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*A Letter Tacked To The Public Board At The Front Of The Theatre*



--- Quote ---Dear Troupe,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter of resignation, as I have been a part of this troupe since may of 776. Throughout my time here, I have held every rank possible. I have welcomed many new faces, and seen several depart. I have been a part of several productions, as well as directed, and written several plays. I believe my time within this troupe has come to an end, as I intend to pursue other business opportunities, but I am most grateful for the theater that homed me, and shaped me for the past year. I owe all of my success to this troupe, to the jalaberts, and to those who had faith in my career.

Within my absence, I wish you all the best, and I will continue to support the theater by coming to any and all future performances. I have no doubt that you will rise to fill my position and continue on with the legacy that is the Theater De La Cathedrale.

At this time, I have surrendered my keys, my shared account of the Jalaberts funds, and all other props and costumes to my previously appointed Financial Advisor, Alistair Brisco. He will be in charge of returning the 30,000 solars back to Nadia Corbeau for her sponsorship, as stated by our previously signed contract.

 As far as my plays that I have contributed to the theater I donate the following scripts for continued use “Lions Legacy, Heart Of Ice, Of Mirth And Melancholy.” If any content of these scripts are changed, I ask that you remove my name as the author and simply put “Written by the Theater De La Cathedrale.” as I have given you permission in this letter to do so.

I ask that you welcome and treat your newly appointed manager with utmost respect, whomever they might be. 

Please send all questions, letters, or inquiries to my room at the Manors Retreat.

Adieu, And Adio,

Violeta Dragunescu
--- End quote ---


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