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Rithwarian Luelana
« on: December 07, 2021, 03:24:03 PM »
The first few days were just intense burning pain, originating in her heart and pumping through her veins to the tips of her toes and fingers with every pulse. Whatever happened, the thing that brought her here changed her. She could feel the core of her being twisting around little by little, and as the transformation got closer to completion, she could feel the tainted arcana flowing through her. The power was as intoxicating as it was toxic. She could feel the eyes and hear the whispers of things within the Mist that wanted her to let them out. The pain slowly subsided, and the mastery of her magic grew. She'd not had power like this in her life before the mists, a power that seemed to fill the emptiness in her heart from being ripped from her family, her friends, her loves.

Survival was the only concern at first. Killing rats in the sewers, hunting herbs in the forests and caves, slowly meeting other outlanders. She could never trust most, being the "witch" they'd brand her as, but Degannwy was a safe retreat for her to operate from. Rithwarian mastered her magics more and more, and gained confidence. She poured her creative passion into learning tailoring, obsessing over it as another distraction from the long nights and nightmarish reveries. Months went by, and soon Rithwarian found herself succeeding, prospering. With enough money to relocate to Port permanently, she started studying the language and moved there.

The rest is still in the making...


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
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It Will be Alright
An Unfinished Letter to Seletina Luelana
Written by Rithwarian Luelana

[the hall echoes with the tap tap tap of her heels. She looks across the audience a moment, then bows to the room]

Good evening, I am Rithwarian Luelana. I will be reading an Unfinished Letter I wrote entitled “It Will Be Alright”.

[Rithwarian takes the center stage, chin high and proud with an air of stern regality for a moment, before her countenance greatly softens, a warm and motherly smile spreads across her lips. Holding a parchment in her hand, she takes a breath, and addresses the room with the comforting tone of a mother soothing her child.]

Dearest darling daughter, do not despair at my daring disappearance.

I have not abandoned you, and I am not forever beyond your grasp. Patience, my heart and soul. I shall return to you.

Until then, it will be alright.

[She holds up a hand as though setting it upon the shoulder of someone shorter than herself. She speaks comfortingly, soothingly, a tembor of nurturing in her voice that would calm any worry]

Many moons and months milling mildly in monotony, maybe more meaningful moments might make memories majestically stand against the time we shared,

but the best moments we shared were the ones spent in stillness.

[A pointed pause, then in the hanging silence Rithwarian crushes the parchment in her fist, the sound of crumpling paper cutting the air]

Hearing heartbreak, sharing songs, comforting conflicts, teaching talents, dispelling darkness,

So much more accomplished when we sat in silence together, a loving glance spared as we read, a bond of mother and daughter unknown by any other pairing.

[She tosses the crumpled parchment to the ground, glaring at the ruined letter in anger and pain a long moment, before turning back to the audience with a warm smile]

Sweet Seletina, cease senseless sadness and sorrow, spare solitude silent solemn sobbing.

Celebrate, seek siblings and selflessness, sit centered surrounded by the love of the family that remains.

I will find my way back to you. Until then, it will be alright.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2022, 11:53:40 PM »
Skin kissed with a cool breeze,
Now wrapped with silk and lace,
Painted lips a delightful tease,
No longer that forlorn face.

Understanding of one's true nature,
The Mist pools, flows, and torrents,
Intoxicating power a dangerous wager,
So much harder to mask the abhorrent,

Shadow, poison, corrosion and despair,
Now the call from the depths of the Mist,
Knows it is heard and works through the air,
They will meet soon, the greatest of trysts.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2022, 05:36:59 PM »
Degree Progress:
Law 210/180
Arcane Science 130/100

Starting Placement : 35 Fractals

Attended Lectures:
    Imperial Lucinian Law, Caporal Dorian de Sauvre - 20 (law)
    The Shadow Plane, Dr. Vasya Sarukina - 20 (arcane sciences)
    Role of Military Logistics, Maitre Emeric Desrosiers - 20 fractals (towards law)
    Dystempers - Cold, Camélia de Chauret - 15 Fractals (towards law)
    Agriculture on Alluvial Floodplains, Emeric Desrosiers -  15 Fractals (towards law)
    Process of Citizenship, Aidan Rathcore - 20 fractals (law)
    Magic and It's Influence on Society, Medb - 20 fractals (arc sci)
    Demonstration Lecture - Brain Dissection, De Chauret - 20 fractals (toward law)
    Mock Trial, Aidan Rathcore - 20 Fractals (towards law)
    Illusion Arcana, Fendal Dohn - 20 Fractals (arc sci)
    Mock Trial, Aidan Rathcore - 20 fractals (law)
    Graduation Lecture, Celeste Seifert - 20 fractals (arc sci)

