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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Urn Baron
Race: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6'2'
Weight: 180 lb
Eye Color: Brown
Skin color: Pale
Languages: Common
Origins: Aramore (non official setting)

(OOC: This is a drawing I did for our tabletop game. Our setting is a 17th Century, Low Fantasy variation on traditional DnD)

A tall, heavily buillt man with fighting on his mind. He has fiery red hair and a face rugged and handsome.

Born the youngest son to a wealthy father in the bustling northern city of Hawkset, Urn found the life of a noble child utterly boring. So, aged nineteen, he walked out into the world to find his fame and fortune. He fell in with a group of travelling adventurers, who dubbed themselves jokingly "The Last Knights of Aramore"; believing that the romantic ideal of a knight was a folly reserved for children's stories. The group wandered around the Continent of Aramore looking for maidens to rescue and taverns to visit. Their deeds became infamous amidst decent folk, and they became known as "The Last Rakes of Aramore". A name which they loved even more. Urn took pride in the fact that, whilst not the most noble of travellers, they never resorted to banditry and remained true to their word.

After defeating a potent Fire Wizard who had terrorised an entire town and killed many a good man; Urn found himself enveloped in what at first he figured to be steam...

But steam had never been this icey on the skin, nor sent chills up the spine. He found himself lost in twisting darkness until... the sound of music and faint campfire.

He sometimes feels that, whilst walking through the dim lands of Barovia, that there is most likely a life where, after defeating the Wizard, things worked out differently

But then he peers into the darkness of the night and realises that whatever fate awaits that Urn Baron, he does not share it.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Cari Ma'fer

Race: Half-elf
Age: Unknown (early to mid twenty)
Height: Average human height
Weight: Unknown (average to slim)
Physical characteristics: Long fiery red hair (always in the worst state of disarray), blue eyes and round face. Her body is well proportioned. Long pointy ears stick out from under her hair. Any skin visible (including face) is dirty.
Clothing: Dirty rags, better said pieces of clothing wrapped around and held in place by ropes made of tree bark. Keeps flowers in her hair whenever possible.

Born from human mother and elf father, in a village somewhere in the southern region of The Great Forest. Whole village was slaughtered by orcs when she was just four years old, forcing her to grow up alone in the forest. She barely knows how to speak any language (she may also not understand many words spoken) but she can easily communicate with animals. She is very shy but extremely curious. She is very afraid of anything built by civilization, but sometimes the curiosity may get the best of her. Has a well developed sense of danger, and may know beforehand if a place or person is dangerous.
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Fu Myong-hui
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Character Biography

Class: Monk
Name: Fu Myong-hui
Height: 5'5 (65 Inches)
Weight: 110 LBS (49.8 KG)
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Asian - Gothic Earth: Masque of the Red Death
Origin: Songang-ni, Asia (In present day Korea) in 1320 Springtime


In the spring of 1320 A.D. when the cherry blossoms bloomed over the harbor of Songang-ni:  a child was born.  It was a girl child.  But her tidings had been fore told by her own mother’s dreams that the child would bring her death.  The child would come in blood and the tears of her father.  But the mother chose to ignore these dreams of death.  She had two other boys to take care of and had little time to worry about her dreams.  The only people that she told of these dreams were the monks who had an outgoing monastery in the city.  The monks had forewarned the young mother to tell her family what was going to happen so that no one could be blamed for such ill tidings.  But the mother still did not.  She had the baby on the Eve of a rolling tide and no moon was in the sky.  Darkness closed in around them like an envelope – even as the young mother lay there dying in her bed.  Blood smeared over her lips where she had kissed the child.  Fu was born of blood and darkness – and that is all her father saw in her from that day on. 
Fu was not a troubled child growing up, but her brothers hated her.  When she was two they tried to drop her in the sea until her father caught them.   He punished them by sending them away to find wives and lives of their own.
Fu’s father, the fisherman day in and day out would bring her fish to store and cook.  And she would cook them just as her mother had.  Ever since her mother had died her father had been somber and sullen however, Fu did not know him any other different as that is all she had known him.  He did not try to find another wife at all – but on his off time from the sea he would just stare out over the cliffs and off into the sea where he had sent his wife.  She came from the sea, so he returned her to it.  Fu would stare at her father, saddened by this hobby of his.  Other fathers played with their children and went to markets and studied even.  But her father did nothing.  A part of him that she had never known was missing and nothing could fill it but death. 

When Fu turned ten years old in 1320 she was sent away to the monks at their forward Monastery in their province of Asia.  Fu journeyed for what seemed to be years to the main monastery in the Himalayan Mountains.  High above the clouds and the sea’s and forests where only cold wind and snow and ice glaciers roamed.  Shortly after her arrival – Fu received a black scroll, signifying death.  Her father had committed an honorable suicide in memory of his wife, to join her.  It was then that Fu learned that some love is never forgotten nor never forgiven.  The child knew that her brothers would not try to contact her – they had tried to kill her when she was younger.  Why would they be any different now?
The monks in the monastery were her guardians now.  They were her mother and her father.  They were her teacher and her masters.  They trained her in the arts of hand to hand combat to defend her on the road in the future.  It was almost unheard of: training a female to do this kind of work.  But Fu had insisted that her interest in the future was to travel the road and help any who might be in trouble – if at all to have her ancestors and her dead mother to forgive her when it was at her end as well.  Fu also studied the art of Math which had been copied and compiled from the Arabian countries as well as art from Italy.  Fu wanted to see the world however and not just read about it.
The young girl, Fu Myong-hui, studied martial arts for 12 years of her life with no rest.  Every single day she was outside on the snow covered dais either hitting a straw dummy or hitting her masters.  She was not the best student they had but nor was she the worst.  Best of all, she had the talent and the fire to become one of the best with the will to learn. 

By this time, Fu was 22 years old in the year 1342.  It was winter when the Himalayan Monks got word from Europe by a contact that the Europeans were suffering from a mysterious illness.  It was not like the illness of the stomach or the illness of the cough.  It was a plague that was sweeping through Europe and projected to only get worse with time.  This is when Fu’s masters came to her and told her that now her time had come.  She was needed in Europe to help the sick and needy.  This would be a lesson to her, a valuable lesson if she survived it herself.  The masters knew that she could die, but she had the fire and she wanted to see the world.  The Masters were far too old for such a feat. 

Fu traveled the road for many months and years:  confronting bandits if they had approached her – or murderers in the woods of Asia.  She scathed the Arabian Desert and got only a glimpse from high in the mountains of the grand palaces of gold that the masters had spoken about before moving on. 
It took her a long time to get to Europe through her survival.  But she only grew stronger with the travel.  When she got there it was the year 1347 A.D.  The Black Plague was on the brink of now becoming an epidemic.  The moment Fu stepped into Italy, she saw it.  The country smelled of death.  Piles of bodies rose as high as nearly buildings.  They burned the bodies.  These bodies were black in the nostrils with boils all over them.  The country was filthy as she passed through Italy.  Then further on into France.  Finally, she got to Britain where she was supposed to meet her contact.  But he was never found. 

