Author Topic: The Tailoring overhaul is on the test server! (Take 2)  (Read 1264 times)


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The Tailoring overhaul is on the test server! (Take 2)
« on: March 01, 2022, 07:56:19 PM »
Second time's the charm! The Tailoring overhaul is finally up and running on the test server, awaiting for you guys and gals to have a poke at it. The overhaul also introduces a new supporting craft: Weaving. It is through this craft that you will be able to produce bolts of fabrics from which to produce clothes.

The tailorer's shops have everything you need to test the crafts. Most exotic components are kept hidden as to not spoil the surprise for those who like to discover things in-game, though those have already been tested successfully. I've placed a chest with plenty of gold within to test it in Vallaki's fashion shop, please return what you do not use in it so others may also test.

The properties are not final yet. A few adjustments are already planed. BTW if you have suggestions to make about those, please let me know in private as to not spoil the properties of the new craft to others just yet.

Things I am looking for during the tests:
Speed of progression in both crafts for someone starting from scratch.
If flax (all domains) and cotton (Hazlan only) plants spawn during the months of summer and fall.
Errors in recipes
Comments on properties.

I hope you will enjoy, it.
And yes the names on products will be shortened on the final version.
Best Regards!

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