Study group / field research fractals:

      Field study - Preparing witness statements for the Gendarme, Supervised by Sieur Dorian de Sauvre, Gendarme Lieutenant - 10 fractals
      Field study - Preparing an affidavit for a High Crime case - Supervised by Colin Beauregard - 10 fractals
      Field study - Apprehending a Terrorist - Supervised by Sieur Dorian de Sauvre, Gendarme Lieutenant  -  15 fractals (I am referring to the apprehension of Arielle de Bellevance, and taking credit as host since I planned the trap that lured her out)

Presented Lectures:

     Conjuration, An Overview of Practical Applications - 25 fractals (arc sci)
     Enchanting Artifacts, Lecture with live field demonstration - 25 fractals (arc sci) + 10 fractals (arc sci)

Lecture Attendance: 5
Lecture Run Time: 20 minutes
Lecture Discussion Time: 30 minutes
Discussion Topics: Properties and theories related to Planar Binding spells

Spoiler: show
Conjuration, An Overview of Practical Applications
By Rithwarian Luelana

Conjuration is arguably the most versatile form of magic. In combat situations, Conjuration has direct applications for defense, offense, area control, and of course the summoning of creatures.

In my archeological expeditions to some of the more dangerous ruins in the core, there are seldom times when conjuration is not the solution to deadly encounters with brigands and foul creatures.

However, Conjuration is not without its practical applications as well. In this lecture, I will discuss in detail a variety of spells the school of conjuration has to offer, and expand on some of their less commonly known applications.

First and foremost, while abjuration is best known for protective wards, the very staple Mage Armor spell is one of the easiest conjuration spells to master. Even an apprentice mage can contribute to a team of warriors by protecting them with a layer of Mage armor.

Once it’s mass variant is mastered, a mage can begin to become the staple warder of group operations. This spell has a much more complex and potent formulae as well, the Greater variant offering double the standard protection.

The spell itself is also diverse in that it provides multiple types of defense, enhancing the target’s ability to dodge as well as shielding them. Even better, it can stop attacks that mundane armor might be more susceptible to, such as a round from a firearm.

As if armor was not enough, Conjuration also fields the potent protective spell Mestil’s Acid Sheathe. While offering no actual defense, melee attackers can be severely burned when connecting with a melee weapon. A true testament to the saying “the best defense is a good offense”

Defense, however, is not just about wards. This is where conjuration truly shines - battlefield control. Well placed Grease, Web, and Stinking Cloud spells can turn a heated battle into a paltry affair in an instant.

A common tactic for a conjurer working with other warders is to protect the team from the vapors of a stinking cloud spell then simply fill the hostile area, allowing the team to breath freely while enemies are subdued by the choking fumes.

A skilled conjurer is able to use choke points, no pun intended, wisely to combine the effects of grease and web. While common sense might suggest that a grease spell would make it -easier- to slip out of a web spell, the effect is actually the opposite,

as conjured webs are oil-phobic, sticking to surfaces regardless. Escaping from a grease and web combination is next to impossible for most people without the use of other forms of magic.

Other, much more deadly effects of similar magics can be learned with proper mastery as well. A master conjurer is able to summon wide clouds of caustic acid and searing flames. 

Layering these spells on each other in a room crowded with hostile forces while locking them down with the grease and web is a deadly result that can turn a small army into nothing in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, conjuration magics can of course summon creatures to one’s side for additional support in battle. There is heated debate on the overall efficacy of summoned creatures, however, when one is alone in the field, a summoned creature with a few protective wards can be the difference between life and death.

They also make an excellent distraction, cruel as it might seem to send them in first, drawing enemy fire with a decoy can save lives. Powerful conjurers can even call forth beings of elemental energy, though this is dangerous and not recommended.

Elemental summoning spells run the risk of drawing out deadly Mist elementals, which turn hostile towards the summoner and attack.

