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Re: Post your character bio here
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Isolde Ulliel
This is just her portrait, which is custom made, pm me if you want the rar. file.


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BIO for Devon Maze.

Devon Maze son of Garfield Lorlian and Mary O'ryan.
Born in the year of the Unicorn Denyen calendar year.
 Race: Half Elf
 Proffesion: Mystic of Waypost "sorceror"
 Age: 48
 Weight: 170
  Height: 5'8
 Eyes: Hazel
 Hair: Black but greying with age, hair is worn over ears.
  Build: Athletic but not muscular
 Demeanor: Quiet but can be prone to irrational action.
 Alignment: Guess :P
 Place of origin: Denyen central continent
 Denyen is a fantasy world of my making which.. well I had an atlas and other goodies but sadly I lost them over time.
 I am writing this over lunch so please forgive the pace at which it was written :)
 The cold rain fell upon the thatched roof moisture collected in corners. Lightning flashed illumination upon the blonde woman in child birth. The smell of blood on the air and screams of child birth could be barely heard from the outside of the run down cottage because of the rain.
  The greying elder from the nearby village waypost knocked solidly on the wooden door. The aged midwife with creases across her skin showed that she had seen many winters. She half opened the door and the screams could be heard clearly now.
   The elder asked is it so? The mid wife nodded quickly and nervously.
    Does he have the mark? She nodded again.
    Will the mother live?  The midwives eyes lowered and quietly said no.

  The village willl decide what to do with this one..


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Re: Post your character bio here
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- Alexandre de Derval


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Korthil
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Eyes: Green with a blue strand
Hair: Black shaggy hair going down to his eyes
Height: 5''10
Weight: 145lbs
Place of Birth: World of Eberron, Nation of Aundair, City of Passage
Date of Birth: Year of 998YK (Two years ofter the last war ended) Month of Zarantyre, Day of Zol
-OOC- Class: Sorcerer
-OOC- Alignment: Chaotic Good
-OOC- Languages: Common, Elfen, Halfling

Physical Description
Korthil's most noticeable feature is his Tattoo on his left hand, it resembles a Dragon mark (Dragon marks come from the world of Eberron there are twelve diffrent marks each holding a diffrent power and each mark belongs to a diffrent house) but if any one pays attention to it they would know that it is not a true Dragon mark but it does hold a power similar to one. Second his left cheek has a scar in the shape of an x, he acquired this when one of the kids in his orphanage threw a rock at him. He does hold a somewhat pleasing aura and when people give the chance to talk with him they would know he is actually a very nice person and very charismatic. His hair being black and shaggy, is unkempt going down to his eyes giving him that shy look, although he is far from shy. His eyes are estrange at first glance someone would say they were green but there is a strand of blue that is none like any one has seen but you can get lost in them.

Korthil was born in Aundair in the city of Passage. After he was born he was dropped off at the local orphanage, there he spent the majority of his life. Because of his Tattoo ,which resembles a Dragon mark but it is not a true Dragon mark, people tend not to trust him and all the kids at his orphanage teased him because of it. With no friends he was very sad until he met a pixie named Darkling he too was abandon with no one and nobody trusted fey so Korthil and Darkling became friends. After a couple more years in the orphanage Korthil decided to leave his town of Passage with to many bad memories. So when he left he went out for the city of Arcanix (an arcane school renown in Eberron for being a flouting city) to seek training as am arcane user. He was taught by an Elf named Syphona she taught him how to be a Sorcerer and how to survive in the world. After his training was complete he and his trusty companion Darkling, now a skilled rouge, left to the Nation of Breland to meet a friend of his master that would give him a job to start him off. But while travailing on a very misty night his plans are about to change along with all he knows his new adventure begins now...
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Re: Post your character bio here
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I'm not into huge bios, but here's one of my characters:

Jessica Powers

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Profession: Priestess of the Morning Lord
Build: Lean, average height
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Short and neat, a nice light brown

                Born in a distant war torn land where civility has no existence, Jessica was trained hard by her loving father to defend herself in the harsh land. Her father married a new woman after her mother died. Jessica found herself welcoming a step brother at age 6. She grew and matured, becoming in love with everything alive and good. Unfortunately, her brother was insane on her 17th birthday and threw himself upon her. Confused and heartbroken, Jessica lost her innocence and left her home in tears. She stumbled in some mists and sought refuge in the Sanctuary of the coming dawn, where the light of the Morning Lord calmed her sadness and allowed her to gain confidence to grow and adapt to her new world.
Jessica Powers- Dawnbringer
Adrian Kayden-Haircut Problem
Hita Aers-Potion Seller


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Grigore Cazacul:

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Guard
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown half-bald head

Brief Background:
Grigore Was born as the second son of a manufacturers family and has  three younger sisters. His brother was killed in a Neuri attack when Grigore was still very young. His father, who Grigore loved and respected a lot taught him fighting skills and about the dangers of the land. He grew up helping out in the business and in time he took over the protective role in the family. When his Father one day didn't come back from delivering wares Grigore was convinced, that some witch must have attacked him and that he failed in defending his father. From that moment on Grigore got consumed by his protective role and henceforth applied it to all Barovians.

Jonathan Schwarz - schwarzzzzzzz
Dong Delxen - Cult of the Morninglord
Grigore Cazacul - Vallaki Garda
Emil Kobori - The 5th sect


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Arturo Vokovic
Alignment: TN
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Profession: Ex-military

Appearance: Athletic build, brown hair of medium length, hazel eyes, white-skinned.

