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The Eternal Order: Is it shunned/taboo in Barovia?


Hello all,

I've been reading up alot on the Eternal Order, Darkon, Ezra's 4th sect, Death gods etc...
I rolled a new character who belongs to the Eternal Order. I've read all the roleplaying information, guides, history, mistpedia and other sources to get a deeper understanding of the Order, its history and its current affiars.

One thing that isnt clear is if the Eternal Order is Taboo in Barovia. That is can I openly pferom rites/services and talk about the eternal Order or is it a more secretive thing in Barovia? I understand in Darkon that its lost ground to the 4th Sect but people still follow its rites and rituals despite its recent shortcomings.

I am not aware of any hard and fast actual laws or general laws on the Eternal Order specifically. That being said, being a "weird death cultist" is probably not going to make a character supremely popular in Barovia (and most barovians are not religious in the first place). Most Barovians are supremely unlikely to have even hard of the eternal order. It will probably mostly come down to where you do your rites and rituals - and which Garda PCs happen to be around.

The Eternal Order is a very local phenomenon. Most Darkonian have no interests ever to leave the domain and this holds true to the Order. Barovian are not especially religious. The Eternal Order  is just another cult they would not care much about.

The Order has no presence in Barovia other than any PCs that would be present who, as MAB mentioned, would be exceptions to the typical NPC cultist. Darkonians in general are pretty rare beyond their borders, as it is - the unspoken fear of finding out that their entire life is a lie prevents many from leaving at all.

There has, however, been an intermittent local Eternal Order presence over time, with several characters opting to help maintain the Morninglord graveyard among other things. They're not an entirely unknown quantity to garda logs, I'd assume.

Thank you for the answers. Its given me some thoughts.


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