Author Topic: Rehersal's for the Seaworthy Ball - Part 2  (Read 399 times)


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Rehersal's for the Seaworthy Ball - Part 2
« on: May 09, 2021, 02:09:09 PM »
Hello Troupe members and prospective Troupe members!

The Second Rehersal's for the the Seaworthy Balls will take place this coming Sunday!

Anyone wishing to join the Troupe of the Theatre de la Cathedral is welcome to attend, as well as those employed by the noble house De Bellerose.

Cast and crew members are expected to attend, those unable to do so must submit a note to the manageress or her assistant manager, Monsiour Arsene de l'Hopital beforehand.

This event is not yet open to the public, but we do remind our generous patrons the ball itself is only a few days after, on the 19th.

Viva La Republique!

Lily Anciaux, Manageress, Theatre de la Cathedral.

[Countdown! -]