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Author Topic: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting)  (Read 144990 times)


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Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting)
« on: February 25, 2007, 10:47:26 PM »
Okay folks, we'll open this up for you guys to request items you'd like to see in the module. Bear in mind that posting a request here is not a guarantee that the item will be made. Also, please only post item requests for the loot tables here. This is not a general item feedback thread or a thread for asking a DM to give you a special item or a new system or crafting component. Posts discussing things and/or derailing the topic will be deleted.

Here are the guidelines:

Basic Item Design

When designing items, be it either for your PC or stores, it's always ideal if you can make them usable for general purpose as well. This is both because of performance consideration, and also because it would benefit in creating a wide array of items available for other situations like loot etc. In the same manner, try to not create new items if some of the items on the current palette could easily equate your needs.

Be in line with the setting when creating items. Make them Ravenloft, classical, gothic, stoic, raw and gritty. Humorous items can be fun the first time, but they rarely stay that way when repeated, and thus, their use quickly fade.

Also, be sure to set the items to unidentified magical. This even applies to items you want sold in stores, as they'll always be marked as identified there. Make a description for them as well, preferably with a background story. Avoid describing the specific item as unique however, as it also greatly reduce the potential use. Often, you can simply describe how the first of the specific item was made and tell it's story that way.

Item balance and target prices

One of the best ways to judge an item's power is by the cost of that item. It's easily visible in the toolset so you can adjust items to fit our agreements fairly easily. While there's several downsides and loopholes of judging by item price, it's really still the most feasible and practical way of determining and comparing an items power and establish some standards. It will also make sure we don't blow our economy by having items that are sellable at excessive prices, and the treasure system is designed to judge what to spawn by gold value. If we feel that some items properties are excessively imbalanced price-wise, we can alter the 2das associated and up the prices they generate.

For all regular, non-magical items, the cost increase of the item properties should never exceed 200 above the version of the item with no item properties applied. This does allow for some simple item properties to be applied to things, but mainly things that are reasonable within what's non-magical properties (like +1 hide for a black cloak). If you want to design non-magical varieties of items that provide more significant advantages, make sure they have drawbacks too that put them within this price range. This is also a consideration of conceivability. For example, if an extra large and weightily greatsword gives only clear advantages, it's fair to assume that all greatswords were designed this way per default.

Some non-magical items can exceed this bar of price increase, but then, they should be considered of exceptional craftsmanship. However, applying extra cost to reflect aesthetic/material value, like a jeweled sword or a golden armor should not count against these limits.

For magical items, the price increase against the base item itself should never go past 8000.

You might find it hard to stay within these ranges, but applying some negative properties should make it fairly easy - and likely create some much more interesting items. Please don't use the purely price reducing property to reduce price to be within range, however. That breaks the entire balance. In same regard, when designing drawbacks, make some that matter. A greatsword with a wisdom or intelligence penalty would hardly impact the wielder, for example. Of course, to enhance the roleplay/story aspects of the items, you can still apply these penalties, but don't use them to balance out the end price - e.g., don't count them when determining if the item is within the price limits.


Weapons should generally apply to the same standards, but with a modifier applied. This is because individual weapons need to be balanced toward each other still, and NWN doesn't automatically consider that when determining price. As an example, a bastard should still have the same relative advantage over a long sword, to keep the exotic feat worth it - and sacrificing wearing a shield by using a two handed weapon should provide some relative advantage as well. Thus, to calculate the price range of a melee weapon, use the maximum noncritical damage of the weapon, divided by 8 and apply as modifier. As an example, a greatsword with a maximum damage of 12 would have the modifier of 12/8 = 1,5 meaning a greatsword could go up to 8000*1,5 = 12.000 gp value increase and a scimitar with maximum damage of 6 would have a modifier of 6/8 = 0,75 meaning a scimitar could go up to 8000*0,75 = 6.000 gp value increase.

Item properties you should generally avoid:

Ability Modifier - Starting to bring in ability modifiers is opening the gates to a mayhem of imbalances, exploits etc. An example workaround could be that instead of giving a +1 to charisma to represent aesthetic value, you can give a +1 influence/perform.

Immunity: Ability Drain - This property has the problem that it not only makes the wearer immune to attack-induced ability drains, but also all other forms, including those applied by our systems, like subracial modifiers, making it a major factor of imbalance.

* use/day - In most terms of NWN, a day only represents the time between resting, thus items that have uses per day are quickly becoming much more frequently used. Since these items never run dry, we could end up with individuals carrying such items for every needed situation, effectively making them more powerful than a spellcaster and incredibly hard to toy with as a DM.

Overly restrictive usability - Items that are only usable by one or a few classes or one specific alignment has a very narrow usergroup. This isn't ideal since it greatly reduce the potential diversity other classes experience. Therefore, try to limit the usage of these restrictions.

NWN Engine Quirks The NWN has some quirks that differentiate it from PnP D&D, and it also uses 3.0 D&D, not 3.5, and many of those aspects are hardcoded and cannot be changed.

 :arrow: Attack Bonuses are more powerful in NWN because they bypass Damage Reduction (remember also, NWN uses 3.0 D&D DR, which is very different from 3.5's DR). Be careful about giving an item too many attack bonuses, such items are more powerful than they appear to be.

 :arrow: On-Hit: Cast Spell effects can cause performance issues. Most spells were designed under the assumption that a character could cast at most two spells in a round. When it is triggered on-hit, however, a spell can be cast much more often, potentially twelve times per round. Injudicious use of this item property can cause the game to lag. Also, no matter how many On Hit: Cast Spell properties you give an item, only one will ever be used, the highest gp-cost one.

