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Author Topic: Drow don't get an additional language slot for Undercommon alongside Elven  (Read 173 times)


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Assuming that all races start with their base language of common (automatic), all I believe are given an additional language to represent the additional language that comes with their race (unless I'm mistaken).  Drow, however, start with both Undercommon AND Elven in 3e PnP, yet they have the same slots as an elf.

This is a Drow with 16 intelligence.  So, there should be five language slots, one slot reserved for Elven and another slot reserved for Undercommon, then a number equal to the intelligence modifier (so +3)—however—there is only four. 


Automatic languages:    Elven , Home Region , Undercommon

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We only give races one bonus language slot; maybe one day we'll change the system to enforce racial languages, then we'd be able to give all of them, but since right now people can allocate their bonus languages freely it'd be rather unbalanced for races that have multiple languages.