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Author Topic: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting)  (Read 143525 times)


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #25 on: August 02, 2007, 06:16:36 PM »
Name- Powder Grenade
Type- Grenadelike

Description- These rare and deadly weapons, produced of a long combustible fuse and a well sealed wooden or pottery "canteen" in the shape of a small barrel, in which is contained packed black powder. Fuse gets lit. Fire run downs fuse. Fire touches powder. Enough said.

Statistics- On Hit Cast Spell: Fireball (Level 2)
Appearance- iit_x1_gren_001
Stack Size- 1

Price (per stack of 1)- 3240

Fireball Does 1d6 dmg every lvl, so at lvl 2 It does 2d6 dmg- the same as a triggered petard as listed in Van Richtens Arsenal
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #26 on: August 03, 2007, 02:21:09 AM »
Here's a couple Faerun Cannon weapons. (more or less)

Name: Aspergillum
Type: Mace

Description: The Aspergillum is a lightweight metal device about the size of a mace. It contains an internal reservoir of holy water, which can be dispensed through the holes on the head of the item by shaking it vigorously.  While this item was intended as merely a means of dispensing holy water, it could also be used to strike an opponent, and spray them with a little holy water in the process.

This particular model seems to have been built with no practical means of refilling the internal reservoir, and is therefore useless once the reservoir has been depleted.

3 charges
Cast spell: Holy water 1 charge/use
-1 attack and damage penalty
+1 positive damage vs. undead
+1 divine damage vs. outsiders

Appearance: (Couldn't find any I really liked, so I ended up going with a generic looking mace.  :?)
top:      4 color 1
middle:  1 color 1
Bottom: 3 color 1

Total Cost: 0 (I'd set it at 150 or so)

And the heavy variant.

Name: Heavy Aspergillum
Type: Heavy Mace (I built it using a morning star since I couldn't find heavy maces in my toolset, but it -should- be built as a heavy mace)

Description: The Heavy Aspergillum combines the properties of an Aspergillum and a Heavy Mace.  The shaft of the weapon has a small butten which, when pressed, opens a few small holes on the head of the mace.  These holes lead to an internal chamber, filled with holy water.  In effect, this allows the wielder to strike an enemy and splash them with a small amount of holy water as well, making this a prime weapon for combating undead and evil outsiders.

Built with no practical way to access the internal reservoir, this particular weapon is effectively useless once it's been emptied.

5 charges
Cast Spell: Holy Water 1 charge/use
+2 positive damage vs undead
+2 divine damage vs outsiders

Appearance: I built it using a morningstar, since I couldn't find the heavy mace in the template... so listing any appearance would be pointless.  :?

Total cost: 346

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #27 on: August 03, 2007, 01:58:40 PM »
Here's a couple Faerun Cannon weapons. (more or less)

Name: Aspergillum

Name: Heavy Aspergillum

If you add this, can you make it either 3/day or rechargeable at some kind of holy water font?  I see this as being a nice lower level item, but at low levels 150 fang is a lot of money to blow on a 3 shot (ever) item.


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #28 on: August 28, 2007, 06:36:59 AM »
Item name Gabrielle Aderre's Wolfkiller

Item type Dagger

Description of the item and statistics

Deathly afraid of lycanthropes, the witch Gabrielle Aderre forced a Vistani smith to forge and enchant this dagger for her. When he was done, she had her henchmen murder the man. With his dying breath, he cursed the dagger, but Aderre - already cursed by her own mother - simply laughed and spat in his face.

The blade is slightly curved and engraved with Vistani symbols that normally are associated with wards against the evil eye. "You have hunted your last" is carved into the handle in Falkovnian.

+3 vs. Shapechangers
Decreased AC -2 armor modifier

part number and color for the
top model 3 color 3
medium model 5 color 3
bottom model 2 color 3

Total cost: 3958
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #29 on: September 06, 2007, 06:26:15 PM »
Name- Alchemic Glass Arrows/Bolts (try doing both ;))

Description: These arrows have a hallowed glass point that is screwed into the shaft, inside the glass is seeming two separate mixtures separated by a thin wall of glass, when combined it would have devastating effects. When the arrow is shot the point is meant to be crushed from the blow and mix the dangerous ingredients together unto (or even worse...inside) the poor victim.

Mixture: (prices are for per arrow methinks, though it be nice to find them in bundles of 4 to 6 each except combust and sphere)
Bluish-green: on hit acid splash, price same as normal arrows

Yellowish-bluish: on hit: static shock same as normal arrows

Redish-orange: on hit: Combust, price 2178 (might want to lower price with -1 keen)

Greenish goo: on hit contagion price 792

blue white: on hit Scintillating Sphere price 792

white: Tasha's hideous laughter, price 297

black: sleep, price should be more than 50

and a Attack modifier: - 3

and much much more colors if any come to mind.

