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Author Topic: The Theatre de la Cathedrale is hosting auditions for 'The Diabolic Match'  (Read 317 times)


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[Various fliers put up around Port a Lucine and the Keep of the Dyad.]

The Theatre de la Cathedrale is hosting auditions for 'The Diabolic Match'

This new play, written by Mademoiselle Dove, is a tale dark magic, corruption, and the perils of forsaking one's morals for power.

Those interested in auditioning should come to the Theatre this coming Satuday at the specified time. If you cannot make the date but would like to audition anyways, please write to the Theatre de la Cathedrale, and we will work out some way to accommodate you.

The Theatre de la Cathedrale is also seeking sponsors for this production. Those interested in sponsoring the upcoming play are encouraged to write in and arrange a meeting, and are invited to attend the audition as well, to get a taste of the play.

//Time and date:
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This is in just under an hour's time, at the Theatre de la Cathedrale.

Now closed! But if you still want a part, send us a PM!
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