Author Topic: Hak Update - 2_27 - Detailed List of Changes  (Read 363 times)


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Hak Update - 2_27 - Detailed List of Changes
« on: January 11, 2022, 10:35:03 PM »
We've now loaded a new version of the hak on the test server to test new features and changes.

At this point we'll need your help testing this new content to make sure it works properly and there are no bugs. If you wish to help us test, you'll need to download the following haks:

-CEP 2.65 (if you don't already have it, download and extract to your My Documents\Neverwinter Nights\ folder)
-POTM Hak Test - 2_27.7z (extract to your My Documents\Neverwinter Nights\ folder)

Once you have extracted both haks into the Neverwinter Nights folder, you will find our test server at IP Address & Port: - use it for "Direct Connect". Once connected, you can either use existing characters or create a new one, using the new class, which can be found at the bottom of the list of classes; all new characters can freely level up to level 20 on the test server for now. You can find more detailed information here.

Try to test as many things as possible, and report anything that feels off, or incorrect on the forums.

Class Changes & Fixes:
-Added new prestige class: Black Powder Avenger.

-Renamed Shifter to Master of Many Forms to better reflect our implementation of the class.

Spell Changes:
-Fixed several typos.

Monstrous Player Characters:
-Added a new MPC template: Wereape (thanks to PostContemporary/Favee).

-Added new wolf colors for the werewolf template (thanks to Favee).

-Added the Mountainous Forest tileset.

-Incorporated Enhanced Edition tilesets into our haks so console players can play without crashing.

-Renamed flintlocks to pistols.

-Added hundreds of Witcher, CCC November 2021 and oriental rug placeables.

-Fixed an issue that made rain invisible.
-Fixed a texture issue in the Castle Exterior, Rural tileset.

-Fixed a crash occurring in the Dwarven crypt tileset for Linux users.

-Fixed a minor issue with player crafted traps returning the wrong trap name when examined.

-Fixed dozens of typos.


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Re: Hak Update - 2_27 - Detailed List of Changes
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2022, 12:16:14 AM »
Here's what I've ran into so far on the test realm in regards to Black Powder Avenger.

-Couldn't take Improved Critical Musket or Pistol on 4th level Black Powder Avenger.  The feat was there, but the two weapons were not in the list.  I could take it on 5th level BPA.

-It looked like I could take the Signature Weapon 1 feat multiple times, to get both Musket and Pistol.

-Most gun characters rush the quick reload feats.  But BPA level 7 makes them redundant.  I'm not sure if waiting that long for quick reload feats is a good experience for a gun focused character / PRC.  The earliest being level 12.

-Cleaning kit did not work on the default musket.

-Using Detonate causes a crash.

-Quick Reload feat not working for musket.  Not tested with pistol.

-Slow from BPA Acid bomb is persistent until resting.

-Corrosion / broken weapons are removing the items permanent quality properties when fixed on an anvil.
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