However, I did mention there is more to conjuration than just combat! Did you know conjuration has been used by the Elven people for -agricultural- purposes as well? While harmless to plants, grease and web spells can eradicate basic vermin and pests in farmlands.

For example, flushing out moles and badgers from their dens with a grease spell is highly effective and much faster than common traps or hauling water to the area. A well placed web or stinking cloud spell can stop a swarm of locusts from eradicating entire fields of crops.

Using summoned wolves to mark fields with their scent to avert deer and rabbits from wandering close is a common tactic to protect crops as well. Even a novice mage can conjure up a badger or two to tilt a field, saving hours of backbreaking labor!

There are dozens of other such examples of how conjuration can be used like this, no limit to a creative mind really, but I think I’ve got enough glassy eyed stares in the room to call it here. Thank you so much for attending, I hope to see you all again at my next lecture on Conjuration,

where I will be discussing Conjurative spell variants across different realms. If there are any questions to the content of this lecture, please raise your hands now~

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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2022, 11:23:09 PM »

A blessing? A curse? I don't understand. My youth has been returned to me, I actually feel happy. I think. It has been so very long since I have, I am not sure I truly remember the feeling. I am young again, I feel alive, and the world feels vibrant again! I will enjoy it while I can. My biggest fear, though, is that it's just an extra two centuries I must endure in this hellscape of a world.

I'm sorry dears, I didn't draw the right card. Ill keep searching, though. As they say in the Vardo... Family Above All.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
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Her silver eyes scanned the long corridor. The same as the last one, and the thousands before that. Empty, save the Mist hovering around the floor. Just door after door after door, and endless expanse. She was tired... So tired. The old elf finally began to falter, slumping against the floor. She took off her mask and tried to catch her breath.

"It's not time to stop yet Rithwarian. Put on your mask, and get up."

Rith looked up to the hand reaching to help her to her feet. She looked up, seeing Seletina's face looking back for a moment, but then realizing it was her own. A relic from centuries ago, her real self. She reached up and grasped the firmer hand of the zealous youth in front of her, standing again. They both pulled their masks back on, and turned to face the infinite Misted labyrinth.

"It's time to get to work again."

This time, though, something was off. They looked up. Shadows parted to reveal bright red eyes, demonic and hungry. The two ran, dipping into the shadows of the corridors to hide, but the gaze persisted. Finally, they turned to face it, and it was gone.

"Careful, Child. I am watching you."

So be it. Watch, and witness my escape. I wouldn't be much of a Vardo if I couldn't break out of a jail cell.

"You can take your time now." The younger Rith said. "You earned some happiness. Enjoy it for now, and I'll focus on searching."

Rithwarian finally faded back into the reality of her room, silk sheets keeping the cool breeze from the last day of winter at bay. The sound of newly hatched spring birds filtered through the window, the bluebird nest on the ledge of the building became a family. She looked over to the woman sleeping next to her soundly. She thought about the words everyone around her has given her. The doctor, the seer, the trickster. They all told her to enjoy the blessing. Sever the ties of the past and be happy. Accept the loss and move on. But could she? Is the difference between defeat and acceptance simply the aquisition of a consolation prize?

No, she can never stop searching, she decided. Slowing down to enjoy the flower she picked, though, perhaps would not be so bad.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2022, 09:53:29 PM »
Stories of the Republique - Derring-do

This is a recounting of my son Elazul Luelana’s great deed of heroism. Well, one of them.  He was a ranger in the Elventree Militia from the early age of one hundred ten. I cannot remember a time in his upbringing when he wanted to be anything else.  He was a skilled scout and hunter, and quite a legend with his bow. A strong boy, very serious and determined, and he cared for his warband as though they were his own blood.

One night, long ago, there was a Drow raid on the outskirts of town, the typical attempt to take captives for sacrifices and slaves.  Sadly the raid was a success on their part, they managed to capture a family, a young couple and their child.

My son gathered his warband and headed into the Cormanthor Forest, middle of the night, despite the protests of myself, his father, and against direct order of his commander. 

The dark wood of the Cormanthor closed around them like a yet to be crafted coffin, the sounds of owls, beasts, and hunger the only greeting to the Elves as they tracked the raiders through the night.  Elazul picked up the trail, though.  Someone had been injured, and the stain of blood occasionally made slick the path before them.

They pushed into the forest for miles, until the leaves blocked out even the faintest of starlight.  The trail became more difficult to follow, until one of the Elves noticed something. A new trail that had joined the one of the Drow they were following. Large, clawed prints, deeply indented from the weight of something… hungry.