‘I walked down a lone dark alley in the jet of night.  A raven was standing in the middle of the road.  At first I believed the creature to be looking at me.  But then it hoped over to a body and began pecking at a diseased victim’s black cuts.  The night was quiet, many people were dead.  I am looking to have not gotten infected by this plague.  There was no one in this street at all but the firelight of the lamps making dancing shadows that played with my eyes.  It was soon after that it began to rain.  I was always warned to watch for the rain in Britain as it can be treacherous for disease to spread.

‘But a fog came over me.  At first it was light – but then it grew thicker like spoiled milk in front of my eyes.  My wooden shoes found purchase then instead of the dirty and half cobblestone of the poor street – of leaves.  No longer could I see the dim lamp lights burning.  But darkness consumed me and swirled around me.  Now I find myself lost in the woods with this mist that seems never ending.’

--Fu Myong-hui Circa 1348 A.D. (Lost to the Mists)


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Re: Post your character bio here
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...The woman ran in the night with a small bundle held tightly to her breast. The night would hide her from those she wished would not see her leaving.
After many nights of running, hiding and fearing she reached a small cabin and placed the bundle carefully by the door; after a moment of possibly regretting her decision, she put two fingers to her lips and then to the small bundle of blankets and fur, and walked away with tears streaming down her face; her dark slim figure fading away into the night...

That bundle was me. My name? Nadya "Lala" Hearne. Named after my mother, who has not made any appearances since that day. The cabin she brought me to that night belonged to my father, who found me that next morning near frozen to death and screaming my little head off 'till my face was purple. He told me when I reached the age of ten that my mother was a Vistana, of the Naiats. This meant little to me at the time, as I had grown up not knowing anything about her, or myself really. He tried to explain to me what they were, but could not teach me much as he did not know much himself. Father was a merchant, so we travelled a lot, I learned to speak perfect common and a few words of other languages, though not enough to hold a conversation. He passed away just before my eighteenth birthday, so I decided to set off on my own.. try and find some answers and learn more about who I was and where I belonged. I had always been the timid type, I always stayed well away from other children and.. when I reached my womanhood, men. The world was shocking to me without my father by my side to guide me, but after a year of travelling on my own I soon found my place in the world, performing in taverns and on the side of the street, taking any coin anyone would give me to survive.

Though, recent activities and people of late have changed me. Not for the worse either.
My confidence has begun to bloom with the coming of winter. Perhaps I will soon find out why.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Sylvonas Blackwing. AKA Syl, Blade, or Elizabith. . She knows what it's like. to do whatever it takes to survive. But then not many have had to live where she came from. Each day was a fight for survival. killing, taking what she needed just to make it to the next day. Always cursed because of the runes on her right arm and back. As she came of age she was sent to Krynn. a land wher they control magic and need a licence to use it. Once she had covered her arm and her back she set off on her own path. Killing for a living, wether it be a human, dwarf, elf, undead, or even demons. She began to make a small name for herself as a mercenary. She was never seen without her weapons, She began to lose it a bit when people began to be to afraid t oeven aproch her to hire her. She started doing as she pleased then until she decided to leave Krynn thanks to the help of someone she became friends with. Cursing the place she was sent from and Krynn.

Boarding the wagon she was told to get on if she wanted to leave Krynn. She was dropped off in a distant land and she began to wander around through fog and mist. Being over run by the mist she passed out only to wake finding her cloths armor and weapons have all been taken away from her as she entered the world of the mist. No longer able to remember her past or how she got here she now sets off to become strong. Enjoying the thrill of the chase and slaying anything that might be stronger then her. She will do what it takes to become stronger wether it be from a teacher or any other means she will become stronger..

Sylvonas Blackwing
22 years old Five foot nine with black hair and dark amber eyes
Chaotic Nutural boardering Chaotic evil
If you make her mad you best be perpared for the concequences of what will happen

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Tsubaki Yamamoto: Shadow Thief
Roesor Cryso: A slave for the Masters.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Malekkor Valdon
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Hair: Ice-white
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Race: Human
Occupation: Lord Knight, Order of the White Dragon
Distinguishing Features: Armor is dyed in glacial whites and blues, several scars on his face, most notably a slice over his right eye. His hair is swept back and a remarkable tint of white

**story to come**
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Niena Lossehelin
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Niena Lossehelin

Age: 24 years.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Skin Tone: A rich honey tone.
Skin Texture: A few nicks here and there, but nothing major...other than that, very smooth.
Eyes: Green-grey, almond-shaped.
Hair: Tush-length and snowy white, usually in a triple ponytail.
Commonly spoken languages: Elvish, Common.
Race: Half-Elf.
Dominant Hand: Right Handed.
Body Build: Slender and lithe, with taut muscles all over.

Jewelery or Decorations:
-Silver crescent moon stud through her left ear, gift from her Mother.

Description: A youthful half-elven maiden of medium height, Niena has shimmering white hair like the snowbound mountains and skin a rich honey brown, the taut muscles of her lithe body twitching visibly beneath as she moves. Her twinkling eyes almond-shaped, they often alternate between green and grey depending on her mood and a playful smile can often be seen playing on her thin lips when she's not being serious. Examining her closer, a silver stud in the shape of a crescent moon can be seen adorning the base of her left ear, and a huge greataxe nearly her own size hanging down her back completes the ensemble.

Personality: This young female loves to have fun in all it's forms, whether by playing with friends, cuddling with close companions, fighting with monsters, lovemaking under the stars, gambling, and anything else that doesn't involve the people she likes getting hurt. She's most often childishly cheerful, and has a big, open heart for those who don't cause illegal or immoral trouble, but gets easily upset when people are mean. Lossehelin often resorts to throwing said folk out or off the nearest door, window, portal, hole, cliff, or anything else nearby she can use to get them far away from her. Racially very tolerant due to her innocent, friendly nature, even against demonfolk and shadowfolk she doesn't generally swing first unless they're causing trouble. Niena has a fairly high tolerance for pain, but a very low one for intolerance and stupidity.

Some History: Born to an elven maiden and human fighter, Niena grew up in her mother's small inn as a maid, serving girl, cook, and eventually guard. During her free time, and quite often when she was supposed to be working, Niena would slip away and play with children from the nearby neighborhoods, or explore the sewers that lay beneath their house, where she sometimes fought vermin, oozes, and goblinoids. As she grew, the promise of beauty from her lovely mother began to manifest, and her father turned her toward being able to defend herself properly. This turned out to be a good idea, because it seemed most males found her strikingly white hair, exotic green eyes, and most especially her very physical, teasing nature to be utterly irresistible. Despite being such a passionate and physical girl, though, she only rarely chose someone for her bed (or herself for theirs if they didn't initially want her; the sheer OUTRAGE of such silliness, goodness!), and even then, only if she was irresistibly attracted to them, or cared for them enough to give a relationship a try. Regardless, in the end, her father succeeded far better than his long-lived bed mate had hoped, because the youngest Lossehelin proved her chaotic nature to be supremely well-suited to a fun-filled life of intermittent combat, her mercurial temper lending enough power and more to her slender frame to support her dad's favored weapon: the Greataxe. But, as Niena's power grew, so did her wanderlust and bloodlust, until she finally set out on her own in search of more excitement and fighting than life was giving her, until a stroll through the forests east of Baldur's Gate led to her kidnapping by the Mist, and the start of the adventure she'd been looking for...
Revere the mysterious moon, who draws forth tides or being from us all. As the spirit transcends its mortal bounds and new mysteries are uncovered, a higher form is achieved and the cycle of life continues.


