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Author Topic: Tutorial for Placeable System - @spawn and You.  (Read 1943 times)

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Tutorial for Placeable System - @spawn and You.
« on: March 01, 2022, 04:46:27 AM »
@spawn and You
By Cyber Viking

Commands for Control:

A Blank Canvas
@rental clear
- This command removes all placeables within your rental.
- Best used to clear out the previous owners artistic vision at the beginning of renovation rather than spamming @spawn destroy.

Stay on Target
- Firstly use the "Pick Target" function located on the character wheel. To get there Right Click your PC, Go left to "Special Abilities", Click your Class, Down to "Additional Abilities Targeted", Then "Pick Target".
Tips and Tricks:
- Add this to your quick bar by right clicking the quick slot, You'll be using it alot.
 - Before picking your perfect final location pick a "Working Area" that is away from all your other placeables. That way you can destroy and edit the placeable without accidently destroying anything under and around where you've targeted.

Spawn me Baby
@spawn placeable ***
- This is your most used command, it will place the placeable remember to replace the *** with the numbers that dictate the placeables. For number reference there is the amazing spreadsheet made by Laur and the community namely Abear and Bunnie. You can view it here.
Tips and Tricks:
- Spawn the placeable in your "Working Area" check its the right one and if your happy with it "Pick Target" the final position for it.
 - Some placeables are not visible at certain angles, be sure to rotate your camera around if it doesn't appear after you see the gold removed message in the combat log.
 - If its not quite perfect then use the below commands to adjust it.
 - Ctrl c , ctrl v this command! you do not need to have the number on the end, it will simply spawn the last placeable you worked on / currently working on.
 - Type adjustment commands first then @spawn placeable.
 - Work on 1 kind of adjustment at a time. Type your adjustment (@spawn x 1.0) @spawn placeable to check then destroy and re-adjust. Once you have the position perfect note the value down then start on the next adjustment command.
 - Once you have the entire placeable perfect Pick Target your final location and Spawn it.

A Little to the Left
@spawn x 0.0, @spawn y 0.0, @spawn z 0.0
 - This command works by moving the placeable around the area. x Moves West to East, y Moves North and South, z Moves vertically up and down walls.
 - Moving the object in this way will move it in the direction from the point of your target.
 - The normal and centre point of your target is x 0.0, y 0.0 & z 0.0.
 - You can move in + or minus with the command, 0.0 and -0.0 respectively.
Tips and Tricks:
- When moving things only move in spaces of 1.0  or -1.0 to start, want it moved more go 2.0 or -2.0. Then fine tune with the decimals, 1.25. 1.10, 1.005, 1.007.
 - Don't do any big numbers to start, its a sure fire way to lose your placeable in a wall or in the sky or under the floor. Best to just raise and lower in increments of 1.0.

Bigger is Better, Small is Good Too.
@spawn scale 0.0
 - This command works by making the placeable bigger or smaller.
 - The normal size of the placeable is 1.0
 - Scaling the object in this way will change its sizes from the point of your target.
 - You can scale bigger or smaller with the command, 1.0 and 0.5 respectively.
 - Scale works differently to x,y,z it works more like fractions i.e 2.0 is double the size, 1.0 is normal, 0.5 is half the size 0.25 a quarter the size
Tips and Tricks:
- When scaling things only scale in spaces of 1.5 or 0.5 to start, want it Much bigger or smaller go 2.0 or 0.4. Then fine tune with the decimals, 2.25. 2.10, 0.04, 0.035.
 - Don't do any big numbers to start, it will just end up filling your screen with a placeable.
 - Scale 0.0 will make the placeable disappear or simply wont work.
 - Try not to Scale more than 6.0 thats a HUGE placeable some placeables my need it like carpet and tiny objects but alot of them will not.

You Spin Me Right Round.
@spawn o 0
 - This command works by making the placeable rotate.
 - The normal point of the placeable is 0 or 360
 - Rotating the object in this way will change the direction it faces from the point of your target.
Tips and Tricks:
- Some placeables are not visible at certain angles, be sure to rotate your placeable so its visible to the main area and keep the invisible side to a wall.
 - Really handy to have a compass up on a second screen or a phone with all the numbers.
 - Best to rotate the object in 45 Degree angles. 0, 45, 90, 130, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360.

Use it like you Stole it.
@spawn useable 0
 - This command works by making the placeable highlightable and clickable.
 - To make it useable change the 0 to a 1
 - Making an object useable will not mean you can turn lights on and off or make seats sittable.
Tips and Tricks:
- This goes hand in hand with the description commands.
 - When changing a placeable height on the Z axis, enable it first as useable. If it doesn't spawn exactly where you want it to, you can target it directly with the "Pick Target" tool to remove it. Keep the placeable as useable while adjusting the height for the placeable to be exactly where you want it to be, then use @spawn useable 0 and @spawn placeable without picking a new target. That will put the placeable exactly where the useable placeable was.

Look at you with your Fancy Text
@spawn name, @spawn description
 - This command works by giving the useable placeable a title and description.
 - To give it a name that appears when you mouse on it use @spawn name Type name here.
 - To give it a description that appears when you right click examine it use @spawn description Type description here.
 - When typing a description line breaks using | do not work.
Tips and Tricks:
- If you want something with line breaks it is best to contact your local woodsmith or Carpenter to make you a placeable and then you can use the quill tool to add a name with @write title Type name here. or @write Type description here.

Don't Break Me
@spawn plot 0
 - This command works by making the placeable unbreakable.
 - To make it a plot placeable change the 0 to a 1
 - Making an object plot will mean it will not break due to spells or being hit.
 - An object does not need to be useable to be a plot placeable.
Tips and Tricks:
- No real tricks with this one other than if you want it to break with a fireball set it to 0 if you want it to survive a fireball set it to 1.
 - @spawn destroy will still remove the placeable.

Begone Thot!
@spawn destroy
 - This command works by removing the nearest placeable to your target point.
Tips and Tricks:
- When stacking placeables on-top of each other like papers on a desk. @spawn destroy will remove the biggest placeable first not the current placeable. I.E that desk you perfectly placed 30 minutes ago.
 - This is where your "Working Area" or making things temporarily useable comes in handy so you can get the height and position perfect before placing it on that desk.
 - @spawn destroy WILL DESTROY YOUR DOOR BELL But its ok it comes back after the area resets.

Scrap it, Start Again
@spawn reset
 - This command works by resetting all x, y, z, scale and o to its default settings.

Tips for General Use
 - When renovating keep a notepad open with the following for each item. When you are happy with a value write it in, Saves time when you accidently destroy something then you can just copy paste or at least have a reference.
Desk Chair
placeable 184
x 0.0
y 0.0
z 0.0
scale 1.0
o 360
plot 1
useable 1
name Chair
description This is a chair
- Keep the spreadsheet open and if you can, take screenshots of your object to help with adding images to it and send them to Laur.
 - After a server reset some objects may move so go back double check and re-adjust as needed.
 - @spawn plot 1 is your best friend, last thing you want is all your hours of work being destroyed after fight breaks out. Only @spawn plot 0 that which you want to lose.
 - @spawn reset might reset the plot so just @spawn plot 1 it to be sure.
 - If you want to make your seats sittable you will need to contact a DM, to make their lives easier make them @spawn useable 1 so they can easily click on their location.
 - Floor designs with a grid type pattern or squares make it REALLY easy for selecting where to put your target location and making minor adjustments free hand.
 - Dont forget you can place things outside your rental, best to keep this to a minimum like just a few signs to show what's inside.
 - Above all HAVE FUN renovating your rental!
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