Alchemic Glass Daggers

These bottles shaped like has some volatile ingredients inside. These daggers can be used be thrown at enemies to administer their deadly chemicals. Though it is unbalanced and hard to toss with its weight

same as above except:
increased weight: 20% or more

Drow poison Darts

Drow sleeping poison darts

on hit: sleep

400 gold pieces


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #30 on: October 11, 2007, 09:44:24 PM »
Wolf-fang Necklace
Strung along this string of wolf-gut is a number of pieces of Wolfsbane (aconite) and large teeth. It helps to ward off the creatures it was made from, as well as keep them at bay, however, its very hard to distract a creature with this necklace on, as they go into a rage at seeing the proof of the death of so many of their kind.

+1 AC vs  Shapechangers
-4 Taunt

Greater Version: +2 AC -8 Taunt
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #31 on: November 20, 2007, 04:20:13 PM »
Axe of the dwarf king (name subject to change  :) )

Dwarven Waraxe

These axes are forged for dwarf clan chieftains, and kings.  They are said to root the wielder to the ground, making him one with the earth.  They are also notably heavy themselves, requiring a strong arm and back to wield.

+1 EB
+1d4 sonic damage
-2 dex
-1 AB penalty
-1 reflex
Weight increase 10 lbs
Only usable by dwarf

Dwarven Waraxe
Top 8, color 2
Middle 18, color 4
Bottom 10, color 1

Total cost: 3938

Fungal Artillery

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #32 on: March 05, 2008, 04:44:21 PM »

Spider claw



Made from the sharp claws of the gigantic spiders, these curved blades lack the wieldlyness of the common sword.
They are sharper than they look, however, and possess the vile treacherous venom the spiders are well known for.
Only those who know the ways of the wilds or poisons should lay a hand on these dangerous weapons.

Wielding the blade can get clumsy in the long term. The poison drips downwards, should the wielder hold it wrong. It makes wielding the blade highly dangerous to those who have little experience in swordplay. The dripping venom makes the wielder's movements slower and more stiff, as they wish not to spill the venom on themselves.

The blade is at the first sight a quite horrifying or alarming at least. The sword's hilt and guard are made of the chitin plate of the horrid spiders, giving it a hideous look. the claw arouses suspicion wherever its seen.

Top 3 color 1
middle 5 color 4
bottom 4 color 1


On hit: Poison [DC=16] [Amount: 1d2 constitution damage]
Attack bonus -1
Influence -8
Parry -10
dexterity -2
Visual effect: acid (just adds the poison effect)
Only usable by: Assassin
Only usable by: Ranger
Only usable by: Druid
Costs: "3448"
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #33 on: March 11, 2008, 04:00:35 PM »
Name: Prick Killer (After Talek constantly having the rebels call everyone that)


Top: 1 Color: 4
Middle: 20 Color: 1
Bottom: 1 Color: 1

Attack Bonus vs Humans +3
Damage Bonus Piercing vs Humans 1d4
Skill Bonus Hide +2
Skill bonus Move Silently +2
Skill Bonus Influence +2
Only useable by Humans
Cost: 3608

Description: A weapon created to aid the Rebellion against Vallaki's Finest. This weapon has several small enchantments that make the wielder less noticeable from the shadows while aiding his ability to keep a cover of deceit. The dagger bites easily into human flesh, but has trouble working against any other race due to its enchantments.


Name: Vishnadd


Top: 4 Color: 4
Middle: 20 Color: 4
Bottom: 21 Color: 4

Attack Bonus +1
Damage Bonus Piercing 1d4
Decreased Ability Score -2 CHA
Skill Bonus Influence +2
Only useable by Half-Vistani
Only useable by Females
Cost: 5682

Description: The Vistani form of justice is called the Vishnadd or "Dark Blade". This dagger is the one used by the raunie of the vardo, placing the point against the open palm of the accused, inflicting pain for each lie and lack of respect shown.


Name: Blessed Sword of the Anchorite (Name probably needs something more spiffy)


Top: 25 Color: 4
Middle: 25 Color: 2
Bottom: 18 Color: 4

Enchantment Bonus +1
Damage Bonus Divine 1d4
Visual Effect: Holy
Only useable by Lawful Good
Only useable by Lawful Neutral
Only useable by True Neutral
Only useable by Lawful Evil
Only useable by Cleric
Only useable by Paladin
Cost: 6330

Description: This fine Borcan blade is said to have been blessed by the Praesidius himself. Passed on to only those worthy of the tenets of Ezra, a handful of these blades exist throughout the Core. The blade's enchantment makes it only usable by those who's behaviour is similar to that of the Church of Ezra, while burning with Ezra's holy power the creatures that spawn forth from the Mists of Death.