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Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Human
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'11"
Origin: Medieval Earth, born circa 1390


The campfire cracked fiercely. A small encampment with several men around the fire. Smell of roasted boar fills the air.

Uthemir looked at his new sword. It was longer than average sword used by others. He found it few days ago, after battle.
"Why one would want to use such a long sword? You have to use both hands to swing it" said one of the knights sitting on the other side of the fire. "You will be soon decapitated without a shield to protect yourself"
"Don't worry, Slavomir, I can handle it" Uthemir replied, grinning.
"I am sure you can handle it, I saw you and your moves during the battle. But certainly I do not have to remind you who saved your sorry arse when two mounted knights almost run you through?" Slavomir said, quite amused.
Uthemir's lowered head, his face turned red. The rest burst out laughing.
"It's all right, lad" said the third knight, sitting next to. Clearly older than Uthemir, he was over 6' tall, towering over the young one. "You are well known for your recklessness. But on the other hand, your crazy surprise tactics proved to be usefull. Don't feel guilty. Many knights would want to have squire like one I have" The old knight placed his palm on the Uthemir's shoulder.
"We have to rest, fellow knights." Casimir said. He stood up, and went towards his tent "Night is upon us, and tomorrow we have to be fit and prepared."
"What is your plan for tomorow, sir?" someone asked.
Casimir turned back. "To find these Teutonics"

(to be continued)
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Sadie Halloway
Real Name: Sahdiira Acenath Hal'Awiir      (*1)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human (mixed Mulan, Turmish, and Chondathan)
Date of Birth: 9th of Highsun, 1351 D.R.
Place of Birth: Waymoot, Cormyr, Faerun, Toril
Father's Name: Hal'Awiir Mesu Rahmadi         (*2)
Father's Real Name: Fenyanamun Aswadi-Sefu'Set  (*3)
Father's Nation of Origin: Mulhorand
Father's Race: Human (Mulan, Turmish)
Father's Occupation: Merchant (retired)
Father's Age: 64 (deceased)
Mother's Name: Briana Rahmadi (maiden name Gelman)
Mother's Nation of Origin: Cormyr
Mother's Race: Human (Chondathan)
Mother's Occupation: Librarian (retired)
Mother's Age: 48 (deceased)

Father's History

Khalfani'Set Nassor Khalid (*4) was a High Priest in one of Mulhorand's smaller temples of Set in the town of Maerlar. His only son, Fenyanamun Aswadi-Sefu'Set was a muscular, attractive young man who's future of taking his father's place seemed assured. His knowledge of Set's teachings and personal magnetism seemed to make him the perfect candidate to follow in his father's footsteps, but what he kept well hidden was that all of his hatred and cruelty was directed at his own father and at no other.

Khalfani'Set made the mistake of giving his son over to his chamber-slave, Halima (*5) upon whom he had forcefully sired his son, believing in his arrogance that any son of his would grow to be just like him no matter what. The early influence and teachings of Fenyanamun's mother, who was a kind, gentle woman broken by her station in life but determined that the child she gave birth to would not be like his father, instilled in Fenyanamun a compassion for the weak and helpless, while the natural talent for murder that he inherited from his father manifested instead as a burning desire to exact vengeance upon his father for his mother's treatment. A desire he would one day sate.

When Fenyanamun was 17, his father announced that there would be a sacrifice on Midwinter night. While the temple of Osiris performed their annual rite to ward tombs against the pillaging of robbers and necromancers, the Set priesthood would be performing a human sacrifice in a rite that would attempt to weaken the wards. Halima would be the sacrifice.

Three weeks before the ritual was to take place, Fenyanamun crept into his father's bedchamber and, using one powerful arm to hold a pillow over his father's face, stabbed Khalfani'Set in the chest over and over until the older man's struggles ceased altogether. Then, taking the staff of office from beside his father's bed (a solid gold sceptre four feet in length shaped like a snake with a jackal's head, with rubies for eyes) he strode out of the room, still covered in blood, and into the main temple. There he declared himself the new High Priest and demanded that his induction ceremony coincide with the midwinter sacrifice. Since murder was not an unheard-of method of promotion among Set's clergy and everyone had assumed the charismatic young man would take his father's place some day anyway, this was quickly agreed to.

When a Mulan priest is inducted into the clergy, he (or she) will have their head shaved and painted with the insignia of the Temple, and their body anointed in oil blessed by the other members of the same temple. Fenyanamun ordered that, just prior to the ceremony, the walls of the main temple should be coated with oil as well to re-consecrate the temple itself with his own ascension to power: symbolizing his unity of purpose with the temple and that the temple and the man are one. He also ordered that a channel full of water, two feet wide and three feet deep, be laid in the floor of the temple to run from just under the sacrificial altar to outside, so that the faithful not privileged enough to be admitted to the ceremony may drink water mixed with the blood of the sacrifice.

On Midwinter's night Fenyanamun's head was shaved, then priests said prayers to Set while painting the blue circles of office on his head and covering his body in oil. The temple walls glimmered with a sinister scarlet radiance as the light from the braziers reflected off of their oiled surfaces. A terrified Halima was lead in and tied to the top of the altar, while her son looked down on her with cold eyes, dagger in one hand and sceptre of office in the other.

Once the attendants had stepped back, Fenyanamun quickly kicked over a brazier, spilling burning coals across the oil-slicked floor to strike the walls, which immediately went up in flames. Then he slashed the ropes that bound his mother to the altar and escaped with her through the channel of water while the temple burned like the very fires of Hell itself.

As the pair raced across the desert on the backs of horses he had prepared for the purpose,  the screams of those burning to death behind them eventually faded; only to be replaced by the sinister cries of jackals. Fortunately, due in part to their head start and in part to fear causing them to run faster, the horses kept their lead and after a terrifyingly fast journey through the cold desert night the sounds of Set's animal minions fell far behind; and then finally vanished altogether.

Stopping to rest both themselves and their horses several dozen miles from where they started, the two sat on a sand dune to watch the sunrise. As they sat in silence, both in shock and tired, suddenly Halima cried out in agony. Fenyanamun killed the desert asp that had bitten his mother, cutting its head off with the sacrificial dagger, but it was too late. Halima died in his arms as the first rays of dawn warmed the sands, killed by another of Set's chosen creatures.

After burying his mother in the sands, Fenyanamun struck the horses on the hindquarters to send them off to lay a false trail, then made for the coast on foot while covering his tracks with a horse blanket. Finally arriving, nearly dead from hunger, thirst, and heat, at the riverside town of Rauthil, Fenyanamun tried to wash the blue circles of office from his head only to find that his skin had been permanently dyed. He had been branded by Set.

Covering his head with a turban improvised by ripping the hem from his robes, he pried one of the rubies from the sceptre and used it to purchase a camel and supplies. From there he made his way to the coastal town of Sultim where he used the other ruby to buy passage on a trading vessel bound for Bezantur in Thay.

Finding Thayan culture to be too much like the one he'd just left, and Thayan trade with Mulhorand too likely to result in his being found, he had a smith melt down the sceptre (in exchange for the extortionate rate of one third of the resulting gold) and made his way west over land.

