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Incoming changes to the XP system
« on: October 22, 2021, 02:30:28 PM »
Dear fellow roleplayers trapped in the Mist,

It is with great satisfaction that we continue to observe the server being full of life (and unlife) and generally, we have always been of the mindset of "the more, the merrier". More means more people to join in on the shared narrative and more people to share these narratives with.

But in some regards, it can get a bit crowded. Notably, when you are looking for adventure and danger, and you want to explore ancient ruins or dungeons full of traps and treasure, you often find that others have already arrived before you - and have stripped the place of both riches and foes.

We are constantly working on alleviating that issue by introducing new sites for perilous exploration. But we also observe our effort being countered by an increased systematism, efficiency and haste by some people. We do not want to pass judgement on how people play their characters, but the practical reality is that if some players rush through several dungeons in a row, many others will not be able to enjoy exploring those same places. Conversely, if people take their time, roleplay while they explore, in between combat, before and after, it will become much less likely that the locations you seek out have already been left barren by others.

Therefore, to encourage taking your time to roleplay even while exploring sites of danger, we have decided to do some modifications to how the XP system works, because it is our clear impression that those that move most rapidly through dungeons are focused on levelling up characters fast. We are approaching this in a conservative way though and will only make adjustments slowly and with careful evaluation in between. We hope that you will all help us in trying this out with an open mind until we strike the right balance.

Two modifications will be done:

First, the most simple: the "Experience gained" message will indicate if you are pushing the soft XP cap to the point that your XP gains will be considerably diminished or even nullified. This is mainly a matter of changing the feedback you get.

Second, the relaxing of the cap will partially depend on how much you've roleplayed with that character recently. Essentially, this means that the time it takes getting from the nefarious "blind drive" to "ready to take on more" will be modified by whether you've had at least a basic amount of roleplay over the past few days with this character.

As already stated, our approach here is conservative though, so in this first iteration, the requirements and the effects will be very relaxed:

  • The modification of the recovery time is only in the range of -20% slower to +20% faster compared to priorly.
  • The amount of roleplay activity required for optimal recovery is just half an hour per day, with the average building up over five to six days, so that a few hours of roleplay one day will suffice for optimal gain even if followed by several other days of very limited or no roleplay.

This will come into effect by the next server update. However, depending on the impact and how you all experience it, we expect to make adjustments down the line. We hope you will all approach it with as open a mind as we do. The purpose is exclusively to give a more equal share of adventure and excitement to all.


The Development Team