Edit: Forgot to add the item descriptions.
Edit 2: Holy weapons should only be in hands of a paladin/cleric or at least a rogue/bard with good UMD and martial proficiencies. :P
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #34 on: March 15, 2008, 01:22:38 PM »
Name: Thumper's Boots


Top: 7 Color: 4
Middle: 4 Color: 1
Bottom: 2 Color: 7

AC Dodge Bonus +1
Damage Vulnerability: Sonic 50% Damage
Deceased Skill Modifier: Tumble -3
Skill Bonus: Listen +5
Cost: 1989

Description: Created by the gnome Thumper Blindsight for the Dvergenheim dwarves to aid them against the unseen horrors below their mines, these boots have sensitive soles tuned to the vibrations of the earth. Unfortunately, the boots' soles are uncomfortable, making moving in them quite a feat. The main drawback of the boots, according to the dwarves is that while it has plating to grant the user some protection it also makes them quite sensitive to the constant sound of knees hitting the ground, making the miners tossing the boots off their feet in favor of their old shin guards.

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #35 on: March 17, 2008, 05:35:33 PM »
Flare Arrow

Top: 1 Color: 3
Middle: 1 Color: 1
Bottom: 1 Color: 3

On Hit Cast: Flare(1)
Cost: 20 per arrow* (1980 per quiver of 99, 400 per quiver of 20)
*increased cost manually

Description: Created by the Sithican Wizards college to aid the Rangers that defend the villages of Sithicus, Flare Arrows are simple contrivances- mundane arrows inscribed with an impact activated rune that causes a brief, disorienting flash of orangish flame colored light (it should be noted that it is a flash of light only, and no heat is produced by the effect, making it useless for starting fires). While useful for disorienting opponents, the Sithicans have found greater use in using them for signaling, warnings, as well as directing the fire or attentions of their compatriots to a specific target or point. As such, a Ranger team leader will usually carry a small supply of these for such occasions

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #36 on: June 02, 2008, 07:46:17 PM »
Belt Lantern

Item: Belt

Properties: Light: White, Dim, +2 spot, +2 search

Description: This study leather belt and harness comes with a small clip on shuttered lantern. The Mirrored interior and directional shutters results in a proportionally brighter lightsource, that can be clipped unobtrusivly and hands free to the hip, providing a convenient focusable light source. A very useful utility tool for miners, night watchmen, adventurers, and anyone else who works in pitch black.

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #37 on: June 05, 2008, 06:54:35 AM »
Item: (Magical Staff)  Fire Brand

After months of labor and research, the sorcer Atlantia gathered the appropriate components and set forth to make a staff for herself. Being that she had seen several staves which, though powerful in thier own right, just didn't seem to fit her nature or feel right in her hands. The process itself took her weeks to carve the arcane runes which now go along the Iron wood shaft of this item, seeming to give it a warm and more assuring feeling to the wielder. During her time spent among the undead, and learning from the mages within the tower, she has made it to be hardier than normal to fight against the dead. The draw back is that the staff seems to draw onthe wielders own inner strength to fuel its chaotic power.  Infact, lawful creatures seem to dislike the thing entirely, thinking is it only a manifestation of inner chaos.

Top- model 6 color 2
Middle- model 22 color 3
Bottom- model 33 color3

1d4 fire
Str decrease -1
Wis Decrease -1
Enhancement +1
Enhncement vs undead +2
Skill bonus: Spellcraft +3
Usable only by chaotic
Usable only by sorc

Crafting component requirements:
1 ruby
1 Ironwood staff
1 platinum ingot
3 silver rings

Time to enchant x 2 weeks

Over all Item value : 7886

possible dc: 35

Item: Shiver Ring

Appearance: iit_ring_039

Description: Inorder to help guide those she teaches, Atlantia has put forth the effrt to try and make something which will help them concentrate and focus more on their studies. Knowing the risks of the magic she teaches she has also tried her best to include some small protections for them and a means to possibly escape from danger. The ring has a soft shimmery glimmer which contrasts with the inlaid garnets. The only hallmark of the maker is a small etched in flame on the underside of the ring.

