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Belleguard attacking Caliban without warning in the Kroftburg tent


I was making some shopping in kroftburg. It was the first time I came in town.
all the shopkeepers were quite friendly and given the many Caliban present I felt much bettere than in Vallaki.

Until I came into a big tent in front of the nice Ox selleing lady.
There a guard attacked me without warning or reason....

Unwiselly probably I seeked refuge in the merriment inn trying to hide the best I could.

The guard followed me in and chaos ensued. Even the last nigths pleasant girls were trying to get punch and kickes at me.
This was a most unfortunate turn of event that led to my dead body lying bloody on the floor.

zDark Shadowz:
This seems like an apt tale for a caliban.

That's what you get for being the wrong kind of ugly!
(Though it seems pretty weird you'd get attacked by THOSE guys specifically and not any other... I guess Bellegarde doesn't like strangers)


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