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Author Topic: Sithicus the Weeping Glade, can be navigated without using the transitions  (Read 691 times)


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The Sithicus transitions in the weeping glade (mists) often dont work (maybe because of lag). When they don't work, you are able to walk past them. The problem then, is that the area behind these transitions are open and connected. So you could technically walk between them without going through the tunnels that are meant to connect the areas. I was able to do this today (and ebon harbingers even chased me into this weird out of bounds zone).

I think the areas behind each of these transitions should be sealed. Either with an invisible barrier, or something else, as they are clearly not meant to be accessed (they don't look complete and navigating this way is probably an exploit).

Unfortunately I did not take a good picture, but you can kind of get the idea of the area I am talking about from this picture (the misty part in front of the charavter goes into the tunnels):

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