Cast spell flare 2 charges
Damage resistance fire 5/-
Concentration +2
Spellcraft +1
Usable only by sorc
usable only by bard

Material requirements:
1 silver ring
3 garnets

Time to enchant x 3 days
Possible dc: 20

Estimated value: 1145

Misc. Failures during learning:

Appearance: (Ring- iit_ring_072) Atlantia's copper band

Description: During her trials with creating things and learning to enchant things in general the light bearer sorceress Atlantia created several of these very minor rings to help sharpen her skills. Small intricate runes seem to line the rings surface, making its poor quality a little more appealing. It is obvious that even in her earlier creations she has a desire for perfection in her craft. The ring however, being made from copper, is obvioulsy one of the worse metals to use and thus lending little along the way of help as far as what ever it may have been intended for.

+1 spellcraft

Material components:
1 copper ring

Time to make x 1 day
Possible dc 10
 Estimated value: 18


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #38 on: July 06, 2008, 11:18:02 PM »
League of Beggars Ring

Description: This ring appears to be little more than a common copper band with a few pieces of caligraphy etched into the inside of the band. It's magical properties are revealed, however, when it is placed on a finger. The ring was made by a sect of martial artists hailing from Rokushima Taiyoo, that believed that information was the most valuable asset attainable in life. The ring was made much more widespread, and popular, when one made its way to Borca. The magic attunes the wearers hearing to block out unwanted background noise, and focus in on things like footsteps, whispered conversations, and similar things. However, a simple copper band on the finger of a nobleman would attract unwanted attention. SO, the bands have a small amount of magic in them for those they were made for, beggars, or those pretending to be such. It smooths over the wearers voice, allowing them to appear to be little more than a beggar if they try to complement with a disguise.

Abilities: +2 Listen, +2 Influence

Appearance: Whatever the normal Copper Ring appearance is, should not be hard to find!

Cost: 1252
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #39 on: July 13, 2008, 04:50:33 PM »

   Name "SewerTonic"
item type-shortsword
top 21-3
middle 21-2
bottom 21-4

properties on hit- posion 1d2 intl

originally named "Mind death" it was a sword used by a small and little known group
of assasins from Krynn during the third dragon age.
during this time Grey robed mages faught with steel and spells, which was something
that went against the magi oaths in kyrnn.
 some rumors say the towers themselves hired assasins to fight against these mages,
others say it was inner struggles between lesser members a takhisis's army that sprouted

 Either way one thing was certain a bite from these blades left magi sorely vunerable.
and during this period a small band of these would be assasins stumbled into the mists
and found themselves in the sewers of vallaki.

 Nothing is left of them now but a few scattered bones, but the odd time one might
be lucky enough to find a blade.

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #40 on: July 13, 2008, 05:50:24 PM »
Not sure if something like this has been suggested prior, I didn't run through all the item request suggestions.

  The Velvet Fit - Nobleman's Attire.  - Can have any random local name or area title to it. Mordentish or Darkonese.

  Vestments worn by folk of wealth, importance.  Tailored with finely worked soft leathers, crushed velvet lapels, silvered and gold thread, matched with silken finery beneath.

  Velvet Nobleman's Hat - +2 influence, -1 antagonize
  Velvet Nobleman's Jacket - +2 influence - 1 antagonize,
  Velvet Nobleman's Gloves - +2 influence,  -1 antagonize
  Velvet Nobleman's Boots - +2 influence,  -1 antagonize
  Velvet Nobleman's Cape - +2 influence,  -1 antagonize

  When all five pieces are worn in conjunction they provide a +2 charisma bonus for the wearer.

  Silvered Performers Raiments

  A series of specially designed garments worn by singers, dancers, musicians and performers seeking to attract the eye of those whom they perform before.  Commonly worn during festivals.  Lined with semi-precious stones, silvered threads, silken fabrics, these outfits are often held in high regard with gypsy performers, as well those rich folk whom keep performers in their retinue of servants.

  Gloves - +2 perform, -2 antagonize
  Torso - +2 perform, -2 antagonize
  Boots - +2 perform, -2 antagonize
  When worn together they provide a +2 charisma bonus as well a -4 antagonize (intimidate/taunt)


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #41 on: July 28, 2008, 06:17:25 PM »
I would like a flame tongue. . .The Avenguard (sp?) .

I think its a +2 sword. . with 1d4 or 1d6 fire dmg.

thats it, just something simple, could even make it to be a more advance decalcifier, so that its a base +1
+2 ab vs undead and 1d6 fire to undead.


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #42 on: July 28, 2008, 08:32:39 PM »
Just a short reminder. Items suggested to enter the loot tables go into this thread. This thread should only contain the item's name, description, appearance, cost, and statistics. Discussion of said items go in this other thread:

And this is from the first page:

Okay folks, we'll open this up for you guys to request items you'd like to see in the module. Bear in mind that posting a request here is not a guarantee that the item will be made. Also, please only post item requests here. Posts discussing things and/or derailing the topic will be deleted.

