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Author Topic: Update to the Prestige Class Application System  (Read 2946 times)


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Update to the Prestige Class Application System
« on: August 23, 2021, 09:45:23 PM »
Greetings Prisoners,

In an effort to improve experience and open up more roleplay concepts, we will be removing applications from around half our prestige classes. Before taking this decision, the Community Council and Development team discussed thoroughly the merits of keeping and removing applications. We went back to the original reasoning behind adding applications in late 2006, which was that a handful or classes/subraces were disruptive or too powerful. This is why we initially added applications retroactively at the time; we felt it would be simplier to require applications for all prestige classes, even though, as mentioned, only some were truly problematic.

Since most prestige classes don't have explicit roleplay requirements and aren't more disruptive or problematic than base classes, we will no longer apply this blanket approach to applications. As such, as of the next update, the following prestige classes won't require an application and will be available freely to anyone fulfilling the mechanical requirements:

Arcane Archer
Crypt Raider
Divine Champion
Dwarven Defender
Monster Hunter
Weapon Master

The following prestige classes will still require an application form.

Dragon Disciple
Hallowed Witch
Pale Master
People's Champion

We'd like to remind you that, restricted or not, prestige classes should be taken for their roleplay qualities and we expect they will still be used to enrich the collective narrative on the server. We will also be updating shortly the rules, specifically the multiclassing rules for paladins and monks in light of these changes.

Thank you!