For two years he travelled, living mostly by hunting, avoiding towns while his hair grew back to cover the marks of the priesthood. Finally he arrived in Suzail where lack of much contact with Mulhorand made him feel safe. Using what was left of his gold, he purchased an interest in a small trading coster that specialized in importing spices and perfumes and exporting steel and timber. Eventually, after a further 20 years of hard work and intelligent management, he bought out his partners and settled down, believing the nightmare to finally be over. But Set has a long memory and infinite patience.

During his stay in Suzail, Fenyanamun called himself "Hal'Awiir Mesu Rahmadi" (*6). While building his business, he met and eventually married a Cormyr woman roughly his own age, Briana Gelnam, who worked as a librarian at Suzail's main library. For 9 years the couple remained in Suzail, happy but childless.

Shortly after "Hal's" 48th birthday, and a couple month's before Briana's, the couple closed "Hal's" shop and retired to Briana's hometown of Waymoot to live in peace and quiet. Shortly after doing so, though, Briana become unexpectedly pregnant. Nine months later, she died giving birth to a baby girl; Sahdiira Acenath Hal'Awiir.

Sadie's History

As a child of mixed parentage in a small village, Sahdiira's early life was not an easy one. Constantly bullied by the other children and without a gentle mother's guidance, she never made friends in spite of starting to call herself "Sadie Halloway" in an effort to "fit in" better. Her having to defend herself, along with genetics from her father's side, did help her to grow into a strong young woman. She also inherited her mothers love of books and learning.

Her father never told her about his past, nor did he speak to her much about her mother. The first subject he thought too frightening for a young girl, the second too painful for him to speak of. Sadie  grew up believing that her father really was simply a retired merchant, and never learned very much at all about her mother. Her childhood wasn't completely without communication with her father, though. He taught her to speak fluent Mulhorandi, gave her some basic instructions about her heritage, the Gods and Goddesses of his homeland, but never spoke the name of "Set" out loud. He always wrote it down the few times he dared broach the subject, and then only to warn her away from anything and everything to do with that foul deity. He also taught her basic wilderness survival and encouraged her to learn other more scholarly subjects; taking her on trips to nearby Arabel to visit the library and mage guild there. Eventually, as Sadie got old enough to look out for herself and he started getting too old to look out for her, she started going without her father. She'd tell him she was going to Arabel with friends, but that was a lie to stop him from worrying. Sadie had no friends.

One day, as she was coming back to Waymoot from a trip to Arabel, she saw a massive column of smoke twining it's way into the sky above the village, like a grey serpent striking at the clouds. She ran the rest of the way home, but it was too late. Her house, the little cottage she'd been born in and lived with her father in her whole life, was burned to the ground. All that remained of her father was a charred husk. Shocked and in grief, Sahdiira could do nothing but stand there crying while the village bucket brigade put out the last of the flames. What neither she nor anyone else could see from the ground was that, when viewed from the air, the ashes formed the image of a jackal's head in profile, with bared fangs.

Sadie was 15 years old.

Left with, quite literally, nothing but the clothes on her back, she returned to Arabel where being a familiar face around the library helped her to get a job helping to catalogue newly arrived books, eventually even graduating to the honoured task of helping to repair damaged tomes. Her inquisitive nature led her to explore the dangerous Netherese ruins below Arabel while living in that city, and when, after four years, she wrote a dissertation on the possible relationship between the ancient Netherese and the Bedine of the Anauroch, she was taken more seriously and offered the chance to study elven ruins in the Hullack Forest and nearby swamps, and given instruction in reading elven script.

Sadie proved adept at field research, and found the work rewarding. It combined her love of nature with her love of learning. Exploring old ruins in the pouring rain (having to bash the occasional skeleton or goblin in the head to get there, of course), copying down ancient runes found on crumbling statuary, reading over notes from a days work while camping under the stars, all this made Sadie feel closer to being "at home" than ever she had before. But still not quite. When she spent too long in the woods, she'd miss the comforts of the city. Going back to the city, she'd start to miss the peace of the wilderness. Sadie was forever restless, forever alone, forever longing for whatever extreme she didn't have. And she still is to this day.

Eventually, Sadie started doing side projects. Accepting commissions from magi and other scholars to locate certain lost tomes and artifacts. She became skilled at lock-picking and disabling snares set by ancient peoples to protect their treasures. By the time she was 22, she'd found the private commissions so lucrative that she was able to quit her job at the Arabel City Library and travel more extensively. She was just returning to Waterdeep with a scroll on the nature of the negative energy plane that a Waterdavian mage had commissioned her to find for him when suddenly a mist rose up around her and a sinister figure emerged from the shadows……….

Whether the dark shadow of Set had anything to do with this, only He can know.

Current Profile

Strong, intelligent, and fairly attractive, Sadie nevertheless has trouble making friends. Her lack of socialization as a child leaves her with little or no understanding of other people. She often says the wrong thing, causes offence when she shouldn't, takes offence when she shouldn't, and generally messes up every inter-personal relationship she attempts, though not because she doesn't actively try to make friends. She goes out of her way to be extra nice to everyone, which in itself causes problems; Her habit of being extra sweet to people and using pet names for them offends some, and causes others to believe there is romantic interest where none exists. Sadie simply gets along better with books and animals than she does with people. When she does manage to make friends, she never makes plans that include them. Instead, she passively waits for them to invite her to outings or simply to spend time with her. The constant rejection she experienced in her childhood has caused her to habitually expect rejection throughout her life, and so she avoids it by not asking people to spend time with her. Instead waiting for them to ask her. The bullying she endured as a child has also made her overly sensitive to criticism and taunts. She tries make to friends, but somehow, eventually, someone gets angry. In the end, Sadie usually winds up spending most of her time alone, waiting for busy people to remember she's there or wandering the woods to hunt (or simply to be there). She has a natural way with animals and finds their simple motives of food, fear, and mating to be comforting in the face of the bafflingly complex behaviours of people.

Sadie's inability to properly empathize with other people is only matched by her keen mind when it comes to intellectual pursuits, and her appreciation of the finer arts. Literature, history, archeology, architecture, and visual arts all fascinate her, and she herself has a natural gift for storytelling and songwriting, though her musical performance could be better.

Sadie is constantly restless. When she's in a city, she longs to be in the wilderness. When she's in the wilderness, she yearns for the city. When she's alone, she wishes for a friend. When she's with others, she often wishes she were alone again (if for no other reason than because she's made someone angry by saying the wrong thing).

Sadie speaks Common and Mulhorandi fluently, each without a trace of the other's accent. She can also read and write Elven, but has some trouble understanding it when it's spoken unless it's spoken very slowly, and her pronunciation when speaking it is not the best.

Sadie has no idea about her father's dark past, but occasionally tiny glimpses of her grandfather's traits can be seen in the dark turn some of her stories take, or the sardonic and cruel twist her comments sometimes have; Especially about women who are more attractive than herself. Even more especially if those women find it easy to behave in a coy and flirtatious way around men. Of course, this unreasoning hate of "girly" women (the sort who bat their eyelashes and have mastered the art of showing cleavage while seeming not to intend to) is pure jealousy. But Sadie neither knows it, nor would admit it if someone were to point it out to her.