 :arrow: On Monster Hit abilities only work on creature items

 :arrow: Armor and Shields can have On Hit effects as well as weapons, triggering when the owner is hit instead of when the owner hits something with a weapon.

 :arrow: Missile-launching weapons such as bows, crossbows and slings do not benefit from damage bonuses and do not trigger On Hit effects, as you do not actually hit with that weapon. These must be applied to the ammunition instead.

Custom Content Quirks: We have used haks to open up previously unavailable item properties. Some of them work, some of them do not. Also, as we have made some changes to spell, On Hit: Cast Spell effects may not work as intended.

 :arrow: The following item properties do not work: Boomerang, Dancing, Vorpal (use On Hit: Vorpal instead), Wounding (use On Hit: Wounding instead)

 :arrow: The knock spell has been altered on this server to give a large bonus to the Open Lock skill instead of instantly unlocking something. As such, you should avoid the On Hit: Knock item property.

 :arrow: Item Cost Parameter works, but should not be used. It is used in a few exceptions for mundane weapons that lack abilities they should have but don't due to hardcoded engine limitations (for example, nunchaku and sais should be able to be used with the Flurry of Blows feat, but since the engine won't allow it, the weapons were given a +1 Parry bonus to compensate). These exceptions are only handled by the Dev team and will not be considered or allowed on items suggested here.

 :arrow: Not all feats listed under "Bonus Feat" will work when added to an item, particularly if it is a feat that requires levels of a particular class (e.g. Barbarian Rage).

 :arrow: We have a custom poison system on PotM. To use it, select a poison type from the Poison property. Each poison has its own cost attached.

Certain materials have different properties when armor and/or weapons are made from them. These will count towards the item's cost. You will have to add them manually.

 :arrow: Stone: Attack and Damage Penalty -2, Weight Increase 5 lbs.
 :arrow: Bone: Attack and Damage Penalty -2, Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight
 :arrow: Obsidian: Attack and Damage Penalty -1, Base Item Weight Reduction 80% of weight
 :arrow: Bronze: Attack and Damage Penalty -1
 :arrow: Copper: Attack Bonus vs. Racial Group Fey +2, Base Item Weight Reduction 80% of weight, Decreased Damage -1
 :arrow: Iron, Steel: no changes
 :arrow: Cold Iron: Attack Bonus vs. Racial Group Outsiders +1
 :arrow: Silver: Attack Bonus vs. Racial Group Shapechangers +1
 :arrow: Mithral: Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight
 :arrow: Adamantine: Enhancement +1 (light or medium weapons) or +2 (heavy weapons)
 :arrow: Alchemical Silver: as Silver, above

Wooden Weaponry: Only certain weapons can effectively be made of wood. The club, quarterstaff, sap, and all bows and crossbows can be made from wood without suffering a penalty. Any bludgeoning weapon can also be constructed of wood, but those not noted above suffer a -3 penalty on attacks and damage. Weapons that deal piercing or slashing damage cannot be made of wood.

 :arrow: Darkwood: weapons that can normally be made of wood without penalty gain Attack Bonus +1 and Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight when made of darkwood. There is no bonus gained for weapons not normally made of wood.

Armor and Shields:

 :arrow: Bone: maximum AC of 3
 :arrow: Wood: maximum AC of 3 for armor, no change for shields
 :arrow: Coral: maximum AC of 6
 :arrow: Shell: maximum AC of 3
 :arrow: Bronzewood: same AC as metal but gains Base Item Weight Reduction 80% of weight
 :arrow: Chitin: same AC as metal but weight is doubled
 :arrow: Bronze: AC is always -1 that of steel armor
 :arrow: Mithral: Arcane Spell Failure -05%, Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight
 :arrow: Adamantine: AC +1, Damage Reduction +1/Soak 5, Weight Increase x2
 :arrow: Darkwood: Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight (shields only)


-Item name
-Item type
-Description of the item
-Appearance (for weapons: list the part number and color for the top, medium, and bottom. For armor, list the appearance number for each armor part and approx. color, for "miscellaneous" items, take a screenshot of the icon used and post it)

For example:
Item Name: EO's Hammer of Greatness
Item Type: Warhammer
Description:The original version of this hammer was forged in the depths of Toril by an angry dwarf who wished to create the most awesome hammer. Over time, many weaker replicas were made and some found their way into Ravenloft.
Statistics: +1 Enhancement Bonus, +1AC, +1/5- Damage Reduction

You should build the item in the toolset to get the right costs and appearance #s. DO NOT SUBMIT THE ITEM TO US. This is merely so you can get the appropriate costs. To do this, create a new module, then edit the module properties. Go to "custom content, and make sure the following haks are listed in this order, from top to bottom:


Under "custom TLK file", make sure it says "ravenloft"

Then compile/rebuild the module and save it. You should be able to make your own items at this point. In our module, negative effects lower the cost of an item. So giving an item an ability score penalty (ex: -2 WIS), will lower the cost of the item, as will damage vulnerability, etc.

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2007, 01:21:06 AM »
Item name: Alchemical Solution of Dispulsion/Alchemical Solution of Lesser Dispulsion

Item type: Grenade-like

Description of the item: This liquid formula is created through a secret alchemical process and appears to be intended to remove the magical effects of the target area.  One has to wonder what sort of crazed alchemist would create something like this...

Statistics: Cast Spell: Dispel Magic(10): 3000 gp ea(1 use)/Cast Spell: Dispel Magic(5): 1500 gp ea(1 use)

Appearance: (same as Holy Water as grenade-likes have NO unique appearances)

Once more into the breach!


