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[Rites and Memoriam For the Victims - Morninglord Church]



--- Quote ---
From death, life.

The Morninglord Church Hereby Invites All To;

Join us in praying and giving resting rites to those whose peace has been desecrated by the Night,
And the victims that have fallen to its merciless grasp.

The funerary ceremony will take place behind the Sanctuary of the Coming Dawn in the Vallaki Outskirts, at dawn.
Participants are encouraged to bring candles to be lit, to spread the light.

--- End quote ---

Spoiler: showCOUNTDOWN

This is going to be today, the first dawn after the countdown ends, please refer to the countdown. 6.30pm GMT 2.30pm EST sounds right.

//This is going to take place the coming IG Dawn.

//This is now.


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