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Author Topic: Dementlieu - The Musarde River - Mouisset  (Read 308 times)


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Dementlieu - The Musarde River - Mouisset
« on: September 23, 2021, 05:22:36 AM »

[Sieur Creighton Norville, Chevalier de Mouisset, has been rather scarce in the City of Lights, and has handed off the responsibility of future publications of L'Observateur's to Monsieur Marco Corbeau. He has instead been spending much of his time at the Barony of Mouisset. In the month following their 7 août wedding, the Dame Norville has only rarely emerged from the bounds of their estate, and most appeals for personal communication are left unanswered. Visitors find the gates locked, and on rare occasion may receive impersonal assurances from staff of her sound health and mind.

An eerie silence has settled over the house, but the servants whisper of feverish study, musty tomes, and intricate glassware. Rumours have circulated that the Dame is with child. Yet others whisper that the Dame has come into possession of almost a dozen blausteins: rare, flawless gems that few can truthfully claim to have laid eyes upon. They whisper, in hushed tones, that such gems are cursed, a prospect dismissed by others as vulgar superstition.

Beyond the house, farmers test beds of various unusual crops in the poor light conditions. Along the hinterland, tree saplings sown in the spring have developed into the beginnings of a budding woodland. Worryingly for their neighbours, dangerous animals, such as large wolves, have been sighted across the Barony with increasing frequency.]

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Re: Dementlieu - The Musarde River - Mouisset
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A single carriage rumbles across the river from the east bearing the heraldry of the Drowager Baroness. Despite the growing reclusive nature of Sieur Creighton and Dame Norville, she is welcomed in to the estate and has an extended stay.