and a murmured apology before departing.


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Re: Vallaki - Slums - Tigan's Rest
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A letter is left with Zina at Tiganís Rest addressed to Clavicus Umbrax. It is written in scratchy letterís by what seems to be a hand that is unaccustomed to writing.