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Sithicus - Har Thelen
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Under the stary night and the gaze of Sithicus' dark moon - The vigilant guardians of the Mourning gate witnessed the approach of a small band of travelers emerging from the cursed woods. It is soon discovered that these were no mere wanderers - but long lost sons of the ancient city, who were considered missing and dead after their mysterious disappearance many moons ago. A Royal, a Ranger, a Protector and a Greenshaper, accompanied by a powerful Wizardess unknown to the inhabitants of the small city. Rumors further say that a mysterious woman who had been spotted with the group emerging from the woods had turned back just before the gates.

Their coming was of mixed emotions, for their arrival home was not without loss - carrying with them the lifeless body of a woman born of the esteemed house Mystic which
had perished along the perilous way.

The deceased was taken to the Black tower - the sitting place of the Order of the black robes, under the guard of the recently arrived. several hours later she and they were no longer to be seen.

In the coming days the familiar banners of the Royal house Elevashe appear throughout the city - A star shining over a silver tree. Conforming the rumors that the presumed dead son of the esteemed lord Elhan had indeed returned to the city, well and whole.