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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Gias Blake
Gender: Male
Race: Half Elf (star elf)
Place of Origin: Aglarond on Faerun, Toril.
Age: 70
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Highest saving throw: Fortitude I guess.
Weapons: Heavy crossbow, Battle Axe, Club.
Likes: Hunting.
Dislikes: He gets slightly annoyed when people tell him he is a bad archer for using a crossbow. His perception isnt very good since losing an eye (see below) so he just guesses how far away things are in an attempt to compensate.

Appearance: Too sturdy to be an elf but still has the pointed ears one associates with fey folk though they are not as long as a full elf's.
He is missing his left eye and wears an eyepatch. Gias has ruddy orange-reddish hair and stubble.
Languages: Common and Elven.
Background: Gias knows Tinu Naur a little from 50 years ago when they were friends but that is about it. He got chased by Nilshae aberrations through the mists and ended up in Barovia. She was still distraught over what became of her fiancé and gave him some mithral armor in passing.
He does not know anybody in this land and laughs off the racism of the Garda and locals.
Gias hates aberrations. His rage got out of control while under the effects of a psionic attack by one 45 years ago causing him to temporarily lose his sanity, going so far as to rip his own eye out.
Gias isn't too crazy about undead either, considering them very unnatural.

Motivations: For now just figuring out what this whole place is about, finding a way to make some money and not dying a whole lot.

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Character name: Aigos Quoa
Origin: Hazlan, Ravenloft.
Gender: Male.
Race: Half Vistani (Vatraska clan, mother's side & Mulan on Father's side).
Alignment: Lawful neutral.
Class: Wizard (transmuter).
Age: 30.
Religion: Lawgiver.
Hair color: Red but he shaves it (like most Hazlani, he ascribes to the "bald and tattooed is beautiful" aesthetic).
Distinguishing physical characteristics: Wears a set of gold rimmed glasses. Has bright scarlet and deep crimson tattoos along his body.

Goals: Make some friends, become a more powerful mage, possibly find/make a place for himself in the world. Also, he wants to be an exceptional physician.
Flaws: > Agios has an inferiority complex. It really bothered him to learn while coming of age he was not in fact a pure blooded Mulan. He worries that because he is of mixed stock that he will lag behind his other wizarding colleagues who are full Mulan or worst of all, at night that maybe he is an incompetent wizard perhaps yes due to being a miscegenated mongrel.
> Lawgiver faith gives out conflicting messages to Agios. On the one hand he believes hard work and being duty bound is the best way to be. On the other there's that whole racial caste ingrained societal thing even right there reinforced in the religion itself which leaves him to wonder about if he will go to Iron Slave Hell for the blasphemy of the choices his parents made regarding his upbringing and birth.

Personality: Agios is wary of betrayal but also patient. After-all, he feels the Iron Lord will provide accordingly so of course if you work diligently it should pay off.  You'll have to determine if he hates everybody around him or is just guardedly cautious in his interactions.

> Family man: Agios is happily married to Shanaz. He cares about his father, his in-laws and the plantation workers, too!
> Respect the law: As a traveling doctor, the first thing Agios does when arriving in a new destination where he will spend any prolonged length of time is to familiarize himself with customs and the law of the land.
> Country boy: He respects his King and even if you dislike the Hazlani empire likes to point out that not *every* citizen is a mad wizard, kidnapping thug or horrible tyrant. Cities do throw him a little and he will feel star struck when in the Hazlan capital of Ramulai.
> Bedside manner: He makes house calls and Agios will also even just casually inquire if you are feeling sick even if you aren't one of his patients.

Bio: I am the son of House Quoa. My father said duty above all. I... Never really got to know my mother. Of course I seem a touch exotic... It so happens she was a Vistani.

I am not a slaver, you fool! I'm a doctor!
Did you somehow fail to see my little black bag, healing kits and stock of health draughts? Nono, I'm not an optometrist...

Themes: 1. knowledge is power, it is what you do with it that should be used to evaluate whether a person is good or evil.
2. Resources are to be exploited optimally. Relationships too are a resource so to underplay the value of this social currency would be to squander an ever so useful resource.
3. The Demi-plane is a terrible but also terribly curious realm and he intends to explore and understand as much of it as he can.
4. Disease is Mytteri. It is chaos that sickens, alters and distorts people in bad (but physically quantifiable and capable of being observed) ways. As a Lawgiver physician, imposing medical order on the Mytteri of disease is of highest duty, perhaps even a prime directive for him!
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Re: Post your character bio here
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NCE 2017
Milován Drózda

A rural hunter dressed in the muted colors of the Barovian landscape, Rough cured leathers and furs, functional but well worn.
He is a lean swarthy man of mixed descent. His lithe physique moves with a grace more characteristic of a dancer or acrobat than that of a woodsman. 

His dark features are sharp and angular, reminiscent of a hawk or some other such bird of prey.

The tools of his trade, his bow, knife and hatchet are well cared for and strategically worn about his person for quick access.
There is no customary pleasantry or kindness to his personality. The cruel melancholy lands of the Core beat that out of him long ago.

A romantic liaison between a charismatic Gundarakite outlaw and a wayward vistana, Milovan was born from two worlds but never truly accepted into either. He is a half-breed, always the outsider.

Milovan remembers very little from his childhood, as brief as it was. He recalls a few precious memories; his father’s jovial laughter and his mother’s haunting lullabies.

His father was hung by soldiers when he was barely five years old, this he clearly remembers. His mother, unable or unwilling to bare the grief and the burdens of parenthood left her illegitimate child on the door step of an orphanage in Krezk, never to be seen again.

Rerun. NCE 2018


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Gwynnestri Barrias-Nymai'hel ~ Foqalsuor ~ Thaesumil en'Maskaulatnee
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In Game Portrait Used


Name: Gwynnestri Barrias-Nymai'hel
* Nickname: Gwynn, Gweyr, Gweyr Nym

Origin: Forgotten Realms Setting
* Faerun
* Evereska [Fortress-City], a.k.a. The Last City, Last Home
* Western Heartlands, bordering the Anauroch Desert

Through the Mists: Greycloak Mountains
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Cleric
* Title: Foqalsuor [Shield-Priest(ess)]
* Rank: Thaesumil [Promised Youth][Levels 1-2]
* Weapon: Longbow

Deity: Vandria Gilmadrith
* Lawful Neutral
* Allegiance: Seldarine
* Parentage: Corellon Larethian, Araushnee [Pre-Fall Lolth]
* Domains: Law, Protection, War
* Portfolio: War, Guardianship, Justice, Grief, Vigilance, Decisions
* Epithets: Maskaulatnee [Steelheart], Aheletriel [The Lady of Grief]
* Worship: Elves, Uncommon Due to Lawful Alignment [Elves are Usually Chaotic in Nature]
* Favored Weapon: Longbow
* Holy Symbol: A Black Weeping Eye upon a Blood Red Shield
* Clergy: War-priests dedicated to protection of the Elven race through use of tactics and strategy; their goal is to prevent war entirely but to take up arms when war is inevitable and assist their charges in forming a unified force against the threat in order to eliminate it. They serve by advising leaders in battle strategy, forming alliances through diplomacy, fighting in the thick of battle, training their charges in arms, leading sorties, and caring for the dead who are slain in battle. Though they have no access to the Death Domain one of the main functions of a Foqalsuor is as a kind of Death Priest: they oversee the end of their charges who cannot be saved by healing magics much like a death doula might. After battle they collect the dead, not just of their own kind, but all who have fallen to violence; the dead are then cleansed and buried. They are counsellors to those wracked by grief, even if the supplicant is not a warrior. They also oversee rituals of oath-givings, contracts, and formal alliances; as such, while less welcome than a cleric of Hanali Celanil, they can also preside over marriage contracts, though they are thought of as too grim and stiff for such affairs. The core of their faith is Protection, especially during times of War, that is why most take the name of Foqalsuor, or Shield-Priest.