They followed still, the larger prints making it easier to track the Drow. They started to pick up clues of the stalking beast as they continued on.  Slashes in tree trunks, marking territory and a warning to other predators.  Finally, they found a feather, massive, from an owl.  Still, they pressed on, until finally a scream pierced the night.

Elazul and his team rushed forward to find a terrifying confrontation. A massive, hungry owlbear had waylaid the Drow and was making its way through the ranks. An Owlbear is a horrific beast as its name implies, the body of a massive grizzly bear, but the head and feathered mane of an owl. An outright abomination of nature, said to be created by dark magic. It was ripping into the Drow with its razor sharp beak.

Elazul and his team quickly capitalized on the situation, and pelted Drow and beast alike with arrows. The tired and injured Drow raiders fell swiftly, but the great beast barely felt the sting of the arrows, whipping around on Elazul and charging him.

Elazul quickly threw his bow at the creature’s face, causing the owlbear to swat at the air.  The bow flew off into the brush, but that was all the time Elazul needed to set his spear against the beast’s charge. He was able to lodge the spear into the owlbear’s neck at the last second, the beast’s own weight and momentum lodging the weapon to the hilt.

The Owlbear still drew breath somehow though, its beak sank into Elazul’s shoulder and almost took his arm clean off, but the rest of the warband drew spears as well, and the beast was soon skewered to death. 

With the Drow ravaged, and the owlbear dead, they were able to fix up Elazul and rescue the elven family.  They made their way back out through the dead of morning, meeting the sunrise finally as they returned triumphant.

My son was reprimanded for disobeying his superior, but no one else cared.  He knew he did the right thing, and so did everyone else.  He made me, the family, and his people proud with every choice he made to what was right even when it meant going against what he was told.
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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
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Another sunny day in Elventree, the Moonlight Jester was open for lunch, business was booming as normal.  Rithwarian watched over the tables from behind the bar, smiling.  Her regulars were all here today, friends and family she'd known for centuries.  She heard Seletina laughing with her father in the kitchen, and the smell of freshly fried quail filled the room of the tavern.


Rithwarian looked around the bar, confused. Her brother should be at work.

"Sister we have to keep going."

Rithwarian snapped back to reality. Or was this the dream? She nodded to the other figure clad in black and red.  The smell of burnt flesh filled the air.

"There, nice and easy to carry now." Her Brother asserted.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
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It's all wrong...

     Terrorist? Necromancer? She ran, so I chased, and my blood boiled from the thrill of the hunt.  I thought I pulled my shots, trying to capture her alive but she still crumpled into nothing and died.  She conjured no undead, no demons, not a single shot was fired against me. She didn't fight, she couldn't.  She was just... a child.  A sad, lonely child whose anger and misguidance led her to disaster.  And what did I do? Threw her corpse in her sister's face, my own anger getting the best of me.  The constant lies... from all sides, I cannot tolerate it anymore.  I keep claiming to do it for the Vardo, for the Family, but it serves no real purpose.  Why do I keep engaging in this violence?  I cannot seem to stop myself, I just want them to -suffer- as I do.  I want them to fear me, tremble in cowardice.  I know I will be chastised for this, Florence will probably consider this a slight against her image even, but I do not care anymore.  Why do I need her acceptance, or the Vardo's, or the people of Dementileu?  I am not one of them... I am an Elf, a Witch, and my family is not here.  It never will be.

     And yet I keep drawing them in... rallying them to me... replacing each lost child, aunt, uncle, even my own husband with every weak kneed and terrified newcomer I can sink my claws into.  Building my family... a family of lies, none of them will live up to the standards of what I lost.  But the shadows... they are pleased.  Death, blood, loss, hate, pain, this is what they desire, and I must feed them or they will consume me instead, the ravenous wolves are only appeased for so long by their captors.  The cost of my powers.... is becoming a burden.  What will my next sacrifice be?  More blood?  More tears?  Or will it finally be my own sanity?  Where could I hide from the demands, when the shadows are what seek my fealty? 

     They glimpsed under my mask today.... the real me, uncaring, merciless, the ice and venom boiled over and spilled out onto the ground with that girl's body.  The sister cursed me in her last words, sad and futile like all the rest of her ranting. I was cursed the moment the Mists took me. 