(*1) Sahdiira Acenath Hal'Awiir (sa-DEER-a  AH-ken-naut  HAL-ah-WEER), roughly translates to "Faithful Little One, Daughter of the One who is Shining"

(*2) Hal'Awiir Mesu Rahmadi (HAL-ah-WEER  MAY-soo  rah-MAH-dee), roughly translates to "One who is shining, son of he who is praised by Ra"

(*3) Fenyanamun Aswadi-Sefu'Set (fen-YAH-nah-moon  ahz-WAH-dee  SAY-fu-SET), roughly translates to "Assassinating Dark Sword of Set" or "Secretly Conquering Dark Sword of Set"

(*4) Khalfani'Set Nassor Khalid (kal-FAH-nee-SET  NAH-sor  kah-LEED), roughly translates to "Set Shall Rule in Victory Forever"

(*5) Halima (hah-LEE-mah), roughly translates to "gentle". Slaves usually did not have surnames like the merchant class, nor the long, poetic names of the nobility and priesthood.

(*6) A name, followed by "son of", "daughter of", "born of", or "first born of", or "third born of", et cetera, followed by the father's first name, was one of the common naming conventions used by the merchant class of Mulhorand, the even more long and poetic names being reserved for the nobility and priesthood. Obviously choosing a name of the merchant class was a way to hide his identity from any assassins sent by the temple, but the exact meaning of the name he chose (see note number 2) was to declare his purity of purpose to Ra, the Sun God and father of all the Mulan Gods, and to implore Ra's protection. Calling one's self or one's child "Blessed by" a God was fairly common and, far from being considered an affront or hubris, was a way that the Mulan people would ask the God in question to make it true. It was also an example of the man's dark humour. His murder of his father was instrumental in his plan to burn the temple down, thus "turning night into day" in honour of Ra. So, with irony in mind, Fenyanamun is calling his father, the priest of the evil Set, "praised by Ra" because killing his father was the first step to lighting up the night with flame.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Character name: Ludwig Lafranchi
Class: Rogue
Alignment: TN
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Hair: Long curls, wheat blonde
Color Eyes: Robin blue
Color Skin:  Fair skinned
Distinctive characteristics: The back of his left hand is marked with a rather nasty looking scar caused by the metal feathers of a Falkovian helmet snapping off and biting into the flesh.

Born and raised along side his elder brother Oscar in the city of Neufurchtenburg. Their father was a successful clock maker and farmer, while their mother was a brilliant schoolhouse teacher. The two were mainly home schooled for the majority of their youth, until they came of age and set out to learn a craft. Despite growing up together, the brothers were as different as summer and winter.  Oscar was a tall and muscular man built like an ox and highly charismatic, while Ludwig was short, wiry, and soft spoken. 

These traits ended up defining the boys far greater then one could imagine.  When word was sent from Dementlieu that Ambassadors from Lamordia were assassinated by Falkovian spies and that war was declared, the two left home to do the unthinkable; Joining a small band of mercenaries. Before the news came Oscar was already a member of the Neufurchtenburg militia, while Ludwig was apprenticing to be a clockmaker under their father. Once more their traits defined their roles in life, Oscar became a Sergeant with the Mercenaries that sided with the four towers, while little Ludwig became a messenger.

 It was that task which spared Ludwig's life from a bloody skirmish near the Jewel box Lakes. The company of Mercenaries were guarding a small township along side the common enlisted peasants of Dementlieu when a legion of Falkovians swooped onto the town.  It was rumored that when the townspeople realized the battle was lost a Lamordian came out to surrender to the Falkovians, only to be cut down by them and the town was set to the torch. The fate of his brother has given Ludwig a burning hatred for Falkovian Soldiers, which causes him to be ill rational and hot tempered around them.

When the war was over Ludwig returned to the small town to collect his brothers remains, pickling them in a dark blue barrel for the trip back home. The streets and cafes the boys were constantly seen at mourned for Oscar the week they returned home.  Ludwig became even more secluded and even cut of ties to his family, thus giving up on watchmaking to take up a wagon and ox in order to wander the country as a trader.

"You left the campfire back in the field. The entire grass field is on fire. Smokey the Bear is on the edge of the field, on his knees, sobbing into his hands."


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Sethraan Synne
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lb
Race: Aasimar, Waterdeep (Toril) Forgotten Realms
Age: 17
"Dieties of the world exhibit a time and a season—attributes for a specific cause—which one is for perfection?"

"[Gives considerable thought] I don't know"

"Neither do I, and until I find one, then perfection is my God."
Alignment: LG
Sex: Male
Hair: Off-white
Eye: Golden
Skin: Slightly tanned, white

Distinct characteristic: His ancestral celestial parent is a trumpet archon, whose blood has given Sethraan a powerful ringing voice that reverberates as if many voices follow after it. Him and his sister's current name is the changed name in order to represent that they accept their heritage as an Aasimar. Sethraan is a fraternal twin to his sister, Farina Synne (Rigor Mortis/BalorVale).

Bio: Sethraan Synne was born and raised up to the age of seven, along with his twin sister, in the western croplands of Fearun's Waterdeep. Sethraan has always thought to understand his place, being the first born male and caretaker of his sister. He quickly realized that peace and victory over trials is accomplished through contemplation and inner perfection. As his sister would venture out and explore the beauties of the world, he would contemplate inwards and understand his and his sister's own beauty and place in the world.

His fundamental difference with approaching life in their similar circumstances never separated the bond between the two; he understood he had a duty to care for her, or else she would flit away into a world she could never truly understand. The family of the two was dysfunctional, and treated the two as an outcast; as he grew to understand this hatred and their outcast nature he became grounded, but as his sister experienced these trials she became a dreamer.

By the young age of 12, the two raised themselves by living off the woodlands, however, Sethraan knew this wasn't enough, and thus worked in the city much to his sister's opposition. This caused Setheraan to be more comely and patient with strangers, while his sister became more distant. No one knows why the strange children have disappeared at around the age of 16 from their forest dwelling; the receding mist from their home was foreboding nonetheless.

//Recompense of the Righteous: Sethraan Synne
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Sethraan Synne - "The righteous will receive their reward."
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Ania Danna
Race: High Elf
Age: 130
Class: Paladin
Deity: Torm
Provenience: "A small temple from a small village"

Description: A 4 feet tall elf, she is always seen in full plate and carrying a maul far larger than herself.

Background: Raised by two generations of humans, she barely had connections with her kind. Considering elves a mistery, she is fascinated by them, and will always approach them. She is very approachable and will try to help anyone that needs it.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Backstories/Family I have been working on. Work in progress. Will be constantly expanding/Changing.

Serghei Blaga


Tanned Barovian Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: Heavyset
Brown Eyes & Hair
Age: Late 30's? Tough to determine. Life has not been easy on Serghei
Born & Raised in Vallaki Slums

This Barovian man is easily identifiable by the ever present scowl on his face. It's clear he has lived a life of hardship and manual labor. His hands are well leathered and scars are littered about his body from rough work at the docks. He appears to be in his mid thirties.
Like most at the docks, He always seems to smell of fish and ale. But no matter how rough it gets on the docks Serghei is eager to tell people life at home with the old lady and kids is rougher.