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2007, 03:37:42 AM »
Masterwork Instruments of any sort that confer a +1 to perform checks when equipped would be nice. I'll apply a formalized application at a later date simply because...theres alot of instruments.


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2007, 05:33:48 AM »
A wider variety of silver weapons

How come swords that requires the most skilled blacksmith to make are so much more common than the simplest (ie mace, club, morningstar)


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2007, 06:04:18 AM »
I can't code for crap but here are some suggestions...

Perfumes and / or grooming kits... One box / bottle = 5 or 10 charges.. gives +2 Charisma for 3 hours (or if you want less cheeze) +2 to all intereaction skills. Just the thing for the next ball or the next feast that Stradh holds.

Ring of Warmth. Resist cold /10...

Necklace of sustience... 1 charge = 1 food consumed. Emergency food always on hand...

Fell Boots. +1 Intimidate.

Pendant of persausion. 1 charge = +2 to persaude / bluff / Appraise

(Weapon) of the Moon. 1 charge = +2 vs shapeshifters for 1 hour. Final charge used = destroyed item.

Prayer beads. 1 extra 1st or 2nd level spell for clerics.

Mask/Hat of Disguise - POWERFUL!!!! - once bought, player inputs a new name... when whereing the hat/mask the player shows under THAT name. The name is hard wired and locked into the item once aquired... can 'blank' it out by spending 5000 gold (not sure of the mechanics).

Gloves of Missile snaring - deflect/reflect arrows as per 6th level monk.

Pendant of the Paladin - good characters only. Can use to give resist fear and/or per 3rd level Paladin. Greater Pendant of the Paladin is as per 6th level paladin.

Ring of Flame - 1 charge = +1D6 flame damage to weapon. Also +2 saving throws vs fire (no charges but whole ring is destroyed once the final charge is used).

Broach of shielding - 1 charge = shield spell.

Helm of clear sight (Ultra Vision)

Amulet of Tongues - Pure RP... PC can speak/understand ANY language. The character can RP this one but this can be invaluable.

Long Ears (hat/helm) Listen +5

And my ALL time best (straight out of 1st and 2nd Ed AD&D)...

Oil of Sharpening!!!! (Or Oil of impact)!!!! - 1 charge / use makes the weapon +1,+2 etc etc (depends on the oil) We fighters Bloodly we need this. It can be expensive but it should  be out there.

Also - how about some narcotics? Herbs? Heck, if it can be coded - make a saving throw like being diseased (but cannot be cured), player takes damage (or cannot recover HPs from rest) if addicted until they take it again... addiction takes 2 weeks in game play for it to be out of system... If they use it again, addiction is automatic and takes 4 weeks game time to resolve.

We can have herbs/drugs that provoke rage, give Owls Wisdom or Foxes cunning etc... but these things carry the risk and price of addiction.  Now THATS a dark side that can be added to the game.

And Otake, Wulfgang Eberhardt, Aesin, Humiko, Bonereaver, Anthrania + whatever concept I am playing with...


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #5 on: February 26, 2007, 10:44:38 AM »
Please send your requests in the format suggested in the initial post. It will make the job easier for us if we only see requests such as Jiron's.


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #6 on: February 26, 2007, 12:03:24 PM »
Item Name: Poisonous fans
Item Type:
Description: creates the poison  only five times until the fan breaks or is useless
Statistics: 1d2 poison that inflicts ability damage or blindness/paralyzation/deafness if left untreated (dunno the name of the poisons)

Item Name: Dung balls
Item Type: slingshot bullets
Description: A ball of dung perfectly rolled into a ball
Statistics: on hit: filth fever, -2 damage, -1 attack

Item Name: Custom fitted armor
Item Type: metal armor of any kind
Description: This armor seems to be tailored for a specific person
Statistics:+1 or +2 AC, 80% of weight and only usable by that person only by using class, race, and alignment

Item Name: blessed armor
Item Type: any armor
Description: This armor has been blessed with un/holy power
Statistics: +1 or 2 AC against undead, and any extras specific to the order/cult/religion that made the armor

Item Name: Rusty/Shiny Chainmail boots
Item Type: boots
Description: Leather boots covered in rusty/shiny chainmail
Statistics: +1 or +2 Dodge AC depending on quality, 10% weight increase ...-5 Move silent and hide skills

Item Name: Magical/ special metal Rapiers
Item Type: Rapier
Description: This is magical/made with a certain metal
Statistics: because I never seen one ever on this server

Item Name: Sawtooth (Slashing blade name)
Item Type: slashing blade
Description: saw-like metal teeth replace the blade of the sword, because of this, the person needs to swing check his swing or else it breaks
Statistics: on hit wounding DC: 10, -5 attack

Item Name: keen items
Item Type: weapon
Description: This weapon seems to guide itself to the enemies weak spot, but attempts to override the control of the person's arms
Statistics: -2 or -3 damage , and keen property, dex -2

Item Name: minor/light/moderate/serious/critical healing amulet
Item Type: amulet
Description: This amulet has a symbol of (a holy healing god) on the front and worn off writing on the back
Statistics: minor: 30 or 20 charges, light: 20 or 30 charges, moderate: 20 charges, serious: 10 charges, Critical: 5 charges

Item Name: wooden weapon
Item Type: weapon of every type mostly swords
Description: on the hilt it says "Link" but somehow you seriously doubt it is a name
Statistics: no damage