                    ~|Visible At a Glance|~

Gender: Female
* Faintly Androgynous
* Small-Busted
* Boyish Hipped

Race: Elven
Eyes: Golden
* Almond-Shaped
*A Tad Overly-Large

Hair: Vibrant Golden Blonde
* Notable Markings: Streak of White at Right Temple
* Cut: Short & Wavy
* Worn: Loose about the Shoulders

Skin: Bronzed
* Scars: Faint on Hands and Arms
* Tattoos: None Visible

Height: 5’10’’ [177.5 CM]
* Build: Very Lean
* Weight: Approximately 100 Lbs [45.36 KG]
* Posture: Upright & Straight as a Pin

                    ~|On Further Inspection|~

Race Explored: Ar-Tel’Quessir
* Sun Elf, a.k.a. Gold Elf of Forgotten Realms / Faerun
* Commonality in the Realms: Uncommon
Visage: Comely
* Triangular in Shape
* Pointed Chin
* Aquiline Jaw
* Usual Expression: Serious & Observant

Scent: Fresh & Clean
* Undertones of Citrus

Voice: Pleasantly Polite
* Mode: Low-Alto
* Accent: Evereska Elven, Western Heartlands of Faerun
* Commonality in the Realms: Common

Movement: Efficient
* Cautious
* Clipped Pace

Worn Adornments: Holy Symbol
* Type: Earring
* Location: Right Ear
* Form: A Small Red-Enameled Shield with a Black Weeping Eye upon it
* Commonality in the Realms: Rare
* Other Notable Qualities: Elvish Workmanship & Design

                    ~|Other Notables|~

* Father: Nyvorlas Barrias-Nymai'hel - Cleric of Vandria Gilmadreth
* Mother: Shi'larra Naelgrath - Ranger of Solonor Thelandira
* Siblings: Olaurae [Brother] - Ranger of Solonor Thelandira, Lyari [Brother] - Cleric of Hanali Celanil
* Other: Ael'Cor'avar [Affectionate-Formal Name Meaning Great-Legendary-Father or Great-Grandfather] - Baelnorn Founder of the Barrias-Nymai'hel Line during the Third Crown War of the Elves, Protector of Evereska, Cleric of Vandria Gilmadrith

* Base: Common
* Racial: Elven
* Regional Bonus: Chondathan, Illuskan, Sylvan
Gwynnestri "Gweyr" Bannias-Nymai'hel ~ Thaesumil en'Maskaulatnee


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Nickname: Doctor
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthplace: Huzuz, Zakhara
Class: Cleric/Fighter
Weapon: Dual Scimitars
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity:    Zann, God of Knowledge, Learning, and Intellect
Age: 38
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200 lbs
Languages: Common, Midani

Decently tall, physically fit individual. He has long black curls that would fall down to his lower back if left untied, and a long and well-kept beard. His attire usually consists of fancy, yet eccentric clothing, accompanied by a large hat with a feather in it.

He speaks Common fluently, although his Midani accent can still be heard.

Haldyr attended at Al-Bidir Sallah, Home of the Seekers of Knowledge, under the College of Sciences. From his early to late 20s he lived a wild and fulfilling life, devoting his days to his studies and practice of medicine, and his nights to revelry with friends and sharing the company of women. At the age of 28, he longed for adventure, and signed on with an expedition heading to Faerun. It was on these adventures from one continent to another where Haldyr learned how to use a scimitar, learning a move or two from his bodyguards along the way. At the age of 30, he'd eventually make it to the far west of Faerun, to Neverwinter, where he was welcomed by a contact of the expedition there. At that point, he joined a team of researchers and scholars at the Starshine Academy in Blackule Lane of Blacklake District. At the age of 38, a horde of undead attacked Neverwinter, headed by Valindra. Haldyr volunteers with a platoon of medics to keep soldiers patched up as the siege of the city raged on. He would experience two weeks of this siege until one night, where he and a few other medics split up to find injured among the slumbering battlefield while the horde was focused elsewhere, and it was here where the mist would appear and abduct the doctor.

A very easy-going individual, very hard to offend. Both intelligent and wise, and is constantly in pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

Having come to terms that he'll probably never return home, he hopes to do his best in Barovia to keep whoever he can from Death's doorway, utilizing his skills as a doctor, and improving his skills with a scimitar each day.
I play as...
A rookie ninja named Haze Yudai
A washed up nobody Dwarf named Heltr
A socially awkward hunter named Hyteo LaCroix
A failure of a blacksmith named Hazard Bartholomew
And a dumb wannabe artist named Hyde.

...Wait, that last one is irl me.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Mercedes was born to relatively normal parents, though her white hair drew the townsfolk to believe that her mother was a witch. After being burned before her, she found an exhilaration in seeing death.  She had been jailed, and whipped for witchcraft as well, left in the center of town on a post to be treated as less than human. Her father had been jailed as well for months before being let go. A holy man had been willing to put his own reputation on the line.  Her father released her, and brought her and joined her mother's parents. Her grandfather was a bookkeeper, and her grandmother was a fortune teller. They were a part of a traveling gypsy troupe, going up and down the Sword Coast of Faerun.

One stormy night, the wagon had collapsed on a cliffside, sending several people tumbling down the rocks. Down below, at the base of the mountain was a graveyard for a nearby town. After tumbling down the hill, she had been impaled on one of the spikes on the fence. In the rain, she remained held aloft, bleeding, breathing only partly from her one functioning lung. The pain boiled in her mind. It boiled and boiled until the joy and ecstatic delight was the only thing remaining. She found herself laughing, instead of crying as the light faded from her eyes.
Darkness fell upon her.

When she woke up, a set of armored adventurers were muttering about whether or not to escort her back to town or to climb up the mountainside. They discussed what to do with the spoils of a routed cult, whilst deciding on leaving her be. She looked to the open crypts, and stumbled in there, nauseous and dazed from the harm she had endured. Below, she found herself surrounded by bones and bodies... Rot and fresh kills. A stray book lay on the ground, something missed by those who slew the necromancers below.

From here, she studied the tome inside and out, wandering through sewers and through back alleys... Making her way off of any kind cart-driver that would pity her. She had mastered the first circle of magics within that tome, and grew to understand the basics of magics, stealing what books she could until one night the mists took her.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Without Beard With Beard
A quick sketch of Hyland Baptiste, his appearance is based off of the actor Mustafa Shakir, known for playing as Bushmaster in Luke Cage Season 2.

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthplace: Turmish, Faerun
Raised in: Tethyr, Faerun
Class: Ranger
Weapon: Longbow
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Silvanus
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 lbs
Languages: Common

A tough and rugged looking individual, looks like he's been in more than a few scraps in his life, but his personality seems relaxed, laid back most of the time. His skin his dark with Turami descent, and though rugged as Rangers can be, his walk has a sense of importance to it, almost as if he came from a family with a high reputation in Turmish. He is usually seen wearing his leather armor, the same one many scouts would wear during the war, suggesting he is a war veteran.

A Southern kind of accent, from parts of Tethyr.