Bit of Backstory:

Father: Andrei Blaga (Deceased) Life-long Dockworker
Mother: Stela Blaga (Deceased) Former garda medic

Serghei was born, raised, and currently lives in the slums of Vallaki. He has made a name for himself among the docks. He began working there at a very young age to assist his father. Like his father, Serghei puts a lot of value in a hard days work. His willingness to do whatever needs done without complaint earned him the respect of his bosses and his peers. Now more often than not Serghei spends his time patching up green dock workers who get in to accidents; A skill he learned from his mother.  

It's well known in the docks that Serghei is a follower of the morninglord. Serghei makes no attempts to hide the necklace of the morninglord that he wears. But it's not  known how devout Serghei is. Serghei is not the 'Preachy" type as his co-workers put it. But he's always the first in line to help out another family in the slums. Or the first to tell a joke to improve moral on the docks. Serghei also pays monthly tithes to the church in the slums like clockwork. He chooses to keep the donations discreet so he doesn't anger his co-workers. Serghei now only works part time at the docks and he is seen near the slums church more and more.


Mariana Blaga (Wife):

Height: 5'5
Weight: Heavyset
Brown hair & blue eyes
Age: Early 30's

Mariana use to be a lithe woman with soft blue eyes. After enduring two births she is now a heavy-set woman with an almost mean looking face. Serghei sometimes jokes the kids turned her eyes as dark as charcoal. Mariana is the clear disciplinarian of the blaga household. Marianas shouts are unnerving but her silent glares are down-right vicious.

She stays at home and keeps their two children (Grigore Blaga, age 14. Violeta Blaga, Age 6) and husband in line. The two do deeply love one another but neither ever seem to show it. The only thing that can usually be heard from the Blaga household is Marianas scolding of the children or yelling at Serghei for some perceived wrong. Mariana is in a constant struggle to limit Serghei's contributions to the church. Mariana loves serghei for his kindness but would always rather see more money go to her and the kids.


Weight: Way too fat for an Ox
Age: For an Ox; Very old.

They say pets take the personality of their owners. Dorbu is no exception. Serghei bought this ox for himself many years ago at a discount. Dorbu was going to be slaughtered due to his age and his inability to listen. The stubborn ox can only seemed to be coaxed by Serghei. Like Serghei, Dorbu has a fondness for Ale.

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Re: Post your character bio here
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You totally Chomski'ed that bio, Gutshank.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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It has a Chomski vibe, But better. I took all the noob out of it.

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Anuriel Sendleir


Race: Wood Elf
Hair: Dark Brown (natural)
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'7"
Age: 127
Birthplace: Forest of Dunwood, Faerun

Anuriel is a fairly rural elf, with little to no knowledge of the world outside his homeland near the Dale. By elven standards, he is still fairly young and had only just completed his apprenticeship under the local elven rangers before setting out to see the outside world. His mother's name was Maaeya, his father Yenfire. His parents were simple, for the most part, his mother was druid who practiced healing magic and his father was a guardsman. Anuriel surprised many in his community when he chose to become a ranger, rather than following the path of either parent. He studied for many years in the art of being unseen, and stalking his prey quietly.

Until he was 80 years of age, the most challenge he had was hunting the village's food supply. Not long after his eightieth birthday, a band of goblins entered the forest and began to set up a small habitation. The head of the village's rangers had been tracking the goblins from a few hours after the first had set foot in Dunwood. When this was reported, several leaders from various villages in Dunwood sent rangers to intercept and turn back the goblins before serious harm was done; Anuriel was one of these rangers. Still only an apprentice, he was instrumental (read: lucky) in turning back the goblin trespassers. While watching the goblin encampment, Anuriel noticed a shaman who appeared to be in charge was near where he was hiding, so he silently crept into the camp and spirited the goblin back to where several ranger leaders were making preparations for the attack. The information learned from this shaman was critical, and the goblins soon noticed the shaman's absence and lost morale. After the devastating attack by the rangers, the remaining goblins fled, and no permanent injury was done to the forest. Anuriel was the elf of the hour.

Time passed quickly and without major events until Anuriel had become a full ranger, and wished to see more of Faerun before settling down to the village life. The leaders of the village were understanding, despite the oath he had sworn to defend the village until death, and they allowed him to go see the far-off places of the world. He spent a few days traveling the Great Dale, wandering the forests of Lethyr, before stumbling into the mist...

Anuriel has very little social ability, due in part to the solitary life as a ranger, and therefore may often be seen as offensive. Despite this, he is a loyal friend, and though he often may be seen as a coward, he will never leave a friend for long. He may run from a battle, but not to leave and save himself, but if he determines that the battle cannot be won alone, he will return with help. He is dependable. He is also slow to trust, especially with non-elves, and even after knowing someone for many months, may still not trust them, despite seemingly acting as a close friend. His time in Barovia is slowing altering his perception of the other races. He has a long centered distrust of humans based not from experience but tales he had been told by others from his village. He has a deep appreciation for achery, and considers every other form of fighting to be inferior. He may refer to swordfighters as "shields" at times, reflecting his belief that swordmen are only good for holding the enemy back from a skilled archer or mage. Speaking of mages, he deeply distrusts arcane magic, and although at times he may allow an arcane user to travel with him, he will often be derogatory or insulting towards the mage. If engaged in a philosophic discussion, he will often argue that natural ways are best, and races should live alongside nature, not in "stone cities". He views undead as an abomination, and any ghost as a mage's use of magic to torment the dead. He is fairly unintelligent, and though he may seem philosophic at times, he knows very little, and has a very narrow worldview. In his mind elves are the superior race and all races are secretly jealous of elven beauty (in his mind), elven longevity, and elven ways. He sees any half-elf as an inferior half-breed and will often refer to them as "halflings" (not talking about the race of halfings, meaning half-elves). Secretly, he feels that the Barovians have become a threat to the elven folk of the land, and must be dealt with in some way. The mists, and his lack of worldly experience, have twisted his moral compass, and what he considers right may not actually be so. He has a deep-rooted fear of the drow, based again not on experience, but still feels that the inferior humans should not kill the drow, but allow their betters (in his mind, elves) to deal with the problem.

Short summary:

A very arrogant, pompous, narrow-minded elf. Nothing unusual :P


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Character Name: Amadeus Obediu
Race: Human
Homeworld: Torril
From: Skull Gorge: The Necropolis, City Of The Archmage
Age: 34 (Appears To Be 24 for rp reasons!)
Height: 6'2
Hair Color: Natural: Crimson Blood Red
Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Sex: Male
Build: Medium
Skin Color: Normal: Tannish.   Sickened: Deathly Pale
Voice: Medium, deepish, but not too deep.
-New: Balok

Profession(s): Alchemist, Herbalist, Arcanist (Necromancer), Artist, Doctor (Specialized In Anatomical Structures, And Necrosurgial Augmentation)