Speaks Balok and Vassi with a Borcan accent.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Gabriel Von Valentin

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Human
Profession: Wanderer
Build: Average but muscled. 5'11", 95kgs
Eyes: Clear Blue
Hair: Light Brown

A reasonably tall young man, with shoulder length brown hair. His clear blue eyes speak of trusting and caring. A slightly pinched face adorned with a single scar. He often wears simply spun clothes of reasonable finery.

Born of a young noble woman and her husband, his father had been a sucsessful merchant in their home town. Well known and well respected, a man of honor and position. The couple also had other children a girl nearing womanhood and a small boy. When Gabriel was born they decided to relocate, to a nearby village a better place for an ever growing family. Yet on the journey the mists fell upon them, and so did disaster. The family in its entireity was killed. Apart from a young baby which was taken in by a kindly elderly couple.

Again disaster fell, and the couple were taken in the night. Leaving a young boy to wander on his own in the Barovian countryside.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Mizfar Kezret is man in his late 20s from a heretical temple of Kossuth in Thay.  Mizfar was sent to Silverymoon alone on missionary work.  In route, he was lost in The Mists(TM) on the road and found himself in Ravenloft.  He was at first confused but someone quickly explained to him where he was.  He is certain that Kossuth himself has has given him a new mission, to gain converts for him and build a new temple for him, in this land.  He is a religious fanatic, but a friendly one.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name:Amorphis Saturnus
Faction:Athar "The Lost"
Height: 1.80 Weight: 75 Age: 28
Black Hair, One eye green the other black.
Distinctive characteristics: old self-inflicted wounds in several parts of his body
(Hidden by cloths ex.glove in his right hand)

Prior to Arrival:
Amorphis son of Omnoy Aeternus (Scripter of the Dead)(mother unknown).
The incurable illness... of his father together with his strong beliefs
about having an honorable and peaceful passage towards 'True Death' and
refusing further investigations about the nature and possible cure of his illness,
made Amorphis experience in a very tragic way the loss of his father at the age of 13.
As his father withered and disappeared from his life, Amorfis found himself
unwilling to keep up with the responsibilities passed on him from the faction. The
next step was to abandon his present reality and try to find his own answers.
His own answers towards the meaning of life and death,
towards his personal fears of becoming ill as his father (already has indications
of the illness).
Thus far apart from acquiring limited knowledge of the powers that governs
death and afterlife, his travels gave no answers. However, his beliefs towards
Agnosticism and Atheism increased (thus joining the faction of "The Lost"),
as well as his "eccentric" mannerisms (not to be described here but role-played ingame)

"Another road, another lost path" he thought...looking at the chairs leading
to an underground room of an almost completely ruined temple.
"Another hope forgotten, another dream shattered, faith is not for Gods" he
whispered as we cautiously walked down the stairs...the room was small and uninteresting
yet the mist gave his presence and the lands of the Dread
opened their shadowy hands to embrace him.

Upon Arrival:
Amorphis had no real difficulties getting used to the environmental conditions due
to similarities to his homeland.
Wondering around in the new land and a very limited interaction with the local
made him more secluded and isolated to his thoughts and worries.
However, his urge to find a link to this plane is still there, so is his urge to find
a link with himself.

Some Current Behavioral Tendencies:
1. Secluded and secretive in personal matters yet rather open in world/existential belief discussions.
2. Isolated in his thoughts yet quietly open in joining the company of others
3. Great Fascination in anything that might give him information/knowledge upon his inner drives.
4. Death experience results to great anxiety and discomfort.
"From time to come,
to time that was,
a labyrinth of hopes bleeds and cries...
all it is, is all it was, as ever and never, dreams and dies..."

--Book of Labyrinth by Amorphis the Silent_Enigma


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Re: Post your character bio here
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(My first post on the forum, yay~  :o )

Lofwyr Fetti

Origin: (Planescape) Sigil, City of Doors
Faction: None
Gender:  Female
Age: 23
Race: Human
Profession: "Locksmith" / "Cutter"
Build: Average height, Athletic build
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Light Brown (dyed black)

 Born to an alcoholic mother and nameless father in Sigil, Lofwyr did not grow up in a nurturing environment. Her father left her with only a name before leaving, and her mother was more interested in local affairs then raising a daughter, commonly disappearing for days at a time. On Lofwyr's 9th name-day her mother went out and did not return again, leaving her daughter to fend for herself in the voracious City of Doors. Lofwyr turned to petty theft and hunting small game to survive, relishing in a good self caught meal. After some years on the streets she was picked up by local thugs who took advantage of her young age and defenselessness, quickly setting her to casing potential places for robbery. She survived the first tenuous years and began to excel at the simple task, learning the ways of locks and gaining a more prominent role in the, by-then, gang. Though by no means a functioning "family", the gang gave her purpose and helped shape her early life (helping to form her horrendous gutter-speak). They began to rely on her for larger and larger roles and even hired her out as a specialist to those with the coin for it.
  Later found the gang in conflict with other gangs, Lofwyr was commonly involved in fights, and just as commonly lost them. The conflicts would escalate until people were being killed, as Lofwyr nearly was during a particularly bad one. After recovering she would go on to continue her brutal existence, becoming more competent over time. It is at this point in her life she learns the thrill of victory. Winning her first fight instills in her an obsession to become a formidable opponent. She becomes enamored with prominent fighters, seeking to emulate them and comes to enjoy the fight much as she enjoyed the hunt as a child. Reveling in victory and sometimes even defeat. This continued for years, all an escape from the weak thing she once was, and when she stopped to think, would feel she still was. Thus the cycle continued until she lie dying alone in some alley. The death noises of the others had long ceased and she knew she was alone. She lie thinking of how it came to this, and came by some regrets; she had never hunted good game as she had always wanted to. Never danced with someone, never loved someone. Never even had a friend. She closed her eyes and contemplated this all in silence. Until finally, "Boys," she thought, "who needs 'em?" The answer came immediately to mind, much to her amusement. "The dead-book." She said aloud to no one.