Hyland was born in Turmish, but his father left with him to live with Hyland's mother in Tethyr, this is where he was raised. Growing up, he was taught to be able to hunt with his father, taking it on as a new family tradition. After his parents were killed in a bandit attack on the roads, Hyland was on his own, and he eventually took to the streets and joined a gang. Young Hyland fell in and out of trouble many times, stubborn and troubled, no one could get through to him. When the siege of Neverwinter broke out, Hyland and a few members of the gang he was in traveled Northward to join the fight, eager to get in their pound of meat. To their horror, it turned out battling masses of undead wouldn't be as fun as they had hoped. Hylands friends were killed, and he was rescued by a squad of scouts from the walls of Neverwinter. He was recruited into the Neverwinter military and thrown in with the scout team that rescued him, a squad that fancied the name the Dogs of Nightfall. He learned much from them, and their scouting has relayed enough information to save many lives on their side, but the horrors of war would take their toll on Hyland, and over time he wasn't as wild and troublesome as he used to be, now more tired than anything. Years later after the siege, he would meet and Aasimar woman and eventually get married to her, have a son together, and settled down back in Tethyr. His young son, Hyland Jr. , was taught to hunt along side his father at the age of 6, about three years after the death of his mother, and Hyland's wife. It wasn't long after that when Hyland would be out hunting late one night, and the mist would claim him.

He tends to keep to himself, and isn't a fan of unnecessary conflict or violence.

Currently drifting about, yet to find a true purpose.
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I play as...
A rookie ninja named Haze Yudai
A washed up nobody Dwarf named Heltr
A socially awkward hunter named Hyteo LaCroix
A failure of a blacksmith named Hazard Bartholomew
And a dumb wannabe artist named Hyde.

...Wait, that last one is irl me.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Spoiler: show

Michael Abbot
Race:     Aasimar, (claimed) Mordent
Sex:       Male
Skin:       Opalescent Bronze Hue
Eyes:      Shining Brilliant Topaz
Hair:       Silver
Religion: Church of Ezra, Pure Hearts

Appearance:        Michael is powerfully built, standing at least a head taller than most other men, with a gait that tempers the size in a graceful, albeit humble way.
                             His attire is most often a suit of platemail, with a long green cloak, bearing a thin white trim.
                             At other times he doffs the platemail, simply wearing the chain shirt underneath, or his priestly vestments.

Personality:        Michael appears to be a calm man, usually speaking in a low tone. He regularly finds some way to incorporate a light jest into situations, provided they aren't grim.
                            His demeanor is that of a highly inquisitve, but equally compassionate man. Altogether his reassuring presence and hospitable approach to others are traits that
                            conceal the occasional melancholy of his being. As a sign of his will, he is strongly dedicated to his faith, with an open ear to even those outside of it.

Special Features:      No second glance is required to note the gleaming orbs of brilliant topaz he has for eyes.
                                   He often dims this feature by donning a hood. Adding to that is his powerful voice which seems subdued through force in his speech,
                                   so that his intimidating presence does not fully impose upon others.

Short History:        Little is known of Michael's origin, even to him. He came from Mordent to Barovia after being nursed to health by the Pure Hearts of Mordentshire.
                               His mannerisms would certainly fit one hailing from the foggy home of the Church of Ezra's Second Sect, but whether he was born there is as misty as his first memory.
                               He has since become a Warden of the same Revelation during his stay in Barovia and wandered the Hollow in search of truth and opportunities to do what must be done.   

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Cristan Keldan.
35 years old but looks younger, despite facial piercings.
Race: Human.
Origin setting: Valachan, Ravenloft.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Eye color: "Bile" yellow.
Skin color: Deep caramel brown.
Hair color: Black.
Hair style: Long and straight, sort of a mullet.
Class: Cleric.
Deity: Yutow the Peacebringer.
Domains: Law and Plant.
Favorite weapon: Sickle.
Favorite spells: Barkskin, darkfire and bull's strength.
Bio: Cristan hails from the Valachani major city of Ungrad which is known for its mushroom farming. He is only an acolyte and not yet a fully fledged Moarnekone. It was during a vision quest he got misted to Barovia.
The amount of arcane magic being bandied about so readily by the outlanders who aren't core natives is... Somewhat unsettling to him but through repeated exposure again and again, time after time he is coming to at least tolerate it as being occasionally necessary though he still does not like such things. Divine magic and natural (sorcery, bardic) are less distasteful to him than wizardry.

A Valachani through and through despite being a city one he tries hard to be a manly man but also kind. He isn't as outdoorsy as the peasant farmers and woodsmen since he is of the priestly caste.

He unshakingly believes in the Valachani creation myth and Pacification event in Valachan's false history and has no reason to think otherwise. Cosmologically Cristan understands that Yutow though "dead" is neither undead nor erased. Rather, Yutow the nature God was martyred and ascended to a different form. Like all priests of Yutow Cristan holds that Yutow in this second form from the moon dreams and continues to watch over Valachani people.

Likes: People in general, women, fighting, ghost hunting and animals (except for insects and spiders which he dislikes for how they carry poisons and disease).
Dislikes: Lying gossip designed to hurt people, undead, studied arcane magic (wizardry), most types of vermin, being usually the only one of his race (let alone his own kind) ever around.
Major Themes: Loneliness, journey, romance.
Minor Themes: Companionship and fighting against the supernatural/unnatural.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Ander Warwick
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’ 10”
Origin: Faerun
Deity: Selune

Physical Description:

A young human man with dark, rough features and athletic build lies before you.  Narrow green eyes stay vigilant
of the surroundings. Hands are rough and calloused to the touch, with dirt under the nails. Voice is grizzled and
jaded. While most of his actions show caution and vigilance, his stance and posture show a hint of honor and kindness.


                I lived my life majorly in the forests between Daggerford and Secomber, across the river from 
        Waterdeep. My father and mother…. Supported us by hunting animals, skinning and tanning hides, smoking 
        the meat and selling what we didn’t need to the cities that surrounded us. Father made quality items,
        gained a bit of renown with some of the nobles in waterdeep. Because of that, we lived fairly comfortable
        lives, even though it was outside the cities.
           Ever since I was young, my father would take me out with him and teach me how to hunt, track,
        pick out details, trap, and everything else he could. Everything he used to take care of my mother and I.
        As I got older, he began to teach me how to fight, a little with the bow, but mostly with blades, sparring
        would soon become a daily routine. At first I saw it as a game, which is why I had enjoyed and
        kept dedicated to the training. I saw how he made my mother smile, made me want to be like him, to be
        the type of person that would make others happy and had their respect.
           We always had the same routine when we took the stock to the other cities. Start at Daggerford for a
        day, stay in Waterdeep for about four days and then Secomber for another day. Once I became 16, he’d
        have me take care of Secomber on my own. Said it I needed to learn how to take care of things on my own.
        I thought it was just so he could have some time with mother alone, I didn’t mind though. I even started
        staying an extra couple days, partially to give them more time, partially cause I made some friends of my own.
           Eventually I got my own little cabin in the woods right next to Secomber. I still visited my parents each
        month, just to check in. Somehow he always knew when I’d show up though, cause he’d sneak up on me
        every time. Guess he wanted to keep me sharp. One visit though… would be the most unexpected event, that
        I could have never imagined.
           Shortly after I was 20, I went to visit, like I normally would, but what I found was a horrific sight. I got
        there late, right after dusk. The animals were silent and the smell of Iron was in the air. I knew something was
        wrong, so I rushed in… nothing could have prepared me for what was before me. My mother and father,
        feeding upon each other. Their eyes white and almost lustful expressions upon their faces. Before I could get a
        grasp on what I was witnessing, their attention turned to me as they lunged. With no time to think, I just acted…
        before I knew it, they were lifeless on the floor.
           I just stood there, blood covering me. My mind, blank, I just started walking into the woods. The mist
        came a surrounded me, before I could begin to comprehend what had happened, I was gone. Emerging in an
        unfamiliar world….


