Author Topic: A public statement issued by Caporal Jacques Boucher.  (Read 152 times)


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A public statement issued by Caporal Jacques Boucher.
« on: April 08, 2021, 12:12:26 AM »


   I, Caporal Jacques Boucher, hereby endorse Monsieur Jacques Varteur for the position of Cultural Advisor of the Council of Brilliance.

   Jacques Varteur has for a long time now been a pillar of the community. Leader of the Miners' Association, and Chairman of the Workers' Congress, there are few in this city who can claim to have such attunement to the wants and needs of the people. He has continuously and unwaveringly fought for the advancement of Dementlieuese culture, advocating for greater rights for all those within the country. He has pushed for a six-day work week, for Fifth Days off, for increased wages for the working class. He has been an active proponent for greater safety regulations, better working conditions for factory workers, and the restriction of child labor.

   Jacques Varteur's actions have been motivated by a desire to see the whole of the nation thrive. He has exerted significant effort to see that the poorest and most vulnerable of us are able to access the fruits of our Grande Republique. Under his advisory, I am confident that our nation will continue to be the coveted jewel of the Core, and one that shines ever brighter.

For the Republique,
Caporal Jacques Boucher.

"My soul is overflowing with obeisant reverence, and Your Most Illustrious Excellency of benignity, to you I most humbly bow." -Francesco Ferdinando Alfieri.