Item Name: Selune/(Moon Gods)'s Moonblade
Item Type: Longsword or whatever it really is supposed to be
Description: This blue blade has a inner soft blue light to it, its edge seems it couldn't cut butter. When struck against a target unseen energy seems hurt the target. When the blade hits a undead or a werecreature, the energy can be seen
Statistics: no damage, -5 attack, 1d4 magical or divine damage, 1d4 extra divine or magical damage against lycan and undead, low light blue, artifact level item or Almia's level

Item Name: Pelor/Lathander/sun god's pendant
Item Type: amulet
Description: This holy symbol has the shape of a sun setting against the hills
Statistics: light 1 charge, bless 2 charges, searing light all charge remaining (if it can be done)

Item Name: Dunno what to really name this one girdle of (nervousness control)
Item Type: belt
Description: When worn, it gives the person more control over his body. When the mind or body freezes in fear, the belt gives a soothing feeling to try to overcome the person's situation
Statistics: +2 fear saves, +2 paralyzation

Item Name: Gloves of (insert ability)/ Gloves of mighty (insert ability
Item Type: glove or gauntlet
Description: this worn out gloves/guantlets takes a portion of the persons abilities and enhances it at the cost of another, it seems to be a prototype from a mage experiment.
Statistics: +1 or +2 stat increase but -2 or -3 in another place, usually the second important stat of the class is used for negatives and the most important stat is the increase  (ex. Gloves of Wisdom: +1 wis -2 Cha, would help a cleric at the expense of his turning ability, or Gloves of Dex: +1 dex, -2 Strength or Con, making it unfavorable among certain classes unless really needed)

Item Name: different kinds of instruments
Item Type: instrument
Description: different materials used in this instrument gives it a better sound than most others, or The different materials give it increased durability for travel or the instrument is horribly out of tune and seen better days, it looks like if played once the instrument would crumble.
Statistics: Performance increases from +1 to +5, or 1d4 damage, or sound based attack spell with 1 charge.

Item Name: Tasha's/Mage's Hilarious Joke book
Item Type: holdable book
Description: This book is full of hilarious jokes from around Barovia, The Core, and beyond
Statistics: 1 charge use Tasha's hideous laughter

Item Name: Encyclopedia
Item Type: holdable book
Description: An Encyclopedia of facts
Statistics: (normal) +2 lore, (expanded/updated) +4 lore, (magical) + 6 Lore

EDIT: changed the sawtooth blade
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #7 on: February 26, 2007, 05:39:32 PM »
Item name: Amulet of the Mageslayer
Item type: Amulet
Description of the item: This item was created by the now long forgotten mad wizard Basir who wished his competition removed. He'd hand out these cheap, easy to make amulets to foolhardy adventurers. The magic was simple - it'd drain their life force so long as they wore it; it's boon - spells could nearly not touch them.

Ironically, the mad wizard met his fate when he attempted to equip the item - he was old and of failing health.. the moment it attached he was dead. Nothing but a hollow husk.

The item is used by letting the clear crystalline shard lay over your heart. It imbeds itself into the flesh, attaching to the rib cage - and it's coloring changes to black. It can only be removed at this point with a of feat great strength  and will power made difficult by it's very effects. 

*To remove, strength check DC: 18, will save DC: 15

[The above obviously could be exploited if folk don't wish to roleplay the effects of the amulet, but me thinks folks here will]

Once attached the wearer will suffer severe mental dulling,  a constant fever yet will feel as if they are chilled to the bone, their appearance will become sickly - sunken eye sockets, dark circles round the eyes, and deathly pallor. The the fever will cause constant quaking which makes movement especially fine motor skills extremely difficult. Also, when around practitioners of any magic the character will feel the urge to attack them if they be practitioners of magic themselves - they may even attempt to kill themselves!
*DC: 5 will save to not attack self if a magic user, DC 10 to not attack magic users.

Basir saw to one thing however - he made sure that the person would retain an unnatural degree of physical power. He wanted to make sure when his unwilling servants met other practitioners of the old art they'd be most capable of throttling them.

Statistics: Charisma -3, Constitution -6, Damage Vulnerability Cold 5%, Dexterity -4, Intelligence -4, Spell Resistance 20, Wisdom -4

Appearance: iit_neck_237 (Around row 25)


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #8 on: February 26, 2007, 10:57:43 PM »
Item name: Tainted Blade

Item type: Shortsword

Description of the item: Although the origin of these blades is mystery, their abilities are not. The metal is an unknown inky black material, of surprising weight compared to it's mass. It seems to have some tie to the very stuff which the undead are fueled by - negative energy. It seems to pull such energies toward it's wielder. It stores the energy, and unleashes it when you strike. Some times, rarely.. you can even concentrate and unleash this force upon your foes.. Often, you find yourself drawing the blade without reason the urge to snuff out the life forces around you almost overpowering. Then you sheath it again.. Odd, how your thoughts feel like they're trying to push through wet cotton..

Statistics: Attack Bonus +2, Bestow Curse 5 Charges/Use, Charisma -2, Damage Bonus: Negative Energy 1d4, Damage Vulnerability: Negative Energy 25%, Decreased Saving Throws: Death Saves -5, Keen, Use Limitation(Alignment): Evil, Use Limitation(Class): Barbarian, Use Limitation(Class): Fighter, Use Limitation(Class): Ranger, Weight Increase [Amount: 5lbs], Wisdom -4

Top(10, Color - 4)
Middle(15, Color - 3)
Bottom(25, Color - 3)

Total Cost: 0   (Obviously, this is a bit off.. say it's a mid-range item or go with this?)