 She laughed. It was a strangled and gurgled thing, but it was a laugh all the same, echoing through the abandoned alleyways and sewers below as it gained intensity. Finally she choked and grew silent as blackness closed in around her, bringing with it a comforting numbness.

 Something had heard.

 She bears an amused countenance, along with her often ruffled hair and probing brown eyes. In all physical regards she is quite charming. Her walk is casual and she seems to be very lighthearted, commonly joking with others. She enjoys the thrills of hunting and fighting and is often much enthused whilst engaged in such activities. She is amused by the prospect of romance, having once seen it as a folly. Found all over her body are numerous light scars from years of street fighting and healing salve application. She appears to be attempting to correct some of her speech, repeating some words she has mispronounced.

 Lofwyr had no trouble acclimating herself to her new surroundings. In fact she was ecstatic to be anywhere but Sigil and her old life. She took to hunting mink for a long while before venturing forth from the Vistani to meet others in the outskirts of Vallaki. Her positive mood and energetic babbling helped her quickly befriend various others. Upon being offered an honest job with the Militia she jumped at the opportunity, eager to prove to someone, anyone, she was worth a damn. She also auditioned for a role in a local play, elated at the idea of being able to pursue an artistic endeavor. Landing the part, she now eagerly awaits her first rehearsal and, come time, the play itself. In the Militia she has found camaraderie with some as she has never known possible and alienation with others, who's in turn whimsical and sardonic natures leaves her overwhelmed and altogether lost on how to appropriately act.

She fears losing what she's never had before, friends.



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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Birth name - Baro Kozma  Current name - None
Origin: Stary Oskol
Faction: None
Gender:  Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Profession: Attendant
Build: 5'10 , Lanky
Eyes: Black
Hair: Red

Baro was born to a poor family in the town of Stary Oskol. Unfortunately his family could not afford to raise a child, so at the age of 6 Baro was given to the local Chest. The Chest was a place where orphans were brought to be groomed for their lives as attendants. Their training would, over time, strip them of their own selfish desires and needs to leave a person that is solely dedicated to the service of his fellow man. In this way they could repay society for the burden they had been to society in their younger life. To graduate from the Chest an apprentice attendant would have to erase his name from the local town records to prove that he had abolished his will and was ready to serve. Once their name was erased from the records they were tattooed with red ink to mark them as attendants then were released from the Chest and allowed to roam the town freely. Any person that was not an attendant could order an attendant to do almost any task but no person could ever claim an attendant to be their own.  Any food or shelter they received was given to them from the towns folk. They were never allowed to own anything except a pair of clothes and a few days supply of food. If they survived to old age they were allowed to return to the Chest and help instruct apprentice attendants.

Baro is a very neutral person that will not take a side on any matter, save those that pose an immediate threat to his life. Baro is a servant to all people and is not one mettle or question the affairs of other people.

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name:  Thunor Woden
Origin:  Abeir-Toril, eastern Faerûn
Faction:  None
Gender:  Male
Age:  23
Race:  Human
Profession:  Unemployed
Build: Tall, Stout
Eyes: Light Hazel
Hair:  Dirty Blonde

Thunor Woden was born in a secluded monastery semi-hidden in the foothills of the Icerim Mountains, just north of the land known as The North Country.  He was trained in the Art of unarmed combat by Master Grimnir.   His physical training was often-times brutal, yet this violent training was always contained within a strict regimen.  He learned very little of the world at large, although his time spent transcribing manuscripts taught him to read and to write with formal excellence.

At age 18 a scavenging band of raiders overran the monastery, and killed many--including his parents.  Although the monastery survived, he secretly left and set out for the nearest city--Immilmar.  Traveling through the barren North Country, after days of grueling travel, he moved into a light mist that grew darker and danker.  As he wore on, the mist grew and he became mired in a sightless Fog.  Already near death, the Fog drenched him in a freezing wetness and his lungs choked on the thickness.  With great fortitude he lumbered forward, hoping to soon reach his first milestone--The Long Road.  Mercifully, the fog began to recede and he saw a dim light ahead.  He trudged forward and collapsed near a fire at a camp site of the Vistani in the Domain of Barovia.  Knowing nothing of the significance of his situation, he took shelter and bit by bit eventually learned of his doomed predicament.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Tabitha Hendrickson

Synopsis/Timeline of the life of Tabitha Hendrickson

1350 Tabitha Sable Hendrickson born in Baldur's Gate. Father: Samuel Fabian Hendrickson, Merchant ship captain. Mother: Sable Greta Rothgen-Hendrickson, socialite daughter of a textile merchant.

1351 Birth of brother Benjamin Samuel Hendrickson

1358 - 1362 Tabby and Benjamin spend summers traveling with father aboard ship, learning saling, navigation, log-keeping, and spherical geometry (as well as some "colourful" language from sailors in father's employ) and spend winters, when seas are rougher, on shore with mother attending dinners and balls designed to further the family's social and business connections while her father sails the hazardous winter seas without his children. Tabby also learns dress design and the seamstress's art from her mother.

1363 Father lost at sea. Father's business partners disappear with the majority of the wealth of the shipping business. Then Tabby causes an accident that kills Benjamin. The shock of these events combined causes mother to become catatonic and be sent to an insane asylum. Tabby sent to orphanage.

1363-1364 Tabby suffers frequent sexual abuse at the hands of the orphanage's director, only ending when her body starts to mature into womanhood somewhat early, at which time he turns to younger girls in his charge, much to Tabby's great relief.

