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Is Divine champion of Loa possible ? (answered -- No)

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Hello community,
During a very pleasant roleplay session (thanks Oraclia & Estrilda) I had an Idea of going Divine Champion of Bambei.

Now the question is twofold :

1) Loa dont have prefered weapond - does this mean you cannot be Divine champion of a Loa. (in this case I am unarmed with unarmed focus)
Or could we say unarmed and no weapond of choice works well enougth....

2) as per the lore (accepted world mechanics) can a divine champion be aligned with a Loa ?

Thank you,

PS : I honestly looked at the Forum and dint find any hint one way or another so far.

Thank you for answer.


I believe that as Loa are not gods, they are exluded from this party. Specifically, "Patron deity: A divine champion must have a patron deity, and it must be the one he serves as divine champion."

Thank you for your interest and reply.

I had read the description you linked. It is True but the Loa are explicitly described in the deity linked in the post you refered too :

That is why I am submitting this thread to the community.

It is a religion, certainly, but they are spirits rather than gods. From their entry in that thread,

"Not all faiths honor the gods directly. In many cultures, spirits of the natural world and messengers of the gods are far more involved in mortal affairs than are the gods themselves. Why pray to a deity who does not hear, when you can direct your petition to the entity that god placed as lord over luck, or death, or rain, or wealth?"

I see why you would argue that but I didnt believe (especialy in Ravenloft) that was a no-go blocker.

To me it was more a dogmatic semantic use of two word for the same concept. One "church" calls its patron a god (ie : greek god pantheon,...)  due to cultural and historical background and the other one calls them loa.

Now can I ask if you have the authority to rule this interpretation of the lore final . I dont really know who has what authority in the forum exept when specified explicitly.
Im just asking because I would then need abandon Idea of taking Divine champion of Bambei.

also the unanswered question is would the game (mechanic only not lore) allow taking Divine champion with weapond focus : unarmed


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