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Questionaire: Monstrous Subrace

Thankyou for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Our intention with this questionnaire is to use the data towards making improvements with the current monstrous subrace system, should any changes be merited.  Note:  This questionnaire is exclusively designed for characters with a template for either vampire spawn, wight, wererat, or werewolf

Please fill out the following information:

Forum name:
Login name:
Character name:
Monstrous subrace:
How long have you been playing the monstrous subrace?

The ordering of questions is at random.  Please read through all the questions before you begin answering.  When you are finished, please return the questionaire via a -pm- to Iconoclast.

1)  How do you see your role as a monstrous subrace?

2)  Has it improved the roleplay experience of your character?

3)  Are you satisfied generally speaking of your monstrous subrace?

4)  Is there anything you'd like to see changed regarding monstrous subraces?

5)  How has character class effected the role play of your monstrous subrace?

6)  How has character level effected the role play of your monstrous subrace?

7)  How has playing a monstrous subrace differed from your initial expectations, if at all?

8.) Would a private forum for monstrous subraces be a benefit?

9)  Is there anything else of relevance to add not addressed by the questions above?
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