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #9 on: May 08, 2022, 11:10:36 PM »

The blood has run dry.  There's no more red.
Am I free, empty and colorless?

They already flock to me.
Some offer blue. Ice. The ones that I've worked against. Do they desire me in truth, or just want to drain my secrets and kill me?

And then one offers... Pink. Morals. He wants me to be a weapon, and a shield, for his own gains. He claims that Blue will discard me when finished. Will he not? What makes him so much better? Morals. Does he think he can save me?

Where is what I want... What color must I don to find my door home?  Or should I simply dive into the darkness, pure black and shadow?

Better men than me spoke for me. That is what that insolent jester in a bowler cap told me. -Better- men. As if such can exist in this cesspool of arrogance and insecurity. 

All of these wretches looking down upon me. Why did I do it? Because I want everyone to know the blood that's on my hands was meant for yours.  You lied to me. It's such a pity, that you lied to me.  It's instant, when I do it.  It will be so, so fast when it finally happens. 

But no, I cannot allow myself to be distracted once more.  To be mired with them.  The fortuneteller was right... It's time for a transformation.  Peace and tranquility are my foe, illusion and deception are my weapons.  A massive conflict which I narrowly survive will herald my escape of this prison, and the path will continue to be carved in blood, tears, and shadow. 

I will never stop searching for them.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #10 on: June 10, 2022, 06:18:47 PM »
"Your blooded magic has been tolerated..."

The rest of the conversation was barely audible as time slowed down around her, the words echoing in her mind.

Tolerated.  Tolerated?  Had they truly not seen her own tolerance of their foolish stupidity? Their pathetic, small minds?  These people consume one another constantly, inflated themselves with fake power and self importance, and they /tolerated/ her?

Of course, they told themselves that, but fear was the correct word.  People with no actual power, those that have to behind their titles, their made up "birthrights", their silly little guns...

It was over of course, they wanted to come up with some manner of charges, anything, to put her away, banish her, kill her, whatever they could to get rid of her.  She was a constant reminder of how weak and pathetic they all were, even that dreaded "necromancer" just cried. 

Luckily she was merciful yet, they were lesser beings after all, she'd not kill them, she was not the monster they all assumed her to be.  Despite every unrequited favor she'd done for them, they only cared that she'd not been perfect, and had made mistakes.  None of them ever delivered on a single promise made to her, no help returning home whatsoever.

She snapped back to the reality of the room as her mind stopped racing.  Rage and icy pain flooded her veins and she let loose, her form melding into shadow and magic, she laughed as their weapons bounced off her and she crushed them with her power.  She walked right through the door they thought would hold her and ran, right past the execution of a man that tried to pin his own stupidity on her. 

Pathetic, pathetic creatures, these humans.

She left. She was done.  She took the caravan into the mists, and waited for her beloved to come find her.  The one person that had loved her, forgave her mistakes, her flaws, and could truly understand what it was to suffer.

The next day, Rithwarian fulfilled her promise to Amalice.  In the comfort and company of her own kind, Rithwarian and Amalice exchanged a vow of marriage, to walk beside one another and comfort each other, to support and trust one another, until the end of their days.  The two set off on a new adventure, searching for a way home undistracted by the muck and mire of society and politics.  The core was vast, and they had much to explore. No longer fettered by hood or mask the two went forward into the unknown with unveiled hope.

"Amalice, everywhere I searched I was just circling with nothing but hate, an endless loop of misery.  But suddenly you were there in the dark, waiting patiently, with nothing but a smile and open arms.  I simply walked by, at first, not noticing the cure for my heart, standing there in the Mists all alone.  But you reached out, despite both of us being terrified of what truly being vulnerable would mean.  Trembling you grasped my hand, and led my through the shadows of my soul.  I will walk with you further yet, into whatever darkness lies before us, I am your guide for the rest of my days, and together we will find the path home, even if that home is simply the path we walk together.  We will never stop searching, my love."

((Rithwarian is formally shelved as of 6/10/777 indeterminately.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #11 on: August 09, 2022, 12:30:55 AM »
Suffering, misery, despair, nothing but bitterness have I found in the darkness of these stolen realms.  And what am I if not a matching piece?  The answer does not lie within the borders of men.  Perhaps it's time I stopped pretending to be something I am not, and attempt to embrace my own kind properly again.  Sithicus, what secrets lay within?