1367 After the abuse of the orphanage's director causes an emotionally fragile 14 year old girl Tabby had become friends with to commit suicide, Tabby poisons the director's tea with rat poison. He dies. Tabby remains at orphanage a further two months knowing that to run away immediately would be to draw suspicion and pursuit. When a new director finally arrives she lies about her age in order to leave.

1367-1368 Shares a small apartment with two prostitutes who were also former residents of the orphanage. Unable to bear the thought of letting people touch her, though, she does not pursue the same trade. Instead, she uses her intimate knowledge of the houses of her family's former merchant class friends to become a successful sneak thief; breaking in and stealing from homes she had visited as a guest many years before.

1368 Meets and falls in love with a young scribe who works as a book-keeper in a mercantile warehouse. He gets her a job in the same warehouse taking dictation and doing book-keeping.

1368-1370 Lives and works with her beau, visiting her mother as often as she can. Her mother continues to remain completely catatonic, unable to recognize her daughter or know anything about the world around her.

1371 Promoted to personal assistant to the warehouse manager, now making nearly twice as much money as her boyfriend. This wounds his pride and causes jealousy. Frequent arguments occur, baseless accusations of her infidelity, insinuations that her greater pay is a result of sexual favours rather than strong math and writing skills, et cetera. All hurtful and untrue. Tabby leaves him, then also leaves her job rather than continue to work in the same place as he. She takes her now substantial savings, pays one final visit to her still-vegatative mother, then leaves Baldur's Gate.

1371-1372 Travels with a merchant caravan group as a book-keeper, also using her good looks and natural charm to help the caravan master negotiate for goods and supplies. Likes and is liked by the group, but doesn't become particularly close to anyone during this year.

1373 Arrives in Arabel in the country of Cormyr. Excited by the political intrigue and upheaval of a city just recently ending a civil war, she takes her leave of the caravan and stays.

1373-1374 Proceeds to become acquainted with the various factions within the city, begins plans to infiltrate as many as possible in order to write a master thesis on the power struggles of a newly rebelled city. During this time she meets a female elf who prefers the company of women. Tabby is, over the course of a year, ardently pursued by this elf. Eventually, she is finally won over and engages in her first same-sex relationship. Very little progress is made towards infiltrating the factions in power in the city. Her face is too memorable to allow her to be much of a "spy".

1374 Persuaded by friends to help them investigate a haunted painting, she and they are transported inside a painting of a frozen landscape. After battling a legion of undead, Tabby survives by use of an invisibility potion. The others fall. Tabby escapes into the ice-encrusted plains, leaving the bodies of her friends behind to be devoured by ghouls. She thinks she hears one of her friends screaming, but she runs on anyway instead of turning back. A fog-bank rises around her as she runs, and she finds herself in the land of Barovia.

Present Psychological Profile

[edit: Updated to reflect changes in her personality that have occurred since her arrival through the mists]

She is highly intelligent, but often somewhat naive in that the opinions of others matter too much to her, she often exibits a nearly neurotic desire for the approval of the two most important women in her life (see last paragraph). Recently, though, she has grown more confident in her intellectual abilities as an event coordinator and manager, perhaps even over-confident. This is due to her recent successes in accomplishing tasks for Les Chats Noir and the praise she has gotten from her employer as a result. However, this confidence does not extend to other fields; she still believes herself to be 'absolute, bloody rubbish' in any kind of violent confrontation and generally feels completely useless in any kind of heroic endeavour. Because of this, combined with a bit of just plain cowardice, she avoids them unless she is trying to impress one of the two women she admires (again, see last paragraph).

Although very physically attractive, she has a very low opinion of her own appearance. She usually thinks of other women as automatically being more attractive than herself.

The romantic attentions of males makes her feel threatened and uncomfortable, though she tries not to show it, and in general she doesn't feel very comfortable around men; except for men who are happily married, or of very advanced age, of another race, or who are by reason of physical weakness and lack of guile "harmless". This is most certainly a result of her abuse at the orphanage. Confident, strong men frighten her (unless, as stated, they're old enough not to be a threat, or not human). Weak, insecure ones are endearing to her.

Her early duality of lifestyle persists to this day: when she's in Barovia, the rough-hewn wood of the structures and gruff nature of the natives reminds her of life at sea and so she tends to behave in a more free and liberal manner: often wearing trousers and occasionally using rough language. When she is in Port-a-Lucine she tends to behave like a lady: wearing long dresses almost all the time, being polite and diplomatic.

She is haunted to this day by frequent nightmares of the accident she caused that cost her brother's life and shattered her mother's sanity. She believes herself to be guilty of murdering her brother's body and her mother's mind, though she technically isn't. She feels no remorse whatsoever for her actual murder of the orphanage director.

She hates most native Barovians, seeing them as all being bigoted, illiterate, boorish, knuckle-dragging, superstitious morons that the world would be better off without. The fact that this technically makes her a bigot as well is something she lacks the insight to realize.

She loves art, fashion, and music, even plays guitar (though not very well), but her main passion is books. An aspiring writer, she dreams of becoming the most successful novelist in the realm. She doesn't try to hide this ambition, but she doesn't volunteer the information freely, either. She thinks most of her writing isn't good enough to show other people. Yet.

At the time of this writing, she is deeply and faithfully in love with Alana, the tiefling, who is the only person to whom she has confessed the whole truth of her history, although two others have heard the tale with the bits they wouldnt have approved of carefully left out. She has bonded to Caterina Fumosa, head of Les Chats Noirs, as a mother-figure (despite the fact that Caterina is two years younger than herself) that she eagerly strives to impress, seeing in Caterina a woman who is strong, wise, and outrageously financially successful. She is fiercely loyal to Caterina, but even more loyal to Alana who is also strong and successful in addition to being her lover.