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Vivenius Bio
« Reply #211 on: May 14, 2019, 02:26:05 AM »
Vivenius Petrach basic bio

Vivenius Petrach is from Waterdeep..well, not really.  However, anyone who matters is from Waterdeep.  His mother taught him that.  His mother taught him many things, learned from many years as a single mother, while running her rather successful merchantile business.  Vivenius' father died when he was young of blood poisoning, however he held his mother back more than did not.  Known as the "Harpy" she was as cutthroat as a wealthy merchant can be.  However, she realized early Vivenius was not meant for that world, so she groomed him with other plans in mind.  Having him trained intensely, in the courtly skills of music and being friends with those on the rise, she positioned him early on with his wealthy cousin in Waterdeep. 
     Vivenius learned quickly how to make friends, it was easy really.  Just like his mother, you need to have what others need.  You need to be friends with the people that others need to be friends with, or at least appear to be.  Even in his youth, he was the one to organize a hunting party, or bring together young nobles for some mischief.  As an adult, he found position with a wealthy patron in Waterdeep, a man indebted to his uncle.  This gave Vivenius access to the upper courts, the powerful.  Much like his mother, he would "broker" friendships, inspire couplings and make the introductions.
     From all this you may get the impression Vivenius is a conniver, a grifter or a man with schemes.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  He found his place, in his attempts to impress his mother, but there is little malice in his soul.  The truth was, he actually enjoyed making friends, helping people make connection and being a part of the greater cog that turned the world.  If he profited from his social place, fine...but often he would act against his own better judgment to help out a person in need.  It seems he was poorly cut out for courtly politics either, but he never lacked for friends.  It did not hurt that he deeply loved this studies as well, particularly music and history.
      What inspired the mist to claim him, he will never know.  Like all things in his life, he is not going to waste time marvelling at his strange surroundings or mewing at the sky as a frightened cat.  There are people here, so there are friends here.  If he has learned anything from his mother, a man might have good reason to fear, but an organized collection of people need fear nothing.   He will get his bearings, find his place do his part to get this cog turning.
     Though his bravado would be more convincing to him, if there was not some strange sound hidden in the wind...and a chill on his spine as though something that cares little for ones friends was near.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Character name: Valra
Origin: Neverwinter (Faerun)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Sorcerer
Age: 24
Deity: Chauntea
Languages: Common, Draconic (still learning)

Physical description: Quite tall (182cm) young woman with short, dark hair and grey, deep eyes. Dark circles under eyes. There's nothing really unusual in her, would blend perfectly within a big crowd of people. She dresses simply in neutral colors, almost no jewelry.

Personality: While being a free spirit deep down, she knows the value of hard and honest work - and also the value of escaping duries that, in her mind, are not making things better. She's often brash, loud and acts before she thinks. She likes to pretend that she knows more than she actually does, and she doesn't like being seen as weak or overly emotional. She loves having people around, especially those who are up for any kind of mischief.

Biography: Raised in the local orphanage, she was always a troublemaker, but one of those who are always seeing the bright side of life and are pretty fun to have around. After her talent for magic awoke, she was given to one of wizards of Neverwinter to study and polish her skills, though in the end she ended up being more of a maid than a student (what she greatly regrets now).
She suffers from nightmares and dreams of unknown origin (most of them being of pale looking humanoids) since magic awoke within her.

Goals: Learn more about her nightmares, become more and more powerful, find her own place in the world

Additional info: magic blood of hers comes from unseelie, her biggest fears are being drowned and moths


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Jaoven Bedca
Gender: Male
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Race: Half-Vistani, Verbreker
Place of Origin: Verbrek
Age: 25
Class: fighter
Alignment: True neutral
Highest saving throw: Reflex, will and fort second equals
Weapons: Heavy crossbow, Handaxe, spear, anything really
Likes: Hunting. Killing wolves. Killing monsters.
Dislikes: lycans. Monsters. Monster lovers. The Wolf God. People who don’t take his warnings seriously. Useless people.

Appearance: Olive skin and dark black hair, his facial features make him look like a Vistani. But he is actually half Vistani. Not that most people not Vistani could tell the difference. But he dresses and speaks like a Verbreker.

Languages: Common, Mordentish. Balok

Background: Taken in as a baby by an older Verbreker couple who felt a son, even a foundling one, would be useful in survival in Verbrek he was raised as one of their own amongst two sisters and four brothers. He learned to fear the night as it was the hour of the wolf, and for many years Jaoven feared the wolves and lycans of Verbrek, yet inside he felt hate for being so afraid and when he could he would also take a shot at a wolf during the day; as a way of spitting the werewolves and their kind.

He learned the ways of a militia man, and joined the local village militia as a young man. He felt proud to be protecting his family and community; but always checking the locks of home at night.

Despite it all he felt often an outcast. Though he was welcomed by his community, his moon madness often made him stand out as a possible risk and more then once he had to be kept locked in his room during his more violent episodes. Though he was not a werewolf, he felt cursed and tainted and grew to hate the full moon more then normal.

Despite it all Jaoven felt happy, but happiness does not last long in Verbrek. Perhaps bad luck, or his random killing of wolves finally brought down the werewolves wrath. First his mother vanished in the night one day. Then the next a trio of werewolves assaulted his families farmhouse, and slaughtered everyone. All but Jaoven, who had hid in a secret hope in the wall; clutching a semi silver amulet and making the gesture to ward off evil and lycans. But all the while he could only watch as his family was torn apart and eaten before his eyes. And the feral eyes of a werewolf as it stared at him through the small crack he peeked out of before leaving him alone amongst the torn remains of his family.

After that, Filled with regret; as he blamed himself and anger for doing nothing but hiding, he left Verbrek. And vowed never to return till he could become the predator.

Motivations:Revenge on the werewolves who killed his family; especially the alpha a grey furred one. Then he wants to kill every last wolf and werewolf in the land of Verbrek and beyond. He won’t rest till every Lucan is dead. He has also learned that other monsters exist in the world and while he will kill them if he can and must, his main goal above all is werewolves.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Character name: Eien Tir'Grein
Origin: Waterdeep (Faerun)
Gender: Male
Race: Moon Elf
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Fighter
Age: 148
Deity: Ilmater (he is not very religious but he mostly prefers Ilmater)
Languages: Common, Elven

Physical description: Definately tall (186cm) and muscled for his race, he has several scars on his hands and a deep one on his neck. Dark hair, pale skin and deep blue eyes, his expression is often neutral and lost. He likes wearing dark clothing, for strategic purposes, generally dislikes wearing anything fancy.

Personality: Eien tries his best to cope with some tragic events that happened in his life, he was once a cheerful young elf, now he is mostly calm, thoughtful and sometimes saddened. His recent past as a fighter helps him coping with stress and danger, he is responsible not only for himself and for others he cares about, sometimes more for others than himself. He despises criminals and cruelty, even the tragedy in his life was not enough to shatter his belief that a better society can be built through order, even if he had a more positive point of view when younger.

Biography: Eien was raised in an unusual elven family in Waterdeep, no one really cared about traditions and heritage, his father mostly seemed worried about money. His family had a small house in Waterdeep but moved to a farm when he was very young, he spent most of his life as a farmer helping his relatives. One day some thugs arrived at the farm claiming that his father owed a local moneylender an insane amount of gold, Eien understood that his father was so worried about money because he asked for it to the wrong people and lived paying his debts. That life ended that day, everybody died, even Lindel his bethrothed was murdered by the thugs. When somebody arrived at the farm he was the only one able to recover, they all said it was some kind of miracle or just luck. For him it was a curse, he lost everything and would have rather died that die, he attempted suicide many times but could not find enough will to do it. He joined the city guard and had military training, for a time dealing with criminals, catching them, punishing them, was a good relief to his sadness and hatred, but he decided to leave the guards after a few years after it became impossible for him to keep his role without accepting bribes and stay silent about it. Than he started working as bodyguard for a magic items merchant named Brevil, and he did that for a good pay for a few years, until the mists took him.