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #9 on: February 27, 2007, 08:20:20 PM »
Item:  Staff of the Apprentice Abjurer

type: Mage Staff

Description:  Apprentice staffs are occasionally handed from a master mage to their new apprentices.  The staff serves as a guide and focus into its particular school of magic.  Alone the staff holds limited magics, but it is expected that before its consumed it will have passed on its lessons to he who weilds it.

Appearance:  all three settings at 18, colors at 1

Properties:  Bonus Feat: Spell Focus Abjuration, Cast Spell(s) Resistance(2) 1 charge, Prot from Alignment(2) 2 charge, Lesser Dispel(3) 3 charge

Price: 5176 gp

Other similar staffs for each specialist school, containing 2-3 low level spells and spell focus when held.

Item: Tome of Mysteries

Type: Fashion Accessory, equippable book

Description:  Within the tome lies many truths and falsehoods concerning the greatest contemplations of mankind. One might find answers to questions about the meaning and purpose of life, or to such trivial things as what makes a blue bird sing.  The astounding thing about the book is that it was never truely written.  Instead, it was created as a link into the great universal subconscious, and no two readings from the book are ever the same.  All one need do is focus their mind on a query, and "theories" from others across the cosmos will fill its pages.  One may read much into the pages and beliefs of those minds they catch a glimmer of while reading the tome, but it falls unto the reader to determine what is fact, and what is falsehood.  Clearly not a tome for the impressionable.

Appearance: equippable book

Properties: Cast Spell: Identify(3) 1 charge per use, 20 charges

Price: 4501 gp

Sage - When stories come to life


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #10 on: February 28, 2007, 05:24:46 PM »
Item- Sunray Lance
Type- Spear

Description- The a ray of sunlight wielded as a spear is the favored weapon of The Morninglord- so too then, do his devout servants wield the spear patterned after his great divine instrument. The Sunray Lance is a potent weapon that carries the power and the searing light of the Morninglord, and is especially anathema to the undead. Greatly blessed, these weapons (which are typically relics) are found in the hands of only his mightiest or most blessed and devout of servants.


Top      6 Color 2
Middle   6 Color 2
Bottom 6 Color 2

Properties- +1, +2 vs undead, +1d4 fire dmg, +1d6 divine dmg vs undead

Price- 15016 (oh yeah, read it and weep)


Item- Chaunticleers Icon
Type- Amulet

Description- This simple bronze amulet has the likeness of a famous Chaunticleer (martyr) of the Morninglords Church stamped on one side, and the lords symbol on the other. For those of faith, it represents both their lord and their bretheren, and carries upon it the hopes and blessings of both. Once reserve for those who run temples, these trinkets are occasionally handed out to the exceptionally pious.

Appearance- iit_neck_016

Properties- Charisma +1, Bonus Feat- Extra Turning

Price- 6003

The Hammered

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #11 on: March 08, 2007, 04:32:44 PM »
Name: Lightest Crossbow
Base Type: Light Crossbow
- Weight Reduction (60%)
- Expeditious Retreat (3 charges/use)
- Skill Bonus (Move Silently, +5)
- Decreased Damage (-1)
Charges: 20
Top: Model 4, Color 4
Middle: Model 2, Color 4
Bottom: Model 1, Color 1
These crossbows were briefly produced by an enterprising Barovian wizard. Though not as powerful as larger models, they were lightweight, and allowed their wielders to move quickly and silently.

Unfortunately, just as the crossbows were starting to become a profitable business venture, the Barovians realized just where the weapon's powers came from, and the wizard was forced to flee.
Price: 5690

Or, the weaker version (if something isn't listed, it's the same for each):

Name: Lighter Crossbow
- Weight Reduction (80%)
- Expeditious Retreat (5 charges/use)
- Skill Bonus (Move Silently, +2)
- Attack and Damage Penalty (-1)
Appearance: All colors are 2
Price: 1524

I think the "lighter" version would be destroyed as well once you had casted Expeditious Retreat four times, but I'm not sure if NWN handles equipment that way or not. You could tweak the number of charges to avoid that if you want (and if I'm correct about that), or perhaps treat it as an IC flaw of the equipment, with a note in the description about it.

Name: Amulet of Shelter
Base Type: Amulet
- Cure Light Wounds (2) (1 charge/use)
- Camouflage (2 charges/use)
- Light (1) (Unlimited Uses/day)
Charges: 15
Appearance: I don't really care, but I think "iit_neck_002" is pretty good.
These beautiful amulets were made many years ago by a charitable cleric of the Morninglord. They have become quite rare over the years, but they are still prized by the more cautious type of adventurer.
Price: 2345

By the way, is it possible to get the number of charges to affect the price of the item? It didn't seem to in the toolset.
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Re: Item Request Thread
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I saw a moon blade item a while ago, and quested to destroy it.  Thought to even up the odds...


Gauntlets of the Wolf
"These leather gauntlets are ridged with pieces of sharpened metal and bone.  While useful as a weapon, they reduce the ability of the user to grasp anything."

Appearence: Gauntlet/Wristguard
Abilities:  +1 Unarmed Attack, +3 vs. Humanoids.  Usuable only by Evil character.  -2 Dexterity, cannot equip shield or weapon.

Basically, just taking an item only available to monks and allowing other classes to use it.  In my mind I'm picturing a pair of gauntlets like Sauron's only more primitive.
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Re: Item Request Thread
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-Time Mistress gem: The suit

-Armor (Cloth)

- In one of the many shadows of the land of mists is a guild of secretive women, dubbed the 'Time mistresses'. They make a wide variety of items that effect the time around them, and they sell them to whoever wishes to buy them. In general, however, only older creatures, Vistani, and wealthy people of the Acrobatic sort will ever get this.