Here are the guidelines:

 :arrow: Base item cost cannot exceed 8000 gp over the normal cost for the item (for example, a suit of half-plate costs 1500gp, so the most a magical version can cost is 9500gp)

 :arrow: No "use per day" for abilities. Use charges instead

 :arrow: No ability score bonuses

 :arrow: No immunities

 :arrow: The following abilities cannot be used: permanent haste, permanent true seeing, permanent freedom, permanent regeneration

 :arrow: Please do not build items solely for your own character. These items should be usable by the whole community to be found in the loot tables by anyone.

Please present the item in the following format:

-Item name
-Item type
-Description of the item
-Appearance (for weapons: list the part number and color for the top, medium, and bottom. For armor, list the appearance number for each armor part and approx. color, for "miscellaneous" items, take a screenshot of the icon used and post it)

For example:
Item Name: EO's Hammer of Greatness
Item Type: Warhammer
Description:The original version of this hammer was forged in the depths of Toril by an angry dwarf who wished to create the most awesome hammer. Over time, many weaker replicas were made and some found their way into Ravenloft.
Statistics: +1 Enhancement Bonus, +1AC, +1/5- Damage Reduction

You should build the item in the toolset to get the right costs and appearance #s. DO NOT SUBMIT THE ITEM TO US. This is merely so you can get the appropriate costs. To do this, create a new module, then edit the module properties. Go to "custom content, and make sure the following haks are listed in this order, from top to bottom:


Under "custom TLK file", make sure it says "ravenloft"

Then compile/rebuild the module and save it. You should be able to make your own items at this point. In our module, negative effects lower the cost of an item. So giving an item an ability score penalty (ex: -2 WIS), will lower the cost of the item, as will damage vulnerability, etc.

If you notice the first page, you'll see most of the items we have on ther server, but also notice that the items per se are more detailed than in the more recent posts. Do not just go:
Ezra's Blade +1 AB 1d4 fire

Please send your requests in the format suggested in the initial post. It will make the job easier for us if we only see requests such as Jiron's.

Item name: Alchemical Solution of Dispulsion/Alchemical Solution of Lesser Dispulsion

Item type: Grenade-like

Description of the item: This liquid formula is created through a secret alchemical process and appears to be intended to remove the magical effects of the target area.  One has to wonder what sort of crazed alchemist would create something like this...

Statistics: Cast Spell: Dispel Magic(10): 3000 gp ea(1 use)/Cast Spell: Dispel Magic(5): 1500 gp ea(1 use)

Appearance: (same as Holy Water as grenade-likes have NO unique appearances)

Please take the time to make create the item's name, description, statistics, appearance and the cost it gives in the toolset and remember that what you suggest here is not just for your char, but for the whole server.
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #43 on: August 02, 2008, 10:16:03 AM »
The R'lyeh Text
Description: This is a fragment of a dark lost book, brought no doubtly by some outlander to the lands of barovia, with in it are rituals. . .

(Passage 1)
Their Hidden Place

 I have seen much unmeant for mortal eyes in my wanderings beneath that dark and forgotten city. It is not the splendours of Irem that haunt my dreams with this madness, but another place, a place shrouded in utter silence; long unknown to man and shunned even by ghoul and nightgaunt. A stillness likened to millions of vanished years pressed with great heaviness upon my soul as I trod those labyrinths in terror, ever fearing that my footfalls might awaken the dread architects of this nameless region where the hand of time is bound and the wind does not whisper.

Great was my fear of this place, but greater was the strange sleep-like fascination that gripped my mind and guided my feet ever downwards through realms unknown. My lamp cast it's radiance upon basalt walls, revealing mighty pillars hewn surely by no human hand, where curiously stained obelisks engraved with frightful images and cryptic characters reared above me into the darkness. A passage sloped before me, I descended. For what seemed to be an eternity I descended rapt in contemplation of the grim icons that stretched endlessly on either hand, depicting the strange deeds of Those Great Ones born not of mortal womb. They had dwelt here and passed on, yet the walls of the edifice bore Their mark: vast likenesses of those terrible beings of yore carved beneath a firmament of unguessed asterisms.

Endlessly the way led downwards, ever downwards. The passage of time had fled from my mind, Hypnos and eternity held my soul.

How long, how far had I journeyed? I knew not. Then like one awaking from the dreams of Narcaeus my eyes beheld a door which barred my path. Their Sign was upon it, The Sign which I have seen within the tomb-caverns of Leng, amidst the pillars of Irem , and borne before the idols of cryptic Isnavor. I trembled as I beheld the dark inscriptions which covered the jaded stone writhe like a thousand hideous serpents, sometimes their reptilian forms darting toward each other as if in conflict, sometimes joining to form creatures of nauseous bulk once more to divide into a twisting host of black serpentine characters.

