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Re: Post your character bio here
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Faelara Sunsong

                The Celadrin, the children of a union between elves and the celestial eladrin, are beautiful, melodious and curious creatures. Many are conceived during wild revels, others during times of celebration, such as the summer solstice. Born with fiery red hair, bronzed skin and golden eyes, they represent everything Lady Goldheart values - Beauty, art, song, and the love of elven kind. Faelara Sunsong would be no exception.

                 A child of the deep forests of Cormanthor, Faelara loved spending her days playing with the other fey and elves, singing and dancing with them in unbridled revelry and merriment. A place of unfettered emotion, she would even sing and dance for the flora, causing flowers to bloom and thrive.

                 Faelara, being a collector of sorts, would gather brilliant gemstones and fine works of art to bring with her back to the forest, overjoyed to share her findings with her sisters, considering all of her wonderful treasures a tribute to Lady Goldheart. During summer solstices and other fey celebrations, she would fashion the jewels and finery to her clothing as she danced, the light reflecting off her brilliantly.

                 During one of her travels, singing to the flora and fauna as she always has, she caught the attention of a handsome man. Cautiously, he approached her. Faelara saw this as an opportunity to create new love, even if short, and a wonderful way to show her devotion to her Lady. Together, they traveled for days, entertaining others… and themselves.

                 The man, taking advantage of Faelara’s naive and trusting nature, had a plan. Promising her material riches to take back with her, he told her of a way she could truly honor Lady Goldheart. He showed her a scroll, convincing her that it was an old manuscript containing an ancient rite for the faithful of Halani Celanil. Agreeing to hear it, Faelara listens as he recites the written words.

                 To her shock and horror, magic sprung up around her, binding her legs and hands together. She could not move, and she could not resist the magic binding her. It was then that the man revealed his true intention - to bind her to his service, forcing her to use her songs to make himself rich. Having no choice, she agreed. For months, they traveled. For months, she was forced to sing for audiences as they showered the man in gold. At night, she cried and sang morose, haunting melodies, hoping Lady Goldheart would hear her and set her free, but it would not be the Lady that hears her…

                  A voice. Mysterious, sinister, however comforting in her confinements. It offered her freedom, a way to escape. She was desperate. What other choice did she have? She begged for release, agreeing to the voice’s tempting offer. Soon thereafter, mists enveloped her. The spell binding her had broken, and she stood up. Not knowing where it would take her, anywhere was better than in this world, bound to this man’s service. She walked forward, through the mists… and a new journey would begin.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Brise Tenemegine

  She was Dementlieu born as well as a merchants daughter. Her younger years were filled with attempts at proper manners an the such as her mother knew appearance as well as solars is everything. Her father on the other hand a lover of the sea as well as drink took Brise how she was, Independent yet...for lack of a better word dense. Her work ethic reflected her fathers determination an grit which she loved an emulated

  Her mother on the otherhand had a love for finery an the like, as business grew she would run her about to lessons on manners as well as drag, the entire family to the various dances,
Galas, an any sort of commoner included function across Dementlieu. Secretly, Brise's favorite being that of the ballroom, to see the Gentry an commoner alike wisked away by the entrancing harmony, the flicker of vibrant gowns an gem stone embedded jewelry that dance'd in the candlelight as their owners were twirled about had enchanted her.

  She would grow  into a decent young person as she learned proper manners as well as how to fare at sea. But neither held her interest long. For she was a student of dance an loved to feel the rhythm flow through her, an expression never lost once on her

  As she attended higher education as her fathers business would see hard times after the mysterious death of a crewmen at sea aboard his ship, the fish were simply not selling, this bothered all members of this family deeply which cause disappointment to abound.

  Brise gravitating toward her art an less from the pursuit of her parents, which was not lost on her father,  even through the increased drinking an failure he still had her within his heart, an with that he'd send her away to Lamordian studies an abroad at the tender age of 16.

  Brise slightly protested such but also knew her life here would be over sooner rather than later an her fathers tone spoke league's to her. Her mother protested as she would no longer have one to dress up an pretend at a higher style of living but she as well as Brise would knew she'd need move onward towards her passion regardless.

  To Brise's misfortune, while away she received a letter from her mother informing of her that her father had passed. Seemingly due to drink an misfortune as he wandered amongst the night an was found dead, to add insult to injury, also it was told that her funds for schooling were dry. This crushed Brise, an for about a year she wandered after failing her tuition pay. It was during this wandering however she'd would find employ with a traveling circus troop.

  She saw much similarities in how the acrobats would swing to an fro from various heights of trapeze, of which she'd find a solid friend. This freind however would show as well  as teach our young Brise the more subtle persuasions of the circus as she started by selling simple caramel apples all the while learning theivery to feed herself outside the terrible pay received from troupes master.

  Eventually she would move upward an start to train with the for mentioned friend in acrobatics finding a simple love of the thrill an applause, as well as the danger, all the while staying true to her passion,  with each town she'd visit she'd learn a local dance, but steady ever were whispers of something more something that was between light an dark yet never there but always was. stories intrigued her to the point of obsesseion. She'd remain steadfast to her trapeze partner as their trust a bond that had made them a favored act.

  One unfortunate night a few years later, after a performance, she an her trapeze companion were about drinking to their success, when approached  by a nobleman's son who had fancied her partner after watching their show. He'd shoot his shot an be made a fool by her roguish friend, outraged an humiliated, the man would storm out with his entourage swearing vengeance.

  The nobles son would find them soon after their own night had concluded. Brise beaten rather than taken an her friends innocence stolen an honor violated, Brise was thrown into a rage, her friend had begged her to forget the shame of the thing but she refused.

  Stealing a horse from the bar they had left, chaseing down the nobleman's entourage. A single pistolet in her coat as she issued a duel, the man drunk on the power he had thought made him victorious over the pair accepted with his group as witness. They met in a empty field that very morning, the mist hung thick in the air, the tension even thicker as the two met in the middle an rules read aloud.

  Twenty paces, an they were to about face an fire. Brise eagerly agreed, as they marched away, the count being called with each step, the mist would only grow more dense. After the twentieth shout. Brise saw but a flicker as the man's shot grazed her cheek. Her own flintlock let loose its own flavour of hell an all that was herd was violent wailng, crying about his shoulder, then a single thud.

The entourage screamed in dismay an Brise ran. An run she did into that rolling mist only to fall herself. Chocked by it, consumed an taken. Never to see her friend nor the circus she had grown to love as family.
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