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Author Topic: The New 2021 Fight of the Millenium Ravenloft review - opinions? Hyper Turbo+exe  (Read 3234 times)


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PotM is the only persistent world I consistently return to. It's been that way since 2012/2013 and despite my gripes with various players, it gets a solid 6.9/42.0. ;)


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The place is what you make it for the most part. Find some friends, get some RP in. Naturally, others will join you. Maybe you'll stumble upon a DM event where your dex-based character fails hilariously at trying to lasso a dead body in a death circle. Maybe you'll split a rentable with someone and host some events. Or maybe you'll win at a tavern contest.

The trick, really, is to just expect nothing outside of what you can do for yourself.

As far as my thoughts on the server as a whole, I think enchanting was a mistake. That's more of a personal preference, though, as I much prefer the low-magic types of settings.
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Wow suprise to see this thing still going. Keep it up guys be honest with yourselves and do your best. This kind of input helps a lot in several ways.
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