Goals: Survive, protect the people he cares about and grow stronger to do that, get over his past.

Additional info: He is a quick and agile fighter, his favorite weapons are his twin shortswords.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Chloe Kross

Race: Half Elven
Height: Five feet
Weight: 105 lbs
Age: Seventeen
Background: Bardic College
Favorite Food: Sweets
Favorite Music: Anything coming from a violin
Favorite Leisure Activity: Songwriting or storytelling
Blood Type: AB+
Place of Birth: Baldur's Gate (Faerun, Forgotten Realms)
Previous Occupation: Street Urchin

Family: William Kross - Human Father, 35 (alive) | Silias Ry'ena - Elven Mother, 139 (deceased)

Basic Background:

- ҉ - Chloe was born in Baldur's Gate to a prominent duo in the Flaming Fist. She was well loved in her childhood up until her parents ran afoul of a group of anarchists calling themselves the Virtuous Soil. William became obsessed with finding the Soil and rooting them out as violently as possible. He began drinking heavily, the formerly doting father descending into depravity over the next several years. At some point during this period Chloe's mother was killed, though the circumstances that led to it remain unclear, even to Chloe herself. In the long run, William was discharged from the Flaming Fist, stripped of his rank and position and humiliated among his peers.

- ҉ - William used whatever clout and money he had remaining to send Chloe to Waterdeep to study at the House of Song. While his motivation was simple greed--his intent capitalizing on Chloe's innate talent with song and bardic magic--Chloe herself initially found the college to be a warm escape from her miserable and abusive home life. Every week she spent at the college was a week her father didn't beat her. Things weren't all rainbows and sunshine at school, however, as her half-elven upbringing nature elicited some prejudice from her peers. One girl her age was willing to talk to her though, a girl named Lily, and the two became fast and inseparable friends.

- ҉ - When Chloe was on the cusp of womanhood, her life would change forever. She'd discover that her best friend Lily of the same college had ties to the Virtuous Soil, who William had pursued so violently. Bent on vengeance for her fallen comrades, Lily followed Chloe on a trip the woman took home and went to finish the job the slain revolutionaries couldn't do: To kill William Kross.

- ҉ - Lily had meant to kill a bound and gagged William slowly, with a thousand cuts. Chloe, not knowing how to fight, managed to slay Lily in the middle of a melodramatic speech the woman was delivering to her father, caving her skull in with a candelabra. The thought of having killed someone she had grown to love to save her father, who had abused her countless times, shattered Chloe's psyche. She could not cope with this, and as a result has developed an intense paranoia and fear, often shutting herself off from others.

- ҉ - Following Lily's death, Chloe's interests in the academic arts vanished. She never returned to the House of Song, despite her father's insistence. This lead to William's most savage beating of Chloe yet, but this time the young woman fought back, stabbing him in the leg with a dagger she had begun to carry. Fearing William would kill her, Chloe fled into the night and never returned home.

- ҉ - With nowhere else to go, she lived in the Baldur's Gate sewers for a time, making due with all of Baldur's Gate's other forgotten citizens. She lived with the dock rats and she learned from them, learning to survive on her own and make her way in the world by scraping by. Over the next two years she forgot what it was like to not feel hungry, forgot the feel of a clean bed, but she had become cunning and fast. She was not the prim and proper young lady that she had been as a child--she was a woman grown, but fragile--nearly broken. When it seemed her despair would consume her fully, she found herself on the streets of the harbor one night, forced to enter a strange and foreboding mist...


My name is Chloe Kross. Half-Elven, for anyone wondering about my short tips, but it's not something I admit freely. I know Bards are supposed to tell other peoples' stories, but right now this is the one I feel like telling, and it just happens to be my own. I was born in Baldur's Gate. My father used to be a really famous mercenary, a member of the Flaming Fist Company. My mother loved him, though in retrospect I don't know why. My father won't talk about what happened to her, and I was so young I don't remember, but I have my guesses. He raised me on his own, if you want to call it that. I think he always resented that he didn't have a son to pass on his name. I didn't get a lot of care and affection from him, most of our quality time together was spent playing "hide-and-seek" after he had too much to drink; That's what I called it when he'd try to beat me and I'd hide from him. I got pretty good at hiding.

When I was fourteen my father stuffed some of my dresses into a bag and sent me off in a carriage to a fine arts boarding school with clear instructions; return when you are a famous bard, or not at all. Believe it or not, I didn't mind it at first. Anything that got me out of that hell-hole of a home. Met my best friend there, a sweet girl named Lily. I really loved Lily. Anyway, it's all a pretty tragic tale, but she tried to kill my father and in turn I killed her. Looking back on it, I'm not even sure why. Should've let her cut him to pieces.

Ended up living on the docks after that. It gets a bad reputation, but the other poor and desperate souls who made their home there can recognize their own, and they were kind enough to me. I was able to make a living with the odd performance in the local dives or with a bit of thievery. But as usual, life wasn't going to take a break from kicking me just because I was already down. I ended up picking the wrong pocket and found myself running from some of the less-than-friendly members of the thieves guild, I could have sworn that alley was a dead end, quite literally; but just when I rounded the corner to my expected resting place, I hit a wall of mist.

Next thing I know, I wake up a mile or so away from a strange camp full of colorful peddlers, and I learn I'm in a place called Barovia. This place terrifies me. Time and time again I've been traumatized since I arrived. A crazy vampire named Vecna drank my blood--for near a week I was almost certain I was going to turn into some kind of undead vampire freak myself, but I guess I'm alright. A handful of people have been kind to me since I was 'Misted'--that's what they call it--but only one person so far has glimpsed the full measure of the real 'me.' Feels like I'm always putting on a show for one person or another, here, but I think I can trust her. Time will tell.

One thing I know is that I'm tired of being kicked around  and I'm not going to be that scared little girl anymore. I'm going to become something that doesn't disgust me to my very core. I'm going to overcome my fear, and everything else the Mist thinks it can throw at me.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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There are spoilers within his backstory, due to a few fabrications in the story Gautier Duplat shares in game.  If you're a player, involved with his story, you might want to avoid the spoiler, but it's up to you. 

Spoiler: show
The Back History of Gautier Duplat

Gautier married in his early 20s to a woman who he knew was too good for him. She had but one condition, a steep one: no more smuggling or breaking the laws of the Republic. He was in love with her, and she made him want to become a better man, and so he kept his word, and four children soon followed, staggered only by one or two years. During that time, Duplat stayed true to his word, and worked for an “honest wage.”  The work along Widow’s Walk was backbreaking; mostly loading and unloading cargo, along with any other odd jobs. The real crime, as he saw it, was that a citizen of the so-called “Serene” Republic, no matter how much, how hard, they worked, they still couldn’t afford to make ends meet. 

With children to feed, rent and bills to pay, taxes, Gautier’s wife relented and allowed him to take work at sea, even though it would mean he could be gone for weeks, sometimes months, at a time.  She dreaded the day that she’d stand at the Widow’s Walk, grubby children in tow, eyes to the horizon, waiting for a man to come home.  What if he never came home? 

The last time she saw him, he had taken a job for an archeologist from the University.  He has yet to come home.

