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Author Topic: Jack Wilson - Forlorn and Cursed  (Read 361 times)

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Jack Wilson - Forlorn and Cursed
« on: May 08, 2022, 04:32:16 PM »
Hour of raging in the mists beyond the Mist Camp Jack had gone to seclude himself in his favorite spot away from the Monsters. Death had claimed him in the hands of Rithwarien Luelena and the man could wish nothing more than a slow agonizing death for the wretch. Her actions had not only spurred questions in him but had him wanted and bountied by the Citadel. He did not know whom or why none had chosen to betray him and only a handful truly knew his truth. Even so the integrity of Vasilica Ursu itself was in question. There was so much that transpired from the death of IIona Mellis that Jack's mind swam. Having thrash every tree, rock, and creature near his spot the once man raged and roared like a beast drawing a chunk of wood as stool to a makeshift table. Removing inkwell and paper he considers his thoughts there was so much to tell so much to do Jack wasn't a thinker. Sure, folks told him he was wise but out of experience and now there was this. Scratching his chest, the burning sensation of his curse, only fueled his anger and rage reminding him of what he was what he desperately tried too not become.

"Murdered again. Murdered by someone you thought you can trust. I knew better so did IIona. For young Amalice I thought I would spare her the sorrow of heart break and lost. But it is clear the Sheep are selfish things monsters in cute clothing. Perhaps that is why Rithwarien left me at the Morning Lord Church as reminder she held the cards, or she genuinely respected the fact her life was sparred several times. It didn't matter it was just like Alusand Fersquing biting more than she could chew. I feel for IIona I dunno how I could save her or even begin. They're already in hot pursuit of me and I assure you if I can find IIona perhaps I'll make her like me. The idea of Cursing someone like myself is frightening. but the injustice so many have suffered by the authorities and these murderers is something I don't grasp. I'm called a "Cannibal", yet I don't consume the flesh of the body in its whole. I am cursed with a boon by the very being people deemed good forced to make a choice for my life to live. Rithwarien had a choice as well "There would be no peace." she called me an idiot and yet she fails to reason it wasn't a threat on her life people will not forget people will not let you rest. I know this all too well and with this Bounty I will share with her the same daunting feeling of never knowing rest. A faction does not hide you from your mistakes or the hatred of other people. You either lose your mind and perish on a pillar of skulls adding to that pile or simply you go mad and alone hiding from the world.

I suffered both. I will write my story to my family and friends, so they know. I will reveal everything to them and the people I deem good enough to know the truth. I had tried so hard to redeem myself in this third life. But, like Jean Renaurd and the others like him I will forever be seen as a monster. If it is the monster, they wish then perhaps dear old Dad was right. "You're stronger than them Boy. You should be feared and respected." I guess there is no hiding my legacy or what I am. I wish my life could have been like Kiyosa and married happily with wee ones. Perhaps I was daft and should of listen to Bell. I had really hope after Alusand I could find me a little Forge of my own. Now I'll do that here with in the Mist it knows me, and I know it. I curse Rithwarien and all like her all those souls whose greed and foolishness cost the lives of others. If this Curse claims me if the Mists, see fit again to bolden me with strength may I be Monster of Justice to right the wrongs of those so call good folks who hold the lives of others hostage below their own. No more. I'm sorry to all those who fought to make me better. My dear Yue I always loved you for your kindness you and Iridni showed me I could Redeem myself. But Tinu was right I can't ignore what I am and what I have if it could be used for good it should. I can only redeem myself from the monster I was by being the monster I need to be to ensure those that I love are protected. I will devour the sinful, devour the wrong, devour all that made me into this monster so that I may be whole. I am a Fury like no other for my rage with in me tears me up and makes me new. I only pray if I become this monster, they all feared my heart will know what I love. For what i love it shall love too. We are one in Fury, Anger, and we hunger fore righting the wrongs to us and those we cherish."
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."