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Yes there are some.

DM's have no obligation to divulge their identity to the playerbase if they do not wish to. No player can force them to do so, not even the council. Fellow DM's are not to identify the DM PC to others if that DM PC has chosen not to divulge.

Privacy must be respected. Consistant questioning towards the DM PC if they are a DM or not OR ispreading the identity out to everyone else will be considered DM harassment and will follow under our Consistant Rulings & Punishments. However the punishment for this will begin at the second offense.. that being a final warning, followed by bans if it is continued.

DM PC's recieve no special treatment from DM's... PC's who know DM PC's should not act any differently towards them either. This is a land of roleplay, there is not someone controling the character: simply the character itself.

Rule Broken: Harassment, Threatening, or verbally abusing another player or DM
Punishment: Verbal warning (First offense)
                   Final warning (Second offense)
                   1 Week Ban (Third offense)
                   1 Month Ban (Fourth offense)
                   Indefinite Ban (Final offense)
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