Gautier hadn’t planned it that way. “If you want to make the gods laugh? Make a plan!” he’d say. Gautier, with a small crew, and their aristocratic archeologist, had left upon the Sea of Sorrow, guided by a map that the University man had created himself, piecing together various accounts he had come across in his research. Treasure, buried deep within a lost tomb, upon an uncharted island within the mists.  The archeologist succeeded in finding his treasure, but he also had fallen victim to a curse. Gautier, watched in vain as the man shriveled up and died. as they sailed home.  How else could they get paid, after all?  Fearful that the man would rise up as a zombie, they performed a quick ceremony and dropped the body into the Sea of Sorrows.

The small crew agreed that they’d report that the mission failed, leaving out the part about having found the treasure.  The money, even when split evenly between the crew, was a fortune. Joseph Frogg paid them with no questions asked. Gautier’s part was more than he had made in all the last ten years combined.

The rest of the crew reported that Gautier was lost at sea, and his wife’s heart was broken. He tells himself that he’s doing it for them. His wife and kids. His goal is to buy them a house outside of the city, and to provide his wife and children all that money can buy. He dreams of retiring soon, and never having to break his back for an “honesty” coin again. He then plans to come home to his wife and children, claiming that he had been lost upon a stranded island all this time, and that he’s finally come home, rich, for he had found buried treasure while stranded.

In the meantime, under the ruse that he had taken out a sailor’s insurance policy, that pays a monthly stipend for a period of two years, he sees that all the rent, basic necessities, are taken care of, with some to add.  He sneaks into Port-a-Lucine, sometimes, in order to lay sight upon his lovely, heart-broken wife and children, just to make sure they’re provided for.

Gautier Duplat loves his wife, loves his children, and he misses them everyday, but he has had enough of trying to make a living playing by the “rules”.  He is certainly ashamed of himself, but he finds himself committed to the choice he can’t take back now, and is determined to buy that dream home for his family and one day return to open arms.

Wife’s name:  Evelyne Duplat
Gaston Duplat: boy, age 16
Genevieve- girl, age 15
Giselle, girl, age 13
Guy, boy, age 10

Things to note:  Gautier converted to Ezra only in order to be married in the Church, as his wife was Ezrite. He has not attended a 5th Day service since starting his adventure, but he does light a candle on nights within a chapel or cathedral, to mark the birthdays or celebrations within his family.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Alynia (Family surname is unknown)
Thick Long Black Hair held up by a leather and bone band into a ponytail
Rich Deep Green Eyes
Skin looks like she has a perpetual tan, even in the dead of winter.

Usually stands near people in an awkward tense pose. But, when seen in the wild around the animals she loves she is calm and relaxed.

Alynia has little memory of her life before the wilds. She knows she came from a family that at some point loved her. She vaguely remembers a large house in a small clearing of a large dark forest. What is vivid in her mind is the memory of her father flying into a rage at her mother. From her room she could hear her name, as well as the words cannot believe she isn’t mine, coming from him. She also heard the name Equaar and Vistani Devils.

After hearing a door slam, her mom came into the room in a hurry with a small pack. She dressed her in her traveling cloths and gave her the pack and told her there wasn’t time to explain.. She had made a bad mistake before she married her father and now Alynia and her had to pay. But she was giving her a chance to live.

With that she was rushed into the woods. Her Mom came to her eye level and told her to run.. Far and fast and don’t stop till she couldn’t run anymore and then to keep going. That if she returned her father and the towns people would most likely kill her. So that is what she did..

At 6 years of age she found herself alone in a forest that never seemed to end, and that she had been told to stay out of without adults to guide her. Her first day was kind of exhilarating. She had always been a bright child and found the new found freedom freeing, even if she was compelled to keep moving away from the only home she ever knew. Through the day she discovered her pack her mom had gave her had hard bread and nuts for her to eat. So hunger wasn’t an issue.

As the day wore on and night started to come, she worried about sleeping exposed. She had heard the horror stories from her fathers and his friends of the beasts that lived in the woods and how they would eat anyone who lingered there. But as night fell, she noticed a light greenish in hue coming from the undergrowth. This strange energy looked like a path and having no better way to go she followed down a game trail that led through a thick briar patch. She never would have seen this path on her own. As she walked it she looked back and noticed the glow was fading behind her.

After walking for a while , she came to a small clearing with a hill rising above the opposite side. The briars wrapped this clearing completely as well as most of the hill before her. And stood as tall as she was. In the side of the hill was a small cave, this is where the glow led to. As she approached it she heard soft mewling coming from within. Peaking inside with the help of the soft green light she saw several small pups frolicking inside. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized these were wolves.. But Something was off about them. They were already quite large for pups and small plates were growing from the fur of each one.

Behind her a low growl made her squeal and turn around. There stood the biggest wolf she had ever seen. And she had seen a few brought in by the trappers in the woods. The wolf had thick bone plates on its body and looked at her with a calm expression and soft growl. The soft glow of the forest floor rose up around the creatures head.. and the growling stopped. The giant wolf approached her and sniffed her all over deeply inhaling her scent. Then nipped the back of her tunic in her teeth gently and carried her into the caves depositing her with her young. Through all of this Alynia did not have any fear, the green light had told her everything would be fine, she was home.

Over the next few years she learned and grew alongside the wolf pups. And while she didn’t understand the wolves barks and yips she always knew what was expected and needed. Nature itself took care of all her needs often before they became an issue. She explored the woods, and made friends with animals big and small.

She eventually came to be friends with an old woman who lived in a shack deep in the woods far from the wolf den she lived in. She would venture out and meet with the lady several times a week. During her visits the old woman taught her many things. She learned to read devouring the small library the Esperalla owned. Having been a thief in the city before retiring out to the wood she was able to teach her the basics of locks and traps and how to watch for them, as well as moving as quietly as possible and hiding herself in the forest around them.

One night on her way back to the den from Esperallas a deep mist rose up hiding everything from view. When it cleared she could hear the sounds of music and laughter, the air smelled different and the very land itself seemed to rail against her when she sent her senses out to see where she if she could discern her whereabouts.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Natalia Lazarescu
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Wachter Lands, Barovia, Land of Mists
Age: 20
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good
Highest saving throw: Fortitude, Will
Weapons: Longsword, Tower Shield
Likes: Theology, the Arcane, Herbalism
Dislikes: Disrespect to religion, when people talk too much

Appearance: Tanned, Barovian black hair with a somewhat wiry frame. Kind outgoing facial features with a distinct non-xenophobic attitude.

Kayle Walker

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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Tsukumo-Doji

Gender: Female

Place of Origin: Kozakura, Kara-Tur

Age: She doesn't know; Physically looks to be in her late teems to early twenties

Class: Barbarian, Bard

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Black hair and sharp-looking grey eyes. She almost always has her middle bangs scrunched up in a messy bun - more for practical reasons than any semblance of fashion. She has a scar running diagonally across her face, from temple to jaw. Standing at an average height, she has a wiry build, though one can easily notice the musculature on her bare arm.

Short Background: Tsukumo-Doji's first memory was that of dirt and hay, sleeping and sitting on it for days on end with the coming and going of plates of stale food as the only semblance of the passing of time. She was one of many outcasts secretly under the employ of the Shogun of Kozakura: as spies, slaves, or in her case, child soldiers. She was forced into battles that should not see the light of day; living and dying in the chessboard of politicians, pieces knocked down with impunity in a never-ending struggle for power. Even as innocent to the ways of the world as she was, Tsukumo felt a twitch deep inside with every time she raised her sword. Between the violence and the emptiness of the days spent in the stable, Tsukumo turned to her dreams as an escape, to help while away her dark days.