((un-shelved as of 8/9/2022


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #12 on: August 25, 2022, 10:51:10 PM »
    Dear Mother,

It has been months now since you vanished.  Searching high and low we've found nothing.  No note, no signs.  The Drow are violent, so it is difficult to imagine that is what happened.  Your belongings unpacked, untouched, no sign you  fled. Just gone.  We are all a mess, we do not know what to do.  The stress of it all is putting us all at odds with one another and the distance in Father's eyes is vast and terrifying.  My brothers search the forests still, hoping for anything even if it's just a body to bury so we can move on.  Can there ever be closure for such a thing?  I still open the door to the kitchen, smelling fresh soup, hearing the sound of you busy inside, only to open it and find emptiness.  Every shadow in the corner of my eye looks like you, so maddening I wish I was blind, but even then I shut my eyes and all I can see is you, mother.  Where are you?  We love you, and miss you.  I will send this letter into the ether, hoping it finds you. Please let it reach you and return to us.

All the love in my heart,
     Seletina Luelana


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #13 on: September 09, 2022, 10:37:36 PM »
Those born or infused with the gifts of sorcery will never be treated fairly or justly by the mortals of this realm.  The judgement of such people is therefore invalid due to implicit bias.

Those born or infused with the gifts of sorcery do not have to allow themselves to be used as weapons or ward servants for their existence to be tolerated. 

Those born or infused with the gifts of sorcery do not have to reveal themselves, and their privacy should be respected.

Those born or infused with the gifts of sorcery shall not hold one another in contempt or look down upon another for their manifestations.

Those born or infused with the gifts of sorcery shall be sheltered by the Covenant unless they bring harm to others of the Blood.

Hold true to these principals and walk among the Masked Coven, that we may all know -family- and -community- once more.


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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #14 on: February 20, 2023, 02:44:33 PM »
For all her experiences in the mists and all the emotions she let herself feel to expand her powers, she had forgotten what it was like to feel pride, not in herself but in another.

She watched as her student succeed, grasping the concept of emotional capital almost hungrily and letting the blood do the rest.  In that moment, memories of seeing her children take their first steps, write their first letters, shoot their first arrow, all came flooding back to her at once. With the opportunity to experience it all again, now, would doing so grant her yet more power over the arcane?

There is more yet to learn.  Pulling from the depths of the raw, the primal, and the darkness has run its course.  To expand past the limitations of mortality, yet another path must be taken.  Redemption.

But can there ever be a place for the broken in the light?
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Re: Rithwarian Luelana
« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2023, 10:39:25 AM »
Standing at the edge of existence, Rithwarian tucked her mask away.  She stared into the silently howling vortex of Mist, the stillness of the barrier an obvious illusion to those who could sense it's hunger.  It was a hunger she became all to comfortable with herself, a desire to consume anything that might even for a moment fill the emptiness within.

A firm hand on her shoulder comforted her. 

"You will get through it my friend.  Nothing can stop you for all that long."

Another hand, around her side, giving her a loving squeeze.

"You can do it my love, you always accomplish what you set out to do. You're so determined!"

Another hand, clasping her own, firm, loving and familiar.

"Take your time and do it right, mother.  We will wait as long as it takes."

As Rithwarian took a determined step forward, figures appeared in front of her, barring the way...

"No, she killed us, she killed our dreams. She killed my sister! A curse upon you and yours, Luelana!"

"How could you do such a thing? You monster!"

"Why did you deceive me? We could have been friends..."

"Your ambition is clearly more important to you than I am..."

"You gave it to him? You know he will kill someone with it..."

Her mask floated up, a shadowy figure taking it and slipping it on, Rithwarian stared at herself from behind it, silver eyes inked over with darkness.

"You know they will suffer forever, and so will you.  You cannot escape this place.  It shouldn't exist.  Do them all a favor, destroy it.  Oblivion is the only mercy, that is the truth behind that door..."


Rithwarian snatched her mask away from the shade, staring down on the smooth white surface.  The figures around her shimmered and wavered, finally dissipating as clouds passed above, blocking out the Nuitari's sickly sweet glow. Rithwarian breathed in deeply to taste the power in the air once more before turning away.  She slid her mask on once more to give her face a chance to rest, cheeks and jaw tired from forcing an expression to the others earlier that day.

"But where is the key?"