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Sadie Halloway (nope, no giant graphic, sorry ;-P )


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Kallorth Hull was born in the village of Hultail (in Cormyr, Faerun), son of Morgan Hull, a farmer, and Alexia Faegürn Hull, a priestess of Oghma. His mother taught him and his brothers to write and read, since their early days. His older sister Lilath married a young merchant and moved to Suzail, and went on to establish a successful career in writing poetry. His younger brother Corister fled West, wishing to become a powerful wizard, and was never seen again by his family. Kallorth, on the contrary, lingered in his family farm for some years, selling the harvested goods for the villagers.

Like his brother, Kallorth flirted with the idea of being a mage and used some of his money to pay a tutor in the Arcane arts. His professor was Fractus, an old wizard who was said to be a spy of the Kingdom. But after some classes on the essence of magic and astronomy, Fractus announced he had to return to Suzail. Without enough money to pay another tutor, nor to have classes in another town, Kallorth abandoned the idea of being a mage and enrolled in the village's militia. In one year, he was responsible for watching Hultail's gates.

But wanderlust had stricken him and he felt the need to knowing more of his world. After a few months in the militia, he used his earnings to buy a sword, bid farewell to his parents and left Hultail. In two years he had visited most of Cormyr and the Dalelands, working as a mercenary.

While crossing the Mistledale, Kallorth met a local merchant named Sammil. They instantly felt attracted to each other, even though none of them had ever engaged in a same-sex relationship. Their affair lasted for a few months, when rumors about them started to spread. Fearing public humiliation and the end of his life as a merchant, Sammil asked Kallorth to leave, which he painfully did. He would never return again to the Mistledale.

In year 1374, he heard of a caravan which would depart from Shadowdale and cross Anauroch towards Waterdeep. Excited with the idea of seeing the City of Splendors, he assigned to escort the caravan. But as a sandstorm struck the group of merchants, Kallorth found himself lost amidst the desert. With the twilight, he soon felt the strange presence of the mists, which lured him into Barovia.

Kallorth is 24 years old, tall and strong, due to his training as part of Hultail's militia. His hair is completely white from birth. His parents could not explain the reason, and Fractus supposed that it could had been an effect of wild magic. His eyes are dark blue, and he has a handsome complexion.

Due to his frustrated interest in the arcane, Kallorth tends to talk in a poetic and philosophic manner, usually digressing about the reasons of his forced "exile" in Barovia and recollecting his life in Faerun and his family. He is curious and observant, eager to learn and adapt. He often writes poetry in his journal, which he rarely shows anyone. Having some skill in the Yarting (a kind of guitar), acquired in his early days, he considers becoming a bard.

Baron Saturday

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The Early Years of Jespe Illahax
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A Description of the Circumstances Behind the Recent Acquisition of a New Servant

Her name, so far as I can make out, is Jespe. Her voice seems rusty from disuse, but I am confident that I can correct this given time. I have purchased the girl from a merchant in the city of Llorkh, where I was visiting an old friend. The merchant seems to have no idea of her real value: He was simply using her to polish the weapons he was selling to a fine shine so as to attract customers (On a side note, I must remember to return: He had a rapier which is missing from my collection).  The stupid old fool did not even notice her pocket one of his daggers. It is refreshing to see a girl willing to act towards her own goals rather than waiting for some fool in a tin can to clank to her rescue. I have little doubt that buying her has saved the merchant's life, and I suspect she will come in useful. I am not as young as I was, and a servant will allow me to focus on important matters. In time, she might even become a true student.

The merchant tells me that he purchased the girl from the Zhents, to whom her parents sold her some five years previous. I am told this is common practice in the Llorkh region: A poor farming family with too many daughters or weak sons, such as the merchant claims her family had, will often sell some of the younger children into servitude in order to feed the stronger, more useful members of the family. Well, their loss is my gain. As for the Zhents, I suspect that in their officiousness they took no notice of her beyond trying to break her will so that she would perform adequately. She was mainly used for simple labor - cleaning and suchlike, though it is more than likely that some of the Zhents may have had other uses for her. I am curious as to how she survived this ordeal as anything but a broken shell, for it betrays hidden depths of inner strength and a certain mental fortitude unusual in one so young.

So far she has proven to be both obedient and intelligent, though if she perceives me as a captor I suspect she will soon attempt to do to me what she would have done to the merchant. To win her, I must win her mind, her intellect - draw her in with knowledge and teachings. Fortunately I have plenty of both.

Oh, and I have given the girl a last name. "Illahax" - It means "the Unseen Hand" in the oldest dialect of my people. I return with her now to my manor near Waterdeep, to continue her training.

I have great hopes for this one.

- Excerpt from the journal of Lady D'Arque, first teacher of Jespe Illahax


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Vidraun Lai'Niril and his older brother Sigil Lai'Niril were born in the Underdark city of Menzoberranzan. Unfortunatly, due to Vidraun's light skin tone and Sigil's Half-Elven nature, they were both exiled. Their lives grew and they aged and trained in the forested lands surrounding a town called Loftenwood. Where they would barter, resupply and train. One evening on a ten man hunting party they were ambushed hill ogres. eight of the party members were slain, Vidraun received a concussion, Sigil managed to fend off the ogres to save his dear younger brother's life. After Sigil took Vidraun to the local chapel to see the nurse i was to their dismay that the concussion caused Vidraun to lose all memory of his childhood, his family and his past. He slowly regained some memory over time, like that of the knowledge of having an older brother: Sigil. He also is able to remember Menzoberranzan and the exilement. For fear of future trouble the two ventured, by boat, to unknown lands in uncharted isles and came upon the lands of Ravenloft. They now seek refuge and training so they can begin anew and show these new lands what Lai'Niril Truly means.