Eventually, what hides in blood cannot be denied forever. Little by little, with every kill and every person's appeal to her to let them live, she began to question her actions. The rage she leaned on to prevail in battle seemed a total stranger to her now, like strings that seemed to pull her to somewhere she couldn't see. And so, doubt led to resolve, and the girl who lived as a tool had her very first wish: Escape. She ran and ran, through streets and slums, and eventually into the cover of the forests.

Little did she know where her path led her to...
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Name: Yuki
Race: Moon Elf
Height: 5'0
Weight: 100lbs
Age: 125
Home: Secluded Northern Mountains of Faerun
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Green, glowing a faint blue while in the fray.
Family: The Order of the Avian Godking.
Combat: Greytide Style, an unarmed fighting style that incorporates the objects around her.
Phobias: Spiders

An Elven baby wrapped in fuzzy furs was found at the base of a mountain on a light snowy day. No evidence in the area showed any foul play nor any leads to where the parents had gone and with no other options Malon, Knightess of the Temple, took the infant up to her new home to be cared for and loved by the eclectic group that lived high up in a Monastery. Later that day High Priestess Aleiha had gathered the leaders of the faithful to help name the little bundle of joy which they decided to call her after the snow she was found in using one of the eastern languages.

Yuki's youthful stage, which lasted almost a hundred years, was spent doing chores around the temple and playing with any person who'd entertain her whether it be a humanoid or some of the animals living in the area. Throughout her childhood she learned of their doctrines and became a devout worshiper within the monastery which preached peace, love, fun, partying and spreading these oaths throughout the world. Although they were a peaceful group the faithful of the Godking would send their skilled members to fight against the denizens in the world that go against these doctrines as they believed anything that didn't agree with their way of life was not worthy to continue existing within the world.

She has many interests specifically learning about ecology and horticulture, often asking the elder's of her temple about various races and creatures within the world while caring for the beautiful gardens outside her temple. At an early age she showed a strong dislike for reading and doing math, finding them incredibly boring and thus relying on learning through oral stories and tales which she could learn from through self reflection. Due to her dislike of books she was unable to learn her native language and found the words confusing to read, only picking up a few phrases here and there as she listened to the other Elves when they would talk with each other.

When Yuki entered adulthood the High Priestess Aleiha gave her the blessing to begin training in whatever style she chose. Possessing no magical talent, whether learned or innate, and showing a dislike towards the use of weapons and armor Yuki was drawn to the unarmed styles of the monks within her temple. For many years she learned to channel the energy of her body, mind and soul to begin unlocking her full potential with the help of her teachers. Once she had mastered the ability to channel her ki she was able to begin her martial arts training and spent a month with one of the elders who would throw hundreds of rocks at her a day to help hone her instincts and reflexes.

One day while out in a clearing to practice her stances a terrible mist flooded around her and sent her into a foggy dream like state... when she awoke she found herself in a completely new world surrounded by people who looked at her with distrust due to her Elven blood. Having never experienced oppression, racism or even civilization she tries her best to fit in and learn how to survive in this harshly unforgiving world while making as many friends along the way.
Spoiler: show

Birthname: Elrowien Allana

Unknown to Yuki her parents were running away from their settlement after an altercation with a family member that turned deadly. At the base of the mountain they were suddenly enveloped by the mists and fearing for the safety of their child they left her underneath a tree. Running as far away from their baby as they could before the mists took them to the Dread plane. It isn't unknown if they still live or not, but one day Yuki might find out what happened to them...
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Character: Aurundal Vilheim (pending rename to Aron Vigh)
Race: Human
Subrace: Gundarakite
Age: 63
Class: Paladin
Current Alignment: Lawful Good.
Primary story motivation: Gaza (Legend of Legaia)

Secondary story motivation: Maximus (Gladiator)

Player note: I am new to roleplaying, and new to this world.  I have little knowledge of general D&D lore, and less of Ravenloft or server-specific lore. This writing is my attempt at creating a backstory for my character.  If anything in it is inaccurate or incompatible with lore, please let me know, as I consider it subject to revision.

I'm one of the few Gundarakites who has survived into old age, and to be fair, I look far older than I am. I've served gods of death and hope. My mind has been shattered by tragedies, and rebuilt by experiences.  I lived as a civilian once.  Suffering quietly under the tyranny of Gundar, our ruler, as we all did.  None dared question him, the sacrifices, the God Nerull. These were our traditions, our mandates.  Any number of us could have ended his reign, but for the longest time, none stepped forward. Such is the weakness of all humankind.   A new age was beginning when Gundar was assassinated, but as quickly as it began, it ended when the Barovians invaded.   Many deny what happened that day, but I saw it with my own eyes.  My wife Eva and daughter Yllana, ravaged, over and over again, countless times, before and after their deaths, until the sun went down, and the Barovian soliders who brutalized my family turned to rat men and devoured their remains.  All while I was hiding, watching, a coward. Helpless. 

Was that the day that I decided everything will change?  No.  I was a coward then.  For decades, I did nothing.  I drank. I wept. I drank. I blamed everyone. I drank. I hated everything.  I drank. And most of all, what I hated the most was myself.  And then years later, that is where my story truly begins.  As a Gundarkite, I despised Barovians, and trembled at anything foreign, but at the Sanctuary of the Coming Dawn, everything changed.  The rain was pouring, the night was long, and the job I had at the Lady's Rest was not kind to my old bones.  The house was packed, but the oven was waning, and firewood needed gathering, if any was dry enough.  Over the cacophony of thunder, the downpour of rain, and the muddled cursing in my head, I didn't hear the howling of wolves, or see the night-black fur in the ocean of shadows around me.  So many of them, out of the shadows.  What meal could I be to such a horde?  I grabbed the ax from the wood pile and ran for the door, but I was already surrounded.  I swung at one of them.  A direct hit, but the beast laughed at me, and then, all went black.   When I awoke, I was still surrounded, but not by wolves, by men, and women, clerics, mages, even demons, but none of that mattered, for the face which loomed over me, it could be none other.  My Yllana. Surely this must be death. Her heavenly voice sang of years of practice, a song my sweet Yllana never knew in life.  Her voice echoed as she chanted above me.  Magic.  I've seen it before, many times.  The demons, the magic. Even in death, we cannot escape them.  As she finished her spell, my wounds closed further, I gasped for breath as my lungs hacked out the last of the blood.  What's happening? My sweet Yllana. Demons! Healing? My eyes began to finally take focus, and for the first time I noticed her hair, platinum blonde.  She had Yllana's face, but Yllana's hair was as dark as jet.  And then I saw her ears.  Pointed? "Yllana" I called out to her, as my mind crashed inwards.  My outer wounds were healing, but the shock of seeing my beautiful daughter again was breaking me. 

I awoke again, some minutes later.  Barovian priests from the temple had dragged me inside and were doing their best to make me comfortable.  From outside, I could still hear the battle raging. Steel and maw and spell.  Strange magics had barricaded the door, as a large green brute stood guard, protecting the Sanctuary's entrances with a robed woman and two large bears.  The demon from before was not to be seen.   My head was starting to clear.  I don't remember much of night following the attack.  The shock must have effected my memory in my old age. 

