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Words on Roleplay and the Server Philosophy

Character Building
Spoiler: show
Ravenloft-specific Name Generator
NWN Wiki
PotM Wiki

List of Skills
List of new and changed Feats

Parry AC System
List of Spell Changes

Base Classes
List of Classes
Base Classes Roleplaying Resource

Prestige Classes
List of Prestige Classes
Prestige Class Roleplay Resources
Prestige Class Application Process

Class Restrictions
Druids and Metal
Monks cannot multiclass with other base classes. Paladins who do so will be unable to progress further as paladins, and will lose all paladin abilities.
When multiclassing, at no time can a character's classes be more than 10 levels apart.
All prestige classes require a minimum investment of 5 levels by level 20

Subraces are restricted by setting of origin - when choosing your background you can see a list of allowed subraces.
   -Subraces are not supported for homebrew or non D&D settings - base race characters only.
Some ECL subraces require an application.
Subrace Application Process
Subrace Roleplaying Resources and Lore

Noble Characters
Applications for Nobility

Monster Player Characters / Atmospheric Monster Player Characters
The Role of Monstrous Player Characters
Monstrous Roleplaying Resources and Lore
MPC Application Process

Character Customization

Deletions, Relevels and Remakes
Spoiler: show
Characters cannot be deleted from the server vault. You may make new player accounts in order to manage your character lists if desired.
You can use the @relevel command to re-take your last level up at any time, but you will lose all experience points gained since then.
      -Works once per level.
The Relevel Crystal can be used to fix mistakes you made earlier on. It offers a full relevel from level 2 up to 5 times, or 31 days since first use, whichever comes first.
      -The Relevel Crystal is intended to be used to fix mistakes or bad choices, not to 're-spec' your character, drastically alter them, nor to retroactively take levels in a PrC you have been approved for.
Remake/Additional Relevel Application Process

Systems and Mechanics
Spoiler: show
The Current Year
   -Time flows at the same rate as in the real world (1:1), even though the day/night cycle as well as the seasons follow the in-game clock. In other words, for every year in real life that passes, one year has passed in the game world.

Overview of Environmental and Immersion Systems
   -Weather affects many things, including Stealth and Detection skills.

Exhaustion System

Using Placable Spawn command in Rentals

Outcast Rating (OCR) System

Partying and Experience Points
Soloing is allowed, but the module is balanced for group play. Solo at your own risk, but we encourage you to adventure in groups.
The 'Join Party' function has been disabled. Experience Points are distributed based on proximity to a kill.
The XP System

Special Commands
Spoiler: show
You can access a list of special commands from your in-game journal and the @help command.
These allow you to perform a lot of character customization, interact with the world and with creatures under your control.
You can type help after any command to learn more about how it works and your options.

List of Emotes
The following words will cause an emote to play when inside square brackets [] - eg [pray] or [prays].
beg, busy, bow, cast, cheer, chuckle, collapse, confused, cover ears, cover head, crouch, cross arms, dodge, drunk, duck, evade, exhausted, falls back, falls forward, gazes, gazing, glances left, glances right, grab, greet, grin, hold chin, hold ears, kneel, knock (near door), laugh, lies down, lying down, look back, look left, look right, meditate, nod, picks up, pickking up, point, puzzled, pray, read, roll dice, rub chin, salut, scratches, scout, shout, sits, slip, smok, snatch, snicker, spasm, stands, steal, takes cover, talk, taunt, threat, tired, wave, wave along, worship, yawn, yell

Dice Rolls
You can roll dice or make Skill, Ability and some Attack rolls by typing one of the following commands inside square brackets [] - eg [d6] or [listen]
d20, d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d100
str, dex, con, int, wis, cha
animal empathy, antagonize, appraise, concentration, disable trap, discipline, heal, hide, influence, listen, lore, move silently, open lock, parry, perform, search, sleight of hand, set trap, spellcraft, spot, tumble, use magic device, will, reflex, fortitude
grapple, touch attack, touch attack ranged, shoot, dodge, duck, evade

Controlling Summons/Henchmen
You can contol a summoned creature or henchman using the Pick Target Feat and various chat commands.
@animal/dominate/familiar/npc/summon (command) - Assigns a command. If having multiple NPCs under your control, you can specify a number (e.g. @npc 2).
speak (text) - speak through your associate
emote (text) - emote for your associate
attack - make your associate attack your selected target (Pick Target)
face/walk/run- make your associate face a direction, walk or run

@unsummon (animal/familiar/summon) - Unsummons specified summon or all summons if left blank.

List of Other Commands
@customize (head/phenotype/portrait/voiceset) - Only works in OOC areas.

@deity (text) - sets your PC's deity.

@description (text) - sets your PC's description. To view it, use the special examine feat. Use | for lineshifts.

@description add (text) - Used for adding text to your PC's description.

@faction conceal - Conceals your actual faction, setting NPC and PC hostility accordingly. Note that you cannot use this command when wearing anything identifying your allegiance (like a uniform).

@faction reveal - Reveals your actual faction, setting NPC and PC hostility accordingly. Note that you cannot use this command when wearing anything identifying your allegiance (like a uniform).

@findseat - Locates and sits on the nearest seat/chair (if available).

@follow - follows nearest perceived PC or NPC.

@label - Labels a container item with a specific name.

@lang (add/list/set/help) - Use help to view more details on functions.

@lastresettime - To know when the last reset was.

@lfrp - Toggles 'Looking for RP mode', allowing you to view a list of other players looking roleplay partners.

@lfrp list - Displays the list of players in LFRP mode and the area they are located in. You can contact them or join them in-game in character directly.

@mark [name] description - Use this command to leave behind a marking for other players to examine.

@play - Use this command when using a Pan Flute or a Lute to trigger the playing animation.

@read (1-12) - Read journal commands.

@relevel - Allows you to relevel the current level. Can only be done once per level and will set XP to the start of that level.

@return - Returns you to the Near Ethereal if you are in spirit form.

@seatme - Sits the character in the nearest seat.

@setpass (password) - This allows you to set up a password for this character. This prevents people using other CD keys from taking over your character during master server downtime. For more info, check the forums.

@stamp (write/draw) - Write/draw on a new Maker's Mark in an anvil. A Maker's Mark can then be used to stamp crafted goods, indicating their creator.

@stop - Clears current action.

@subdual - Toggles subdual mode.

@walk - Toggles walk mode.

@walk normal - Toggles walk mode at a regular PC's speed (ie: reduces a monk's speed when walking).

@write (text) - Used for writing letters with a quill. Use | for lineshifts.

@write title (text) - Used for giving titles to letters.

@write add (text) - Used for adding text to letters written.

Roleplay Resources

Bugs and Exploits
Spoiler: show
If you experience a (non-exploit) bug, please report it here.
     - We cannot fix bugs that go unreported. Please check the forum beforehand to see if it is a known issue or has been reported before.

The Server Team

Contributing to Prisoners of the Mists

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