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Bio of Sileas Beneset
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Sileas' history ha
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Eireni Mareau
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Eireni's sparkling eyes are bright but pale in color, and her hair is a wild brunette tinted with reds like the desert sun. She is a young woman slight of stature who, at first appearance, is meek to the point of smallness. She defers to all strangers until they have made her comfortable enough to open up, and when she does she is bright and mischievous, quite the contrast of the blank and servile nature she presents. She speaks with the lilting accent of her native land, where she slaved to a wealthy military family. The Lord of the house, a renowned military man, and the Lady, a sickly-sweet sorceress, had a harsh brand of justice but were not generally unkind. Her life was not particularly eventful, and she made few good friends among her peers, who were often sold, killed or lost anyway. She was known to be quiet, well-behaved, and better-mannered, though she, like others, was saving for her freedom. The mist bought that freedom for her, and now she's at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it. As a slave, she learned many things, particularly of music, performance, and manners. She's very conscious of her manners, is little Eireni, but since suddenly arriving in Barovia, manners don't seem to be getting her as far as a good weapon might. Ah, well. She'll learn.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name:  Talensaria Nevarr
Origin:  Faerūn
Faction:  None
Gender:  Female
Age:  Appears 19 but is 118.
Race:  Elf. (Fey'ri, if approved.)
Profession:  Unemployed
Build: Slim, normal height.
Eyes: Dark Hazel
Hair:  Dark Brunette

BACKROUND (For Fey'ri info.)

  She was born into a family of four, one that strived for power to get them off the streets they ended up living in, in the Port town Fraust they were at. Maybe.. if they werent poor, Talen wouldnt be so screwed up, but why was she?.. Well, her parents, and her brother suffering terrible poverty they tried everything to make some decent coin, but what did that end with? her father making shoes and her mother having to sell herself. They both tried- and did get enough income to atleast feed themselves and live, but they still wanted more.. they prayed for help from the gods and with no help, turned to cursing and hatred towards them- as her mother went missing mysteriously, a misty morning.. nobody seemed to care except Talen's brother and her dad..

A few months later, she had returned.. fully clothed as if she was going through a desert, and twice her size. The two obviously rushed to see if she was okay, and pummeled her with questions, where she had gone, and what happened. She whispered to them while holding her belly, and it was now obvious at this point.. she was pregnant.

They all werent really sure what to do- as one was enough trouble, but the mother kept reassuring them it would be fine and this child would bring hope to their family... WRONG. Many months later, Talen was given life and her mother died during labour because of many things.. mostly including she has a nasty tail that punctured one of her mothers organs while ..*ahem* there. Her father was deep in sorrow, that his wife's false hope for the mysterious child was in vain, and the child was nothing more then a Fey'ri. to live with a human dad, and a half elven brother, though seeming more as a omen for bad things to happen.. The father lost his job and her brother was struck with a bad plague at the time. Her father survived off of others scraps and with Talensaria.. though her brother died.. they were the only two of the family left.

Many, many years later, Talen's mind starting to shape smartly, even without any school. Was almost un-natural, and she soon learned to fend for herself, and to find a like and a dislike for certain things. One of the main things she liked was Musics, Art, dancing and theatre, though a hate for humans that mistreated her for her pointed ears, and caused her to have her hair cover them, and being a differend person from everyone else really hurt her, because she wanted to be normal.. but with her Fey'ri blood, and a tail, she couldnt.

Eventually her father died of old age and she had to fend for herself.. and she was actually doing well, she has a nice voice for singing and fluid movements with her elven grace for dancing, though she strikes more a ballroom interest, she never got to get training in dance classes as that was saved for the noble where she lived. So she decided to leave and fulfull her destiny, whatever that might be, and to find a place to call home.

(Will add more, if approved.)


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name:Lexon Cutter
Origin: Eberron
Faction: None (was employed mainly by house Orien, had connections with Tharask and Kundarak)
Gender: male
Age: 25
Race: Human, unmarked
Profession: caravan escort, caravan guard, caravan escort
Build: tall, fairly well-built, stronger than average
Eyes: mid-light brown
Hair:depends on length of hair, dark-brown, long hair:mid brown