Amadeus is a highly intelligent, if not so wise man, handsome with striking and sharp features, he appears to be younger than he actually is, however with his dehabilitating, and wretched curse, he has been stricken ill, which has given him a haunted appearance, and to most his handsome features ruined by the sickened appearance. Having trained as an arcanist since the age of 12, he had spent four years learning in skull gorge after the tragic loss of his family to plague and the mysterious dissapearance of his father. At the age of 16, he was entrusted by his rival who had to leave skull gorge: her daughter. Without explanation or reason, no words even she left the child with young amadeus.. 163 or Cassie (in the future to become Hope) for 18 years he would raise this child, performing necromantic augmentations, altering the body as she grew, teaching her much of what she knew, and spreading the velsharoonite faith to her... within these 18 years however.. important things had occured.. at age 24, 8 years later he encountered his father.. who had secretly been one of the gorges most powerful necromancers.. the reunion had been without happiness, and as "welcoming" he subjected his son to the 666 tortures of Agzedeloch, a abyssal creature of immense power.. this in the fathers eyes would strengthen him, and if he survived open his eyes to the cruelty and darkness required to accomplish the dark feats he would.. Amadeus did survive, he came from the torture hardened and filled with a deep hatred for his father. He had learned abyssal, and had gained apt knowledge in the field of torture and suffering.. he had also stricken a pact.. the demon had given him a immense supply of magical knowledge to enhance his power.. but in return cursed him with a illness that would increase in power as Amadeus did, and one day would consume him if he did not redeem his soul.. or enter the darkest of paths: Undeath. For 10 years the sickness did little to him as he progressed slowly, still weak in the arts of arcane.. Cassie continued to grow and he worked on her as time past.. but always in his mind gnawed the ever growing desire for: Vengeance... Upon the day of his 34th birthday.. oddly in appearance he had not aged a day past the one he struck the deal, though he felt the weakness of age grow in him... he snuck into his fathers qaurters and slit his throat in his sleep.. he laughed as his fathers life-blood spilled to the ground, doused his clothing.. his father lurched up to hold disbelievingly to Amadeus.. his blood spilling on Amadeus's robes, Amadeus grinned cruelly as he watched his father fall to the ground dead. He laughed for a long while.. and he laughed without realizing that he was no longer in skull gorge.. mists had risen around him and now he was in a grey murky world.. where was he? He didn't know how long he walked.. But he remembered falling.. and when he awoke, he was facefirst in the dirt, his robes stained with his fathers blood, without his spellbook, without anything... And there his story began.. His story within the mist had taken it's first step forward.

Characters: Morvis X'angondur (Secondary) Markus Shadebane/Julius Lightbringer, Wererat (Dead) Adrian Von Viklov (Main Character) Bash'ar Romenestos (Alt) Lillian Greyfeather (Alt)


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Re: Post your character bio here
« Reply #142 on: November 28, 2013, 12:05:15 AM »

Character name: Solomon Burke
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'4
Weight: 90kg
Colour Hair: Pale White with Black Strands.
Colour Eyes: Unblinking Pale Blue, Pupils are Somewhat Grey
Colour Skin: Pale

Distinctive characteristics:
White hair, Tattoos over his arms of swords shields and battles with Nidalan words hidden in the knot work. He hardly ever blinks and this causes people who talk with him to feel uneasy.
{View Scar History below.}

Very handsome young man, clean trimmed goatee, Physically strong, Very soft sounding voice.

- Born in Nidala
- Ran away from Nidala and found a living here in Barovia.
- Recently had his mind wiped by the Lich "The Devoured",
- Has been training as a knight since he was 14, His faith comes before his knightly duties.

Personality, issues & mannerisms:
- Very honest and follows his code to the letter.
- Has a hard time talking with women on a personal level.
- Believes he is damned because his will of self preservation keeps him from giving everything he has to save everyone.
- Fears death because he would no longer be able to do his duty.

Goals & dreams:
- To become a Grand Master Knight.
- To redeem or punish the evils in this world.
- To make his service and his time alive matter, Hopes that what he does will not be for nothing.

Slight fear of Oxen wandering around unattended since his dealings in the Gundarakite attacks on Vallaki.
Very strong fear of Dragons. Will take cover and be Immobilised for a short while before he gets his head in the game. Being Nidalan, ever since he could speak he has been told the horrible tales of the Dragon Banemaw.


Brief History:
Born in the Domain of Nidala, a land of darkness and terror, he grew up like many of his kin, working to keep his family fed and clothed from a young age, his life was like many others, a depressing system of paranoia and suspicion. The differance between he and the rest of his kin was like his friend Valen, in their history they had great anscestors, Knights of Belenus who'd fought to keep their people safe. Though now, the inquistion of Belenus and the spys of Elena were everywhere oppressing the people, they came to realise... this was not Belenus' work. After defying the inquistion they set off into the night, avoiding the forests of Avonleigh and it's encroaching hand, and arrived in Barovia.

Bio Here:

Scar History:
Rib bone in his hair - Wereboar.
Scar along his neck - The Obidient, Undead Devoured Follower.
Black Circle on his bicep -  The Devoured, Lich.
Left hand replaced by steel gauntlet - Serafim Ianescu, Vampire.
His Right Ring finger is missing - Adrian Von Viklov, Evil Mage.
Black Bite Mark on his right cheek bone - Sabel Ulciscor, Vampire.
Black Line across his face at eye level - Zalaph, Shadow Dragon.

Powerful Enemies He has Destroyed/Aided in the destruction of:
The Devoured - Lich

Powerful Enemies He has stopped via Redemption:
Sevik Ghaax

Solomon Burke - Knight of the Dawn
Vasile Mikovich - Tigan Straight Outa Vallaki
Straven Crowe -  Hes somewhere around here.....

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Zivon de'Scusa
Race: Human (Borcan)
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 4" (195 centimeters)
Weight: 195 lbs (88 kilos)
Skin: Olive
Hair: ?
Eyes: Green
Age: 32
Religion: Home Faith of Ezra

Appearance: Zivon is tall and of strong build, with a marching gait. He has a quiet, brooding demeanor. He is almost always in armor with a hood and a long, warm cloak, both of treated hemp material, trimmed with Ezra's green. His preference in armor is towards hauberks of scale or chain, usually unadorned. He always has a silver brooch bearing Ezra's symbol on his cloak.

Personality: Zivon is a quiet man, always seeming carefully controlled in his mannerisms and speech. Much of his true feelings and thoughts are carefully hidden under a neutral, disciplined demeanor. Rare moments of vulnerability show him for a dedicated, gentle and somewhat sad man, craving redemption and seeking the acceptance of those around him. He also has a dry, caustic wit that exposes an ultimately cynical worldview.

Special features: When removing his hood, one thing becomes immediately clear. Zivon has a beautiful crafted iron mask affixed to his face with bone screws down either side of his head. The mask itself has an emotionless expression with beautiful golden inlays. He only exposes this feature when forced, either by circumstance or command.

Short History: A former Borcan Condottiero, Zivon is a recent transplant to Barovia from his temperate homeland to the west. Zivon was forced to abandon his post as a condottiero by a crisis of conscience - he could no longer bear the suffering he caused under Ivan Dilisnya. Figuring that there wasn't a better place to get lost than backwater Barovia, he crossed the border and made for the wilds as soon as he could.

