Author Topic: Reminder - Outcasts, Polymorphs, Wildshapes and Setting Authenticity/NPCs  (Read 1973 times)

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Fundamentally, Prisoners of the Mist's server guidelines are built upon the foundation of three overriding rules:

1. Play how you like as long as you donít impair the roleplay experience of others.
2. Be authentic to your character and the setting.
3. Always treat your fellow players, DMs and developers with respect.

These three core tenets easily dovetail and when all three are adhered to fully, we all get to immerse ourselves in a shared narrative that is authentic to the atmosphere of the Ravenloft setting.  Recently we've received a noticeable increase in the frequency of complaints and observations of immersion disruptive portrayal and borderline behavior of ignoring NPCs.  With those three guidelines in mind, we ask that everyone please take into consideration the integrity of the setting and the experience of those around you when you contemplate how your PC is observed by others (both NPC and PC alike).  Treating the surroundings like a living world and NPCs like they are individuals will only enrich the experience for everyone.  If you are playing an outcast race character that would elicit a negative reaction from a native populace if encountered publicly, your player character should conduct themselves appropriately with that in mind otherwise it would fall under our guidelines for ignoring NPCs and honoring the authenticity of the setting.  If your PC is polymorphed, wild-shaped, has an alarming companion or familiar present or any other situation where you would elicit a reaction from a NPC, please refrain from those interactions unless a DM is present to oversee and can react appropriately by possessing the NPCs. Be aware that not doing so is a rules violation as it would be ignoring NPCs and would not be aligned with our three core guidelines for the server.

While shifting back, dispelling your polymorph spell, and/or unsummoning a familiar/companion/summon prior to interacting with NPCs or venturing out publicly can be an inconvenience, if we all make even minor efforts to improve the overall atmosphere and experience of the server it ultimately favors the mutual benefit for everyone in this shared narrative, persistent world setting of Prisoners of the Mist.

Thank you for your consideration and contributions to a vibrant, immersive world that we all enjoy.

The PotM DM Team