Before my eyes the door was rolled up as if it were a scroll and I gazed upon the void beyond, where amongst strange stars great darkling forms moved. Like the moaning of a great wind terrible voices assailed my ears with a cry of a thousand souls in torment. The forbidden names of Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathhotep and a hundred more seared my brain like venomous vitriol. Their minds entered my being and I learned of blasphemous things undreamt by mortal man and of a realm beyond our time and creation where the blind demon sultan Azathoth dwells within the pit of Chaos throughout the countless aeons of infinity.

Then with thunderous roar the stars whirled before me in a great coiling vortex and I was drawn into that nameless abyss like a leaf before the tempest . My screams of terror yielded to merciful oblivion and darkness engulfed me.

I awoke amidst the silent sands of the red desert to behold the great orb of the sun proclaiming the dawn. I arose, and turning to the North set my feet towards Damascus where I, Their scribe, must write my book. For beyond the Pillars of Hercules, dreaming crystals call.

(passage 2)
Of He Who Sleeps

Know ye that He has slept death's dream for ages unnumbered; He who has slumbered long before the birth of Man; He who is dead yet waits dreaming: SHALL RISE, and His time draws near. The worm shall not corrupt the corrupted; time is naught to His continuation; the aeons shall not lay waste that which is not of earth's flesh.

In R'Lyeh He dwells, bound in timeless sleep by Those who would hold back the darkness of Outer Hells and stem the fate of Man. Yet the darkness shall prevail, the destiny of Man is sealed and graven.

The stars shall mark the time of His coming, and when the spheres intersect: HE SHALL RISE. Great Cthulhu shall return, and armed with vengeful talons He shall smite the Elder Lords and rend the soul of Man. The earth shall know the night without cease.

His minions dwell amongst you, Beware O Man, they come in servile stealth; like thieves in the night. They heed not Man and his frail gods, blind in the will of their master.

Great Cthulhu sleeps in His house and shapes the dream of what shall me, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

My brother Ibn Ghazi saw with the lidless eyes the end of Man's time, yet Their curse denied him the revelation. Ever condemned he suffers the endless torments of the Vaults of Zin. His mouth is sealed up, his tongue severed - nought shall he speak or bewail his tortures - he is headless, the slave of the Shoggoth until the Great Old Ones fall.

Yog-Sothoth knoweth the Gate through which the Old Ones shall return. When the stars have faded and the moon shines no more, when only dark suns rise and set: Great Cthulhu shall awaken and call from the deep with the voice of a thousand thunders, and the Gate shall be cast open: THEY SHALL RETURN.

Lament thy fate O Man, for the earth shall be void and cast for eternity into the abyss of perdition.


The Seal They have set against Him shall not prevail forever. The folly of mankind shall shatter the Seal: HE SHALL RISE.

Man in his unseeing ignorance shall assault the skein which binds his immortality (and know not who guides his hand); he shall rupture the air and oceans with fire, and cover the firmament with the venomous shroud of ancient Cthulhu's shadow.

I, Alhazred, have heard His cry, my eyes have beheld the forbidden Signs, I fear the voice of the night wind - I fear for man.

Ph'hglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl fhtan

(passage 3)
The Nurturing Of The Cadaver

What hand harvests the soul at death?

What dwells within the tomb after the spirit has departed?

What locks the Gate beneath the serpent's eye?


He who would possess the hidden power must pay homage to Those of the Void and provide the sustenance of Their being. In ages past They created bodies of flesh and walked the earth and bred diverse life-forms for Their nourishment: creatures of Their design, (some yet continue upon earth) shaped and coloured to serve Their needs.

In the Void They dwell without form; Their mantle of flesh long destroyed, yet Their desire for the essence of matter remains and long unremembered lusts burn with ravenous ferocity.

When life has fled the corpus the fly of Yoth must be encapsulated thus; Make the incision with the Scimitar of Barzai and over the head of the cadaver pronounce the Incantation:




Make the Voorish Sign and burn the Incense of ZKAUBA.

Take up a brand of fire and facing to the West pronounce the words: BELUM OSAS GRIMSAL, BOGAD RITZAS, PEGVIER, LAZOZ IMBRUT, ZECKE-REBUS, YOTH!

Strike the brazen gong and as the sound dies from your ears the insect will attend you and enter the wound. The fly will dwell therein for one hundred and ninety days and from its decay shall rise the nine worms of ISCUXCAR which shall gnaw as instructed until naught remains but the essence.