Was born in the city Stormreach at Y.K 787. He did not have much time to spend with his family. Both parents were pirates, that were killed in an early clash with the Galifar navy(Y.K. 795). The town (Stormreach) allready started to be acknowledged and noticed by some of the dragonmarked houses. They asked the Coin Lords for permission, to house  some of the children who lost their parents in the starting and continuing clashes with the galifar navy. They took in several dozen, maybe even a hundred orphans, whom they started to teach, and make faithfull servants of the dragonmarked houses. Lexon got in touch with the dragonmarked houses at the age of 10 in Y.K. 797 He had a good voice, so first house Phiarlan took him under his wings, but they recognised he is not devoted enough for pure entertainment, meaning he would only bring shame to the House. His talent with minor magical tricks was discovered during this time, but he was not gifted enough to be worth teaching by Phiarlans mages. Therefore he was given to other houses for tryout. House deneith refused him early, since he did not seem the kind of child, who would become a fierce warrior. He lacked the stregnth and the agility. Only house Jorasco, Orien, Tharask and Kundarak remained. All four houses tried his abilities, but only Orien, found a meaning for him. Since the town only got into the sight of the houses, trading routes were yet to be discovered and caravans needed to be protected.
Y.K. 799 Lexons studies started. They were astonished by his deductive capabilities, but could not realise how he was not possible to memorise spells, like wizards do.
It was discovered that his blood might hold some of the argonessens, which made him more valuable. Therefore more effort was put in his studies.
He gained much lore of the history of the world, the religions, he once even visited the old continent, to see the creations of House Cannith.
Y.K. 802 when the Galifar navy destroyed the pirate fleet, the houses openly moved in town. They did not take over, but everyone knew, there is nothing that can
be done without one house knowing about it. The first caravan routes were established mainly to nearby deneith outposts.
Y.K. 803 He was first sent out with a caravan, to see things for himself. He turned out to be a big help, since he was the one to discover a trap set by followers of
Vulkoor to gain weapons and armors that was to be delivered to the famous Stormcleave outpost. He was able to entertain his fellows by the campfire, and was
able to see through most deceiptons they encountered. Therefore he was put into caravan escort duty.
Y.K. 807. After dozens of successfull caravan escorts, where there were only minor losses and most times no casualties, he was promoted to be a caravan escort advisor,
whose word was to be taken into consideration.
Y.K. 812. He was leading a large cargo of weapons and armors, to the abandoned ruins of Threnal. A dozen Deneith mercenaries were there for protection along with
some Kundarakites whose job was to remove the wards from the boxes, after successfull delivery. Not far from the destination, just outside of the ruins, they heard strange noises and screams frightening the animals and folks. He asked four adventurers, they met along the way, to accompany him to see what might the cause be,
since Threnal was known to hold a cult to favour the realm of madness in ancient times, and so portals might be still active. What he found was a cave, with carves at its
entrance, and strange mist flowing out. Told the others to wait for him to explore, and if he does not return ask for help from the camp, he went in the cave.
The screams started to grow louder, while the mists got thicker. The tone of the screams rose and rose, untill it turned into a hysterical laughter, and than, the mists
suddenly disappeared, and he foundhimself, near a camp of strangers, who dress oddly.

Sidenote: he likes to drink, allthough he seldom gets drunk, and when he is on duty he never drinks. He does not feel embarassed near woman, since he never had any
problems gaining their attention.
Currently playing:
Rudrig von Rachenthall - the travelling merchant


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Desharik Be'dwa
Origin: Eberron
Faction: None
Gender: male
Age: (Whatever half-elf 20 is)
Race: Half-elf
Profession: Mercenary
Build: Lean
Eyes: Brown with a hint of green
Hair: Light brown
Note able features: Desharik has a bunch of piercings on his face. Upon closer inspection each piercing is covering a scar.

  Desharik was born to a Valenar war chief and a slave women that was captured during raiding in Karrnath. Life was never easy since he was a born a half-elf, and his father decided that he would keep his mothers last name, Be'dwa. He was forced to grow up quick, mean and lean in order to defend his place among the warriors of his war band. Although he was never the best archer or fighter he was good enough to get by, but what was uncanny was his talent to tell a story. Being able to recount the tales of their ancestors or the exploits of another warrior from a recent fight made him a welcome guest on most hunting parties. Desharik was able to pass all trials of a warrior, though many times he would manage to in ways which were unusual.

  In order to be considered a warrior, Desharik had to perform a feat of his ancestors which involved slaying a giant. Unfortunately for Desharik the daughter of Coeliras, the clan's Keeper of the Past, had him in her eye. After a few nights of courting and merriment, Coeliras caught wind of the relationship between his daughter and Desharik. This caused quite a stir between the War Chief and the Keeper since Desharik was not yet a proper warrior in the eyes of tradition. The Keeper was able to win declaring Desharik a shame on their ancestors. Normally this would result in Desharik being expelled from the clan but his father was the clan's War Chief and he was given one month in order to complete his final trails. Before he left Desharik took some gold and scrolls from his father's collection and went to the port Pylas Maradal. He would bet his future off a story he had heard from some merchants about a giant that had taken to the sea.  

  Upon reaching Pylas, he quickly went about looking for merchant ships that were hiring guards and put himself on the wealthiest looking one he could find. During the first few days of his voyage he spent his time crafting the scrolls he had taken into his arrows. The process was difficult yet he received some unexpected help from a passenger on the ship. The women was a traveling musician who had been in Valenar to buy a horse and was now traveling to some grand city of towers.

  A week into the voyage luck finally came on Desharik's side and a pirate ship was spotted approaching fast with a giant at the bow. Though the pirate ship was smaller, it was faster, better armed and, depending who you asked, had a deadlier crew. When Desharik heard the bell ring and the captain yell for all hands on deck, he dashed from his room, ducking and dodging past frightened passengers, up onto the main mast. There he mounted one of the cross beams and to his surprise it felt similar to the back of a horse, a feeling familiar to any Valenar. He had just seated himself and notched his first arrow when the pirate ship rammed the merchant's and deployed it's grappling lines. The force of the impact nearly threw Desharik from his perch, but years of riding saved him from falling into the melee that was about to erupt on deck. This was unfortunate for the first of the pirates that had begun to jump aboard only to be caught by an arrow as foot touched the deck.

  The melee was merciless and bloody with no clear indication of who was winning. Desharik was able to fire off a few more shots and down some pirates before the Giant had finally decided to make it's move. Using a catapult on his ship he launched himself over into the middle of the melee, crushing members of both crews where he landed. The melee all but stopped for a moment as the Giant stood slowly covered in blood and as he made to roar an arrow struck him in the shoulder. Lighting exploded from the arrow covering the giant in a pulsing web of electricity. The giant screamed and snatched a piece of what was once a man, turning about with great speed. His eyes and Desharik's met for a moment before it hurled the corpse sending Desharik clear off his perch and into some smaller sails. As he was tumbling down the sail he pulled his scimitar stabbing it into the sail, desperately trying to slow his fall. He crashed onto the deck with jarring thump sending his weapons scattering about. The melee renewed itself with victorious screams from the pirates over their captain's accomplishment.

