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Barovia - Village of Barovia
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[Two Outlander women are seen walking around the street, hauling pieces of clothing, pelts back and forth, spending their days talking and laughing, tailoring. They seem to give the vast amount of clothes they make to the local guard, the farmers and villagers they meet on the roads. The women are often seen in the streets of the village during the night, or the Temple and during the day hunting and skinning the local worgs]
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Re: Barovia - Village of Barovia
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[Late in the night the sound of things being thrown followed as well as the sounds of a woman's screams and yelling pierce the dull silence of the village, though short lived crazed laughter followed after before eventually fading into the night. The Villagers and guards that braved the next morning into the warehouse found various boxes and small items broken smashed against walls and in place, small scorch marks litter the floors and walls but not a single torch in the area]

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