 This armor is only usable on females, who must press the palm sized gem lightly against her heart. After this is done, the woman's clothing disappears completely and is replaced by this suit. To take it off, one must simply put a hand to one's heart and think deeply of it. When that is done the suit disappears back into a gem, now in the former wearer's palm, and leaves her naked with all of what she was wearing before infront of her, if anything. The curious thing is that this process seems to be magically instictive, and one vaguely knows what to do before even doing it or witinessing it. If a person is female, that is.

 The vest itself leaves very little to the imagination, a slight prank by the mistresses. It also, due to its very light design, is almost useless against anything harmful to the skin. It also speeds up a person's blood, making her immune system become slightly less effective and her blood harder to clot.

- Charges: 50
Cast Spell: Haste (5) 1 Charge/Use
Decreased Ability Score: Constitution -1
Decreased Saving Throws: Acid -2
Decreased Saving Throws: Cold -2
Decreased Saving Throws: Fire -2
Skill Bonus: Tumble +4
Use Limitation: Gender*: Female
Should be made Plot if, as I believe it does, makes crafting the object impossible.

Torso: 9
Neck: 7
Pelvis: 46
Thighs: 33
Legs: 45
Feet: 17

 Colors are undecided. Cost in the toolset I believe is in the 10,000ish range. Thats not factoring in, however, the amount of charges and the down price for the stat reductions and such.

- Time Mistress Gem: The Token

- Miscellaneous Small 2*

- In one of the many shadows of the land of mists is a guild of secretive women, dubbed the 'Time mistresses'. They make a wide variety of items that effect the time around them, and they sell them to whoever wishes to buy them.

 This one is a thin disk with a diameter of about three inches. To men is is a simple disk, however to women they are instictively told its true power. When one snaps the disk in half, which is only possible when a female tries to break it (Which then it is simple, like a cracker.)  it stops time for a short time for the person. However, due to all the energies built up into the disk it is unnaturally heavy. A real oddity.

-Cast Spell: Time Stop (17) Single Use
Use Limitation: Gender*: Female
Weight Increase 50 lbs.

- The Ying N Yang disk one. Number 23.

 Both of these wouldn't be average loot, being rare and treasured things. As they are IC.

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #14 on: May 29, 2007, 11:21:33 AM »
-Item Name: Horribly Dull Sword

-Item Type: Shortsword

-Item Description: This sword is so horribly dull, its only real use is to club your target with it. Needless to say, this makes it very unwieldly.

-Item Statistics: No Combat Damage, Decreased AB -2, Damage Bonus Bludgeoning 1d4

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Re: Item Request Thread
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So its a very very rusted shortsword?

wrong thread to discuss....

-Item name: Main Gauche

-Item type: dagger

-Item Description: Used as an off hand and light weapon. The small blade allows it to be better controlled to be used in tight quarters combat or around areas of sensitive equipment, the hand guard is protect the hand from being disarmed, or to deflect attacks from the attacker, and the lightness and balance of the weapon allows it to be easily carried in the off hand better than most daggers and weapons

-Appearance: make it look like a mini rapier...

-stats: +2 discipline, +1 AC, 80% weight reduction


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #16 on: June 02, 2007, 01:12:16 AM »
Item Name:  Healers Belt/Greater Healers Belt

Item Type:  Belt

Item Description:  This wide belt bears numerous small pouches along its length.  Contained within are numerous herbs, tinctures, and supplies for treatment of burns, cuts, and abrasions.  Occasionally one can find these to contain more rare treatments.

Appearance:  Pick one

Stats:  (standard)  10 charges - Cure Minor Wounds(1) 1 charge per use, +2 Heal Skill /(greater version) 15 Charges - Cure Minor Wounds(1) 1 charge per use, Neutralize Poison(5) 5 charges per use, +5 Heal Skill

Price:  (standard) 238/(greater) 6637


Item Name:  Razor Fan

Item Type:  Fashion Accessory

Item Description:  Cleverly disguised by the fancy silk design, the edges of this fan are thin sharp bits of metal that can cause deep cuts when drawn across flesh.

Appearance: Middle 18

Stats:  Damage Bonus Slashing 1d4

Price:  766

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #17 on: June 07, 2007, 08:55:05 AM »
Masterwork crafting templates.

Appearance - Same as exsisting Template

Effect - Adds 20 to the DC of the crafted item

Finished result? Masterwork in the discription and +1 damage for weapons and +1 AC for Armour/Shields. Culmulative with Materials bonuses.

ie. A masterwork Iron dagger is DC 45 not 25. A Steel one would be DC 50 but would be +1 dmg for the steel and +1 dmg for the masterwork bonus.

Cost? 3 times non masterwork template... ie. a masterwork plate armour template would cost 3000+ fang

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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #18 on: June 19, 2007, 07:38:03 PM »
Item: Cold-forged Weapons

Appearence: same as they always were with same description

Stats: +3 or more against outsider so it actually amounts to something and hurt the few outsiders in the module that have higher than +1 soak damage


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #19 on: July 05, 2007, 06:12:01 PM »
Scratch this, it uses a per day charge rather than a finite charges

Item: Parthian Rapier

Description: Typically seen as a display piece in the homes of the wealthy, it has a one shot pistol built into the hilt of the sword. Once seen as a weapon intended to give dishonourable opponents an advantage in a duel, the Parthian Rapier has been popularised in recent years. - Maybe add some fluff about Laurie FW using one.