If the Na-hags come forth banish them with the Elder Sign (which they fear greatly) and bar their return with the Amulet Of Iron.

Thus prepared, the essence may be offered to Those beyond for Their appeasement whenever you shall Open the Gate as before taught. (Make the triple genuflection and Seal with the Sigil of Koth at Their coming).

The glittering Powder of Desiccation may be formulated from the remains if pulverised in the day and hour of Saturn and combined with the ochre of the earth, salt and sulphur.

Mummia can be produced by sprinkling the powder upon any corporeal being.

*Appearance, any misc tome or holdable book*
Stats:  If any. . .personally don't think any are needed
-1 wis
+2 lore


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #44 on: August 28, 2008, 01:35:34 AM »
Item Name: Maiden’s Delight
Item Type: Short Sword

Amongst the ruthless social-climbers of Borca, a young artisan named Fiorella sought to distinguish herself above her peers by crafting a line of small, elegant swords for members of a ruthless group of aspiring nobles. Designed to both draw the eye and easily turn aside the occasional assassin’s stiletto, these status symbols made their wielders readily visible while walking the streets of Levkarest. The artisan herself was not so lucky. When a group of rivals tried to commission her services, her former employers quite literally “cut her loose” by placing one of her own blades quietly in her back.

AC Bonus +1
Attack Bonus +1
Decreased Skill Modifier: Hide -6
Skill Bonus: Influence +2

Cost: 4942

Appearance Codes:
Top 3  /4
Middle 2 /2
Bottom 3 /4


Item Name: The Simplifier
Item Type: Short Sword

Infamous amongst the poor of Port-a-Lucine, this knife once graced the bloody hand of an indecisive, but highly skilled, butcher named Reule. A horrible businessman, he spent weeks fretting over every sour interaction with his customers until one day his mind simply snapped from the pressure. After that point, whenever anyone gave him a problem, he simply smiled and invited them back to his workshop for one of his “best cuts.” The authorities eventually discovered the abundant source of his meat and dealt him a swift cut of their own – at the neckline.
Afterwards, the knives found their way into the hands of thieves and from there out into the world. These butcher’s tools are tainted with Reule’s insanity and indecisiveness, and holding one often leads one to fret and second-guess himself.

Attack Bonus +1
Damage Bonus: Slashing 1d4 Damage
Decreased Saving Throws: Specific: Will -1
Decreased Skill Modifier: Concentration -2
Decreased Skill Modifier: Influence -2

Cost: 3508

Appearance Codes:
Top 20 / 3
Middle 20 / 3
Bottom 21 /4


Item Name: Broken Vows
Item Type: Short Sword

Once owned by a samurai who betrayed his Divine Emperor, this sword retains only remnants of its former glory and evokes feelings of mistrust and treason in the wielder. Shattered less than a foot from the hilt, this weapon can no longer cut effectively and works better at close distances.

Attack Bonus +1
Damage Bonus: Slashing 1d4 Damage
Damage Vulnerability: Divine 5% Damage Vulnerability
Decreased Saving Throws: Specific: Will -1
Cost: 3662

Appearance Codes:
Top 15 /1
Middle 20 / 1
Bottom 22 / 1   


Item Name: Aeolian Tempest
Item Type: Scimitar
Item Description:

Deep into the Quarter of Emptiness, into the most treacherous and desolate part of the desert, a young Bedine nomad once traveled to end his life when he discovered his wife had taken another lover. Before leaving, he bitterly said to her, “I have seen your eyes wandering like the wind over the desert and ignored your stray attentions, though the watching has sucked every drop of happiness from my spirit as the desert does the rain. I will seek the heart of Anauroch, the only place more empty than my own heart, and perhaps there find peace.”

He expected her to follow him and stop him before he reached the point of no return but to his surprise, she did not. In his absence, she took another husband, while he walked on…

He died eventually of exposure to the elements but his stubborn spirit remained, clinging to his body until the blazing desert sands had scoured the last remaining piece of flesh from his body, broken his bones into dust, and shredded his belongings apart. Only his scimitar remained, the steel hard enough that even the desert sands could not destroy it.

The weapon still burns with his anguish and the heat of the deadly desert winds when drawn, flames pouring forth in a noisy torrent which makes seeing and hearing difficult, and remaining unseen and unheard almost impossible.

