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Re: Dementlieu - Avenue du Progrès
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A caravan of tired Dementlieuse soldiers, mixed Gendarmes and retainers, march back along the Avenue to home. Despite being victorious, they seem the worse for wear, muddied, bloodied, and far less numerous than they were on the trip out. The procession is briefly stopped by a red-headed noblewoman, who slaps one of the Gendarmes across the face.
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Re: Dementlieu - Avenue du Progrès
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Those who would stop to overhear the farmhands and lumberjacks along the cobbled avenue would hear haunting tales of wicked shadows running amok in the night. Whilst barred in their homes, onlookers report what they believe to be armed soldiers or bandits stalking through the veil of dusk, but come the daytime they are nowhere to be seen.
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