I continued working at the Lady's rest for several weeks, occasionally greeting and thanking my Barovian caretakers.  I never spoke of my vision of Yllana.  Surely I had imagined it.   Or perhaps I had briefly passed beyond to the realm of death, but if so, it seems like they brought me back.   As the weeks passed, I began to be more friendly with my Barovian saviors.  I began to listen to them, and their tales of the Morninglord.  With so much death, so much chaos, and corruption.  Their message was singularly out of place in this land.  Their message was hope.  It is night, but the morning will come.  Just as morning came for me that fateful night, morning will come for this land as well.  How, after all I've suffered through, all I've seen, countless times, over and over again, how could one such as I have hope?  And then, as I was thinking those very thoughts, washing the floors in the Lady's Rest, letting my mind wander, then... there she was. my hope.  My Yllana, sitting right in front of me, at a table.   I fell to my knees and wept, a mad fool for all to see.  And in that moment, I knew hope.  I knew my path was with the Morninglord, and with Yllana.  I will not sit idly by on Faith, nor will I waste what days I have left washing piss and sick from the seats of drunks and philanderers. 

(Player's note: I am not quite sure how to handle writing the dialogue of meeting Yllana just yet.  Dialogues are not my strong suite.
For now the shortened summary of the chapter is that we met, and beyond seeking a path of adventure and a meaningful campaign to change the world together.  I became a Paladin in service of the Morninglord.  She was in fact, not Yllana, nor did she ever pretend to be.  Her name was Shana, and she was a half-elf bard, but had no memories of her own from before the night she rescued me on the battlefield.  Most likely an outlander. I hope I can edit this later.)

As we adventured together, running errands for the Temple, and training each other, we developed a close friendship.  "Da" she would call me.  At first I thought she was saying the Barovian word for "Yes", but in reality, some instinct from her past prompted her to call me her father, and with her resemblance to my Yllana, I could not refuse it.  And so it was, she, (an adult woman of some years herself) was now my daughter.  Surely the morning has come for this old man.  Yet, having a daughter once again does not absolve the loss of Eva or Yllana, or my cowardice for letting it happen.  I have a purpose now, but not forgiveness.  I will have my justice, and I know in my old soul, that I will not die before it is served.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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(Hyland Baptiste was kind of the prototype for this character.)

Hytéo LaCroix

( Portrait drawn by me. :D )

Hytéo LaCroix stands at 6'0" ft and weighs about 187 lbs. Living his family's lifestyle gave him a decently muscular physique, balanced with an agile body structure. His skin is dark, his eyes are a bright hazel, his hair and beard pure black, with a curly hairstyle. He maintains a fancy attire fitting of a citizen of Port-a-Lucine. Despite this, he has a handsomly rugged appearance about him.

Hytéo is calm and collected, but with a slight bit of constant caution, seemingly always ready for trouble. He believes in the survive and live to fight another day mentality, so if a situation looks to have gone South and beyond the point of no return, he finds no shame in choosing his battles wisely, or running away if needed. That said, being an aspiring hunter of beasts and monsters, he is by no means a coward, preferring to handle danger and conflict with his head, rather than his heart. Much of what he does is dictated by money, embracing the life of a mercenary through and through.

The LaCroix family originated from Souragne, a long bloodline of skilled Rangers that have wandered the swamps and worshipped the Loa. A decent portion of them decided to brave this mists, many of them did not make it, but the survivors found themselves in Dementlieu where they have assimilated into its society little by little. The LaCroix family still maintains their devotion to the Cult of the Loa, but it's not worshipped openly, with many members of the family meeting in secret to pay tribute. They worked their way up from the harsh life of lower class citizens, to a more prominent role in Dementlieu society as hunters and mercenaries. A more recent, and very successful hunter from the family was known as Benoît LaCroix, specializing in the tracking and slaying of beasts and shapechangers. He married a woman from Souragne named Léane, whom gave birth to Hytéo LaCroix.

Hytéo attended a University in Dementliue, and aspired to be a scholar. Intelligent and wise, he took a liking to literature and art. His father often tried to encourage him to learn a Ranger's skillset, both to follow family tradition and for his own safety. It was because of this that Hytéo was able to train and master the basics of outdoor survival, tracking prey, and longbows. However, because of his focus on literature, he didn't take to hunting as eagerly as other members of his family. As he grew older, his father mysteriously changed, with a constant look of horror in his eyes and the occasional silent ravings beneath his breath. Benoît became distant, and this eventually would drive Léane away from him. Hytéo chose to stick by his father's side though, attending to him and making sure he doesn't hurt himself. One night Hytéo found his father ripping out the pages of his grimoire and throwing them into the fireplace one by one. When Benoît noticed his son watching him, he turned with a look of madness in his eyes, reaching for his sword and lunging at him. A violent struggle occurred with his weak and sickly father that ended with Hytéo going for a side dagger and stabbing his own father out of self defense. Upon being wounded, and much to his dismay, Benoît realized what he had done, what he had forced his son to do. As Hytéo frantically tried to stop the bleeding, the sorrowful Benoît slowly extended his arm and pointed toward an area on the floor where a chest lied, with a single piece of parchment on top of it, jaggedly ripped on the side, the only surviving page from his valued grimoire. Benoît's body grew limp, his eyes lifeless, he was dead, killed by his own son.

The regretful Hytéo was found innocent when authorities accused him of patricide, after numerous accounts arisen about Benoît's mental state, and detectives were able to piece together the scene enough to come to the conclusion that this was in self-defense, but the deed was still just as much of a crime in the mind of Hytéo. He took possession of the chest that his father had pointed out, and keeps the last remaining page from the grimoire in front of the first page to his own grimoire. While the killing of his father would stick with him for the rest of his life, it took a year for Hytéo to move past the more intense stages of grieving over his father. It was around this time that Hytéo abandoned his aspirations as a scholar, and continued his training as a hunter and mercenary.
This is where his story in Prisoners of the Mist begins.
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I play as...
A rookie ninja named Haze Yudai
A washed up nobody Dwarf named Heltr
A socially awkward hunter named Hyteo LaCroix
A failure of a blacksmith named Hazard Bartholomew
And a dumb wannabe artist named Hyde.

...Wait, that last one is irl me.


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Re: Post your character bio here
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From the mistways around Forlorn emerged a stunted and feral figure, taken to roaming the wilderness of Barovia. Claiming to be one of the reclusive druids of that blighted  land, he stays far from civilization and often aids those travelers set upon by undead and lycanthrope. Seems to be seeking further lore of nature magic and allies who might help those few left struggling against the goblyn plague that's long overrun the Forfarian's ancestral homeland.
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Re: Post your character bio here
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Asher Gilchrist
A huntsman and herbalist by trade, Asher Gilchrist was raised by his grandmother in Mordent's Vale of Twilight. Which is, on the whole, a rather unpleasant place to be. Seclusive even for the locals of that fog-addled place, they resided in a small hut on the outskirts of the Hardmourne. It was thanks to aiding his grandmother as she saw to the illnesses of Hardmourne's citizens that Asher learned the herbalist's trade. It was thanks to a need to eat, when the charity of Hardmourne's citizens faltered, that he learned to stalk and hunt the murky forests and heaths. What exactly became of his parents, and why he had been left in that old woman's care, is a question for the ages.

Asher has not come to Barovia by choice. A man of little words, the full story of his arrival here is hard to come by. It is one of swirling fog and a storm which kept him from returning home after a hunt. Of fenhounds in the dead of night. Of a wispy scythe and a mouth with too many teeth. When he awoke, he was in Barovia, not far from the city of Vallaki.

His knowledge of Mordent's flora rather useless here in Barovia, and his precious flintlock pistol having gone missing when the mists took him (never mind it being quite illegal here), Asher has been left bereft of what scant skills he might have relied on before. His first step now is to ensure his own continued survival, complicated in a place like Barovia by his imperative to follow whichever path may cause the least suffering, and then to seek like-minded individuals...