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Announcement from the Theatre de la Cathedral
« on: June 19, 2021, 07:07:09 AM »
My beloved audience,

It is with great sadness I announce my resignation from the Theatre de la Cathedral.

I have always been an actress, I think. A teller of stories, both beautiful and horrid, someone who has always prized fiction more highly than fact.

The Theatre de la Cathedral was the first great Dementliuse institution I encountered when I arrived in Lucine, and its former manager, the then Madamoiselle Francette de la Rochenoire, one of the first people I knew.

I admire the Theatre. I admire Madamoiselle Ines Jalabert.

Truely the Theatre was the brightest light in the City of Lights.

When I first got the oppertunity to work for the Theatre it was like a dream come to life. When I had the honor of assisting in managing it, it was surreal.

And when I was asked to take over the management myself, I had not the words to express it.

The Theatre has been my life.

However, I can no longer retain my position.

The death of Theatre Guard, Henry Allard, weighs heavily on my concience, a noble son of Dementlieu who gave his life for mine. For the Theatre.

In addition it has been drawn to my attention that my personal actions have caused a rift between that other great Dementlieuse insitition, the Opera, and the Theatre, due to my critisism of their work.

My views were personal, and I stand by them.

But I can not like my pride disrupt a working relationship that could better Dementliuse culture. I implore my successor to repair the damage wrought by my personal views, which are not representative of the most noble House Jalabert and to asprie to a closer working relationship for the sake of the Art.

There also stands the matter of the forthcoming election. I can not in any good concience serve under the wife of Monsiour Fluery Vaillant, nor would Sieur Reginer wish me to continue in my post given our strong disagreements on the finer points of art.

I will have my office cleared out by the end of the day.

Though I may be exiting stage left, though my curtain falls, I implore you all to remember that favourite saying of mine, 'The Show Must Go On.'

Whatever stories are told upon the stage in my absence, I know they will be as good a stories as I ever crafted.

With pride,