Stats: As per standard rapier but with a once a day power inflicting 2d6 damage on a ranged touch attack.
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #20 on: July 06, 2007, 12:32:55 AM »
(Pre apology, I don't have my Module-Builder working... I think I messed up a few files)

Fencing Blade

This blade is completely dull up to the end, and it is capped with a small metal ball. It is made for non-lethal duels, and sport. Its grip is curved in such a way as to allow for an easy parry.

Attributes: +1 attack, No damage, +2 Parry.


This rapier has a normal hilt, not a basket hilt. It is therefore much worse at parrying blows, however, it has excpetional reach, and piercing power.

Attributes: -2 Parry, +1 Piercing Damage


This rapier has a particular large basket hilt, resulting in less accuracy, but much greater parrying power.

Attributes: -1 Attack, +4 parry

Foil (not sure if this is the right name for this type, will check later)

This rapier has multiple handles, making it easy to grab, twist, and turn no matter what an opponent tries to do to disarm it. However, due to its lack of a basket hilt, one has to keep their hand moving to and from the various handles to avoid losing a finger. It is also easy to slip from one handle to another and slip the blade between an opponents defenses.

Attributes: -4 parry, +1 attack, +4 discipline
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #21 on: July 31, 2007, 08:47:03 PM »
Name- Rosary Beads of the Dawn
Type- Amulet

Description- Each of the rose colored beads on this rosary string are annointed with the symbol of the Morninglord. Rosary beads such as these, ritual tools of the cult of the Morninglord, are symobolically protective against the  forces of the night. They are also often used to bless things, and bead strings that see regular use are considered holy enough in and of themselves to bless something with a touch.

Statistics- +1 ac vs evil, 1/Charge Use Bless(2), Alignment Restriction- Good
Charges- 20

Appearance- iit_neck_234
Price- 1704


Name- Blessed Rosary beads of the Dawn
Type- Amulet

Description- Each of the rose colored beads on this rosary string are annointed with the symbol of the Morninglord. Rosary beads such as these, ritual tools of the cult of the Morninglord, are symobolically protective against the  forces of the night. They are also often used to bless things, and bead strings that see regular use are considered holy enough in and of themselves to bless something with a touch. This string of beads has been purposefully enchanted to protect the individual from harm, physically and spiritually.

Statistics- AC +1, AC +2 vs Evil, Cast Spell: Bless(2) 1/charge use, Saving Throw Bonus:+1 vs Death, Alignment Restriction- Good
Charges- 20

Appearance- iit_neck_234
Price- 7876


Name- Mace of the Sun
Type- Mace

Description- With a rosey hued haft, and a head made in the likeness sphereical of a blazing sun (the spikes amusingly styled to be little solar spires), this blessed mace was crafted to be a potent weapon against the undead for those who desire to do the Morning-lords work, but prefer the protection afforded by a shield.

Statistics- +1 atk, +2 atk vs undead, +1 divine dmg, +1d4 divine dmg vs undead, Align Restriction- Good

Top       23 Color 3
Middle    25 Color 3
Bottom  25 Color 3

Price- 4736


Name- Blessed Oil of Annointing
Type- Miscellaneous Small 2*

Description- An interesting and recent development out of Krezk, where the priests of the Rosey Dawn have taken to annointing the foreheads of the deceased with blessed oils. These oils prevent the dead from rising from the grave at a later date unnaturally, and save the priests from having to individually bless every grave when being overly busy prevents.

Adventurers and Wandering clerics have discovered this oil, when rubbed onto the surface of a weapon like a polishing solution, gives the weapon a fatal touch to the undead. One can usually get a few uses out of one orbule.

Statiscis- Cast Spell: Bless Weapon (6) 4 charges/use
Charges- 20

Appearance- iit_smlmis_005 (looks like a tiny baby bottle)

Price- 2062


Name- Holy Spritzer
Type- Miscellaneous Thin

Description- Originally created to expedite the dispensation of Holy Water for prayer rituals, the Holy Spritzer is a simple contraption with a plunger on the top and a nozzle hose connected to the lid. One simply works the plunger and a small spurt of holy water is pushed out of the canister by the pressure change. It didn't take very long for adventurers and priests to figure out the other obvious uses for this device when confronted with the undead.

The canister is durable and hard to break, and the lid is sealed on air tight. This keeps the holy water "fresh" (as it were) and prevents spillage. Unfortunatly it also prevents immediate dousage of a subject with the full canister, either by breaking or removing the top as it is not made to be dismantled. This also makes "reloading" the spritzer impossible unless one locates a large pool of holy water and submerges the hose, then rapidly works the plunger to suck up the water.

Statistics- Cast Spell: Holy Water 1 Charge/use
Charges- 25

Appearance- iit_thnmisc_125 (looks like a hookah)
Price- 26 (may want to raise?)

Yes, I did just make a holywater squirtgun
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #22 on: July 31, 2007, 10:29:33 PM »
Name- Holybite Spear
Type- Spear

Description- Manufactured in the likeness of a viperbite weapon, the tip of this spear is mounted on a tension spring. When it strikes a target, the tip is pressed inward slightly and the fluid kept in the container behind it- in this case, holy water- pours out into the wound of the target. These ingenious weapons are typically made to deliver poisen and are one use, but in the case of this spear the inteir haft of the weapon is a hollow container for holy water. The viperbite mechanism means it is slightly less effective a piercing weapon, and the holy water sloshing around instide makes the spear unwieldy to use. However, because the weapon tip is constantly sloshed with holy water, it has taken on some blessed properties of it's own. This in addition to the holy water stored in the weapon makes it a valuable weapon against the undead.