  Desharik regained his wits quickly and watched the Giant moving toward him with axed raised. He reached into his quiver for another arrow as the Giant swung it's axe, he rolled aside narrowly avoiding the blow and drawing his arrow as the axe hit the deck with such force it shattered, sending a volley of wooden shrapnel into Desharik's right side. Pulling it's axe from the deck, Desharik stabbed the arrow into it's arm. The Giant stumbled back and clutched it's arm as it turned to stone. Desharik stood, smiling as he could see his victory before him, but as he would soon learn, living up to ones ancestor is no easy task. The Giant looked down and smiling, picked up Desharik's scimitar which had scattered nearby. The Giant held out its arm and with one powerful swing cut it clean off. Tossing the scimitar aside and instead taking up it's own petrified arm it roared and charged forward.

  Desharik was stunned by the sight before him, left completely helpless as the Giant barreled forward. It swung it's petrified arm in a powerful arch that would have crushed Desharik's skull like a grape had something not pulled him flat against the deck. The Giant smashed the arm into one of the smaller masts shattering it violently. When Desharik regained his senses he saw a wicked looking blade before him where the mast was falling, he quickly grabbed it before rolling aside. As he scrambled to his feet a voice said duck. There was such a sure, cool confidence to the voice he obeyed without further prompting, once again narrowly avoiding death as a petrified arm soared overhead. He spun around still in a crouch and faced the Giant as it roared in anger. As the Giant raised it's arm, Desharik leaped from his crouch thrusting the wicked blade into it's neck. The blade shone for a moment and then the life in the Giant's eyes was gone. Desharik released his grip on the blade and the Giant fell backward onto the deck with a tone of finality.

 The remaining pirates became terrified as their captain fell and attempted to flee, there was no where to run. Afterward, Desharik retrieved his sword and took the Giant's head as a trophy. He then wearily joined in the cheers of the rest of the crew before turning and heading below deck for his bed. When he walked into his room there was a woman sitting on his bed. The traveling musician was smiling and before he could speak she asked if she could have her sword back. Desharik after a moment looked to the mysterious blade at his side and slowly held it out to her. She took it, which seemed to vanish as she did, and put a small pouch on his bed. She claimed it was payment for doing her work and quickly left the room, disappearing into the crowd of passengers in the hall. Along with the gold was a note which read:  "If you need a friend in Sharn, look for Talim d' Phiarlan."

  The rest of the journey was uneventful and when he docked, Desharik used his small wealth to purchase magical transportation home to Valenar. When he arrived he held his trophy proudly and said, "Let me tell you the story of Desharik Be'dwa."

// That story came out longer than I though. Thanks mailbox for the edit.

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name:  Crag Hack Kargaz
Origin: Kargaz Keep, Earthfast Mountains, The Vast, Northern Faerun
Faction:  None
Gender:  Male
Age:  62
Race:  Shield Dwarf
Profession:  Huntsman
Build: Wiry, Lithe (for a dwarf, that is)
Eyes: Slate Grey
Hair:  Reddish Brown

Second son of the third daughter of Crugeon Kargaz, Lord of Kargaz Keep, Crag Hack was destined for mediocrity. His older brother, Thorik, had already established himself to take over the forge run by thier father, and his older cousins had already had decades to begin their own political maneuvering withing the keep's stagnant hierarchy. Crag drifted through his adolescence aimlessly, trying to find a trade that wasn't already dominated by one of his older relatives.

It wasn't until the day his uncle's old adventuring companion came to visit that Crag discovered his calling. The middle-aged half-elf named Rhistel Shemov was frustratingly mysterious. Crag couldn't figure out the man's angle. Why, after all these years, had the huntsman decided to visit Crag's uncle, who was, by all account, not the most friendly person, even by dwarf standards. Crag took to following the half-elf around, trying to go unnoticed. Late one night, Rhistel snuck out of the keep through an out-of-service mine entry. Crag followed the best he could, but eventually could no longer find the half-elves trail. Disappointed with himself, Crag turned to return to the keep, only to walk headlong into Rhistel.

"Never, ever lose sight of your target, whelp. Especially a dangerous target." Rhistel held a blade at Crag's throat. The young dwarf fought back and eventually disarmed his assailant, but was caught completely by surprise when the cave vines themselves came to life, holding him in his place.

"You have a talent, Crag Hack Kargaz, of Kargaz Keep. A talent not seen among your kin very often. I have watched you watching me this past fortnight, and allowed my self to be followed, when you chose to follow. Mind you, I have not made it easy for you, but you stayed the course, and have proven your hunter's instincts." Rhistel and Crag talked at great length about the young dwarf's future, and what might lie ahead if he embraced the way of the huntsman.

Upon returning to the keep, Crag informed his family that he had decided to leave the clan's homestead and find his way in the outside world, to better diversify the skills of his family. Though hesitant to give up a strong back for the mines and a deft hand at the forge, his elders agreed to let him leave, at his uncle's urging.

Crag trained with Rhistel for many years, until the half-elf decided it was truly time to hang up his weapons and retire. Crag Hack determined that he would return home to visit for a few years before striking off on his own again to hone his skills.

After a warm welcome home, and nearly 2 years of the relative peace and quiet of the keep, Crag began to feel restless. He decided it was time to move on. He left the keep late one night, leaving a letter for his parents explaining he could stay no longer. He snuck out using the same abandoned mine entrance he had followed Rhistel through years ago. When he reached the surface he headed south, towards the Fire River and the Sea of Fallen Stars, not sure of his eventual destination. About a day's travel from the Hill of Tombs, Crag was enveloped in a strange, rolling bank of fog that came up out of nowhere...