Goals: His main concern is with guiding recent victims of the Mists - teaching them how to survive in Barovia's harsh lands.

tl;dr: A maimed codottiero with an iron mask affixed to his face that craves redemption and acceptance.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180lbs
Skin: Pale Cream
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Age: 19
Religion: None

Appearance: Arianna is often donned in warm furs and leggings, though sometimes indulges in a warm dress when the weather is fair. Across her back she carries her guitar and an unstrung shortbow, on her belt a rapier that's rarely drawn. She always wears her hair back in a braid, with small beads intertwined within, though the smaller strands about her face always find a means to break free. When she is hired for performances, she often dons a light smokey eyeshadow about her eyes, and light blue henna dotting beneath to appear as ice crystals. Her skin is a creamy hue, though pale for lack of sunlight making her ice blue eyes appear more piercing in their haunting stare. She rarely smiles save when she is playing, singing or painting.

Personality: She is soft-spoken, even when she sings her voice is soft. She is well-mannered, addressing others as m'lord or m'lady, rarely shifting to an informal first name basis. She is timid, wary around those she does not know,  yet remains respectful.

Short History: Arianna was born in a small village just between Icewind Dale and the Spine of the World known as The Wandering Village. Her village consisting mostly of hunters and gatherers there was little room for celebrations where fire was prohibited by the Icemaidens priestesses. They imported their dried meats and vegetables in exchange for exports of furs and ivory with the dwarves of Mithral Hall. Her mother was not born to this village, but arrived there at a young age of seventeen. Her destination was Bryn Shander, the Capitol of Icewind Dale, however she never completed her journey as she had fallen in love with a ranger of the village. There they married, and there they bore two children. The first being Arianna, the second a son by the name of Bastien five years later. Arianna was ten when she first encountered the Frostmaidens faithful as they came to claim tribute to their Ice Queen. Her mother refused to be bullied by them and in response they took her as sacrifice. Her father begged for them to reconsider, explaining his wifes behavior as a misunderstanding as a foreigner to the lands, but they would not hear his words and dragged her back to their temple. Their mother was never heard from again. For five years Arianna looked after her brother, and kept her head down when the priestesses would come for tribute. On her sixteenth birthday she was permitted to travel with her father to Bryn Shander for trade, together the family moved through the snowstorms until they finally arrived. It was there she met Evan, and where a smile was uncommon from the young girl, he was granted such a sight. They were quickly bonded in her time there, and after a months stay, he asked her father for her hand in marriage. He reluctantly agreed, and so she stayed behind with Evan when her father and brother returned to the village. Over the year, she was introduced to a group of friends who were working against the followers of Auril, and it was not long before she joined in the rebellion wanting revenge for her mothers death. On her nineteenth birthday, her troupe and beloved Evan packed up a wagon and started their journey for her village home, it was there they would be wed where her father and brother could attend. Little did she know the mists would take advantage of the heavy blizzard and steal her away from all she knew and loved.

Goals: Her goal is to find some way to return to her beloved Evan, but in the meantime she has decided to try and survive where she has been placed and find a means of employ as a musician or painter or both.

Fears: She fears blizzards and what might lie within them. While she was standing against Aurils followers, she still fears the wrath of the Ice Queen herself.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Leon "Wolf" Darkheart[/size]

Class: Fighter
Age: 30
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 Lbs
Eyes: Dark green (left is paler)
Hair: Blonde

Appearance/short history Leon is seen either walking around in his steel armor with a sword on his back and a bear teeth neckless around his neck it does not shine but his armor looks dull and well used he also will be seen in his cloth shirt and leather pants that have spikes and other assorted things all over. when his hood is down he has long blonde hair that reaches past his shoulder and he is always smiling you notices some scars on his arms and you notice one on the left side of his face the starts at the left side of his forehead and finishes at his chin which has cause his left eye to go pale (can still see properly) without a shirt on his chest and back are covered in scars of all sizes he was tortured by bandits for a week and this has caused it. He stands at 6'1 with pride and is always friendly towards people unless they nasty toward him and others.

Goals: he doesn't have any goals in life apart from living his life as he sees fit.

fears: Torture and a slow painful death


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Stolojan/Capraru Family History for NCW

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Aisla Cathcart
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Born: Barovia
Height: 5'9
Build: Toned Light
SkinTone: Pale
Hair: Short and Ginger
Eyes: Brown
Markings: No

Background Information (simple/research gathered)

Parents = Mother was a outlander who died five years after Aisla was born, Father was a guarda but went missing after Aisla's birth.

Aisla Cathcart had been allowed to join the orphanage (Old Svalich Road) At the age of 5 after the death of her mother, Her father was declared missing 5years before her death.
At the age of 15 she was working as a bar maid at the Blood of the Vine Inn, After a 1 year working there she was sacked for conflict between herself and the owner at the time.
Year later she was working in the fishing lodge as a maid/cook. 
Near the age of 19 Aisla had left the fishing lodge to join a small traveling merchant group who had mainly told fake or cheap jewellery.
Her merchant days did not last long after the leader was arrested by the guarda and then she and the other members went the different ways, Aisla now has no current job tittle but has been seen wondering around with small groups and selling many pieces of gear to local merchants.

Orphanage Tutor/Minder Reports (Simple)

Personality - Aisla seems like a smart and motivated girl as she seems to be trying to learn the books and other skills, She does seem pleasant but seems more distant from the other children. She seems to get easily upset when other children ask her about how she ended up in the orphanage with them, She also doesn't seem to be willing to join in the singing and dancing that the group will hold now and then.

Future Goals - She seems content she will meet royalty one day and somehow join them living in rich castles, In terms of jobs she seems to want to work in a diamond store although her reason was a concern after stating she would want to steal them all and run away. Other roles she has picked in the past was..,  Archaeology, Gaurda, Architects, Politics, Clothier.

Incidents - Aisla has had a few scraps with a few of the boys during her time here but nothing major sticks out during her years here.

Kenneth Douglas 
Dilanto Ilodadi 
Nelly Ryko          
Abra Von Darrell


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Rilan Indoran
Gender: Male
Age: 25 and some change.
Race: Half-Drow
Born: Baldur's Gate, Faerun, Toril
Height: 5'6
Build: Athletically Lean
Skin: Ash-born Grey
Hair: Long Black
Eyes: Reddish.
Markings: "n" shaped tattoo going down his right eye.

Rilan is a simple man, orphaned at a young age and grew up in the streets of Baldur's Gate, running with a small sect of the thieve's guild. His brethern were all murdered, and he was left for dead when he was 12. Then found by a cult of Cyric, who allowed him to stay until he fell in love with the High Priestess. Then he was exiled. He traveled for a few years, selling himself out as a rogue for hire. Eventually joined up with a group known as the Icewhite Raiders, on a search for a magical artifact that grants wishes, on a two-year contract. It took two and a half years, and the entire party, save him, and one other were wiped out, and he was left with severe mental trauma that eventually became a low form of Schizophrenia, that gradually progressed to the point in which he considers his blades his children. After the failure of a journey, he tried to settle down, and get himself a wife. That too failed, the wife refused to humor his madness, and scorned him. To which, he responded in killing her for 'abusing' the children. (When really all she did was try to sell them).

He eventually found himself mixed up in some other things. That will remain quiet for now.

Goals: Who knows? He likes to travel, see new things, so long as he has his children. He needs very little.

Personality: Eccentric. Cordial. And Very friendly. Just don't betray him, or cross him.

-=Rilan Indoran=- -=Enzo=-


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Re: Post your character bio here
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