Statistics- Dmg Penalty: -1, Atack Penalty: -1, Atk Bonus vs Undead: +2, Dmg Bonus vs Undead:+1d8 positive Energy


Top       8 Color 1
Middle    1 Color 1
Bottom 10 Color 1

Price- 788


Name- Deathseeker bolt
Type- Bolts

Description- These crossbow bolts are crafted from a single peice of smooth oak, and lack any tip- the point is rounded off. Engraved in the oaken shaft are symbols of the Morninglord, exhorting his wrath against the unliving and his cleansing light onto their souls.

Crafted by a pacifistic Morninglordian priest, these bolts were made to do the maximum damage to an undead creature without being able to harm the living.

Statistics- No Combat Damage, +2d8 Positive dmg Vs Undead
Stack Size- 20
Additional Cost- 150

Total Price (for stack of 20)- 3000

Effectivly these bolts will do no dmg except str mod or sneak attack to anything but undead, to which it will do 2-8 dmg total (not including str modifier if it's a mighty crossbow)


Name- Alchemical Pill- Shapechanger
Type- Bullet

Description- These "bullets" are infact small tablets that break on impact, releasing a compote of herbs and alchemical formulae. These tablets were meant for use on werewolves and other shapechangers, and contain powdered wolves bane, belladonna, and fine splinters of silver as well as other key substances that burst on impact with the creatures hide and, assuming they were propelled with enough force, forcibly inject these poisenous irritants into the creature doing harm to tissue via it's own racial weaknesses.

Statistics- +1d4 acid dmg to Shapechangers
Stack- 20
Additional Cost- 30

Appearance- iwambu_073

Total Cost (per stack of 20)- 600


Name- Alchemical Pill- Undead
Type- Bullet

Description- These "bullets" are infact small tablets that break on impact, releasing a compote of herbs and alchemical formulae. These tablets were meant for use on vampires and other undead, and contain powdered Garlic, blessed salts soaked in Holy Water, and fine splinters of silver as well as other key substances that burst on impact with the creatures hide and, assuming they were propelled with enough force, forcibly inject these poisenous irritants into the creature doing harm to tissue via it's own racial weaknesses.

Statistics- +1d4 acid dmg to Undead
Stack- 20
Additional Cost- 30

Appearance- iwambu_073

Total Cost (per stack of 20)- 600


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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #23 on: July 31, 2007, 10:50:55 PM »
Name- Freedom Dagger
Type- Dagger

Description- These old daggers, handed down from the first Gundarakite Partisans, have a long history of being used against tyrants and oppressors (real or imagined). It is unknown if their qualities are a matter of imbidation by use, or if they were originally crafted with them, but they are highly effective against the forces of oppression. Their greatest quality however is their nondescriptness, appearing as nothing more then a woodsman brush cutter and being perfectly legal for any to carry- even a Gundarakite.

The Gundarakite Rebels inparticular prize these weapons, and have nicknamed them "Balok Knives" for the large number of Barovian throats they have cut.

Statistics- Enchantment Bonus vs Lawful +2, +1 slashing dmg, Alignment Restriction Neutral Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil (all specific alignments except the lawful ones)


Top      2 Color 1
Middle   4 Color 1
Bottom 2 Color 1

Price- 5548


Name- Marksmans Sling
Type- Sling

Description- The sling is a humble weapon, more likly to be found in the hands of a child then a warrior. But it was not always so. The sling is histories first sniper weapon- when wielded properly it could deliver pinpoint damage to specific targets. Folklore and history abounds with tales of humble peasents or hero's utilizing these simple weapons to defeat far mightier enemies. The Sling is the perfect weapon for the partisan- accurate and you can find ammunition for it on the ground. More importantly though is no one thinks twice about a sling- it can be used to hunt small game, as a childrens toy, or even to tie shut purses.

This particular sling is equally humble looking, but infact is wellcrafted from leather and yew fibers, treated in oils. It is perhaps the pinnacle of material design- for a sling. And most special, no one would ever expect it's extra ordinary quality simply by looking at it.

Statistics- Attack Bonus +2, Mighty +2

Price- 5128

(boy, alot of stuff today)
Name- Pop Rocks
Type- Bullets

Description- These tiny bullets are made of pourous stone liberally dusted and packed with an alchemical substance that, when struck violently, pops like a percushion charge. It is not advised you try eating them.

Statistics- On Hit Cast Spell: Flare (1), Dmg Bonus: Fire +1, Dmg Bonus: Sonic +1
Additional Cost-50

Total Cost (for stack of 20)- 1280


Name- Naffatun
Item- Grenadelike

Description- From far off Har'Akhir comes this bizzare terror weapon. Naffatun is a sticky, tar like substance that is highly flammeble, and does not come off easily. It is packed into clay pottery, with a burning cloth whick atop. Then the pot is thrown at the target and the Naffatun bursts out when it shatters, being lit on fire by the whick and turning the unfortunate victem into a greasy candle. It is very expensive and a closely guarded secret of the people of Har'Akhir, and difficult to get in any large quantity.

Statistics- On Hit Cast Spell- Combust (level 1)
Appearance- iit_x1_gren_001
Stack Size- 1

Cost (for stack of 1)- 2250
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Re: Item Request Thread
« Reply #24 on: July 31, 2007, 11:21:20 PM »
Name: Musket Shot
Type: Sling Ammunition

Description: These bullets are small regular shaped balls of lead created by dropping the molten metal down a long tower and into a bath of water. Imperfectly round balls are simply remelted and go through the process again until they meet the high standard required by modern firearms. After being tested for roundness, the shot is then rubbed down with graphite to protect against corrosion and provide dry lubrication.

Statistics: +3 to damage

Price: 250 for fifty (need to be imported from high cultural level domains)