Attack Bonus +1
Damage Bonus: Fire 1d4 Damage
Damage Bonus: Sonic 1d4 Damage
Decreased Skill Modifier: Concentration -1
Decreased Skill Modifier: Hide -5
Decreased Skill Modifier: Listen -4
Decreased Skill Modifier: Move Silently -5
Decreased Skill Modifier: Spot -4
Light Dim (5m) Yellow
Visual Effect: Fire

Cost: 3298

Appearance Codes:
Top 14 /3
Middle 5 /2
Bottom 13 / 1
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The Howling Stars

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #45 on: August 30, 2008, 01:30:41 PM »
Hello Fellow Prisoners,

I had an idea. Being a soldier myself, I know how much it means to be recognized and in a rare case to be awarded for service in front of your peers. I was thinking that the Vallaki Guard / Militia should have the same.

Anyways, if the Dev’s agree here is something to start with.

Item Name: Vallaki Commendation Medal of Valor
Item Type: Miscellaneous / Jewelry / Amulet
Description: A medallion of the finest quality. This silver medal bears the insignia of the City of Vallaki. On the reverse side its bears an inscription in eloquent Balok “For distinguished service to the people and lands of the City of Vallaki”.

Saving Throw Bonus: Universal [+1]
Skill Bonus: Antagonize [+1]

Cost: 1551

Appearance Code:


Item Name: Barovian Medal of Honor
Item Type: Miscellaneous / Jewelry / Amulet
Description: A medallion of the finest quality. This gold medal bears the familiar Raven and Wolf crest of House von Zarovich. On the reverse side its bears an inscription in eloquent Balok “For distinguished actions above and beyond the call of duty in service to the noble House of Von Zarovich and the Realm of Barovia”.

Saving Throw Bonus: Universal [+2]
Skill Bonus: Antagonize [+2]

Cost: 6839

Appearance Code:

PS. Not sure, is that the correct description for the Crest of Von Zarovich?

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #46 on: August 31, 2008, 05:58:00 PM »
To better help me flesh out Jadin Veritas the way it's supposed to be I was wondering if it's possible to get a faction armor for inquisitors.  The Ezrite stuff is good but it's designed for front line fighting, Jadin is part rogue so maybe something a little more maneuverable with different benefits.
What I had in mind was something like.....
Inquisitors Coat:
Item Type: Medium armor

Description: A finely made chain shirt under a long overcoat used by witchhunters to house their tools.

Statisics: AC +1, Influence +2, Antagonize +2, Spot +2, Listen +2

Appearance: The new CEP trenchcoat things with the chain shirt underneath.

Thanks for the consideration


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Windy Arrows!
« Reply #47 on: August 31, 2008, 11:15:21 PM »
Item name: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets of the North Wind
Item type: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets
Statistics: +1d4 Cold damage.
Appearance: Any.  They're just projectiles.
Description: Breath of Nord, your age untold, how deeply bites your bitter cold.

Item name: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets of the South Wind
Item type: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets
Statistics: +1d4 Fire damage
Appearance: Any.  They're just projectiles.
Description: Breath of Sud from tropics fair, you bear the warmth of sunlit seas.

Item name: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets of the East Wind
Item type: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets
Statistics: +2d4 Positive Energy damage vs. Evil, +2 Positive Energy damage vs. non-Evil
Appearance: Any.  They're just projectiles.
Description: Breath of Est, the rising light, a thousand blessings you behold.

Item name: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets of the West Wind
Item type: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets
Statistics: +2d4 Negative Energy damage vs. Good, +2 Negative Energy damage vs. non-Good
Appearance: Any.  They're just projectiles.
Description: Tainting dusk, O Breath of Vest, its bane is winnowed with your breeze.

Item name: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets of the Calm
Item type: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets
Statistics: On hit: 20% chance of Paralysis (Fortitude save vs. DC 15)/1 round
Appearance: Any.  They're just projectiles.
Description: Naught of Four, a tranquil hand may settle on the earth and hold.

Item name: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets of the Storm
Item type: Arrows/Bolts/Bullets
Statistics: -1 Attack penalty, +2d4 Electrical damage
Appearance: Any.  They're just projectiles.
Description: All of Four, the twisting tempest razes any it may seize.
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #48 on: September 25, 2008, 04:46:52 PM »
Since silver arrows are worth horse crap..

Name:  Vânător  (balok for hunter)
Type: heavy crossbow
Description: A heavy crossbow lined with silver brackets, delivers fatal wounds to the cursed lycantrophes
+1 vs werecreatures
+ 2d6 mass criticals
-1 ab


top 2
middle 3
bottom 3


top 3
middle 3
bottom 1

// discuss the balance, im trying to see if it's enough or not. Silver arrows/bolts just dont do enough dmg to be worth it

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #49 on: September 25, 2008, 11:06:34 PM »
// discuss the balance, im trying to see if it's enough or not. Silver arrows/bolts just dont do enough dmg to be worth it
Well, it depends on how